Why Kids Love Garbage Trucks

There are many reasons children love garbage trucks. All kids are different and their love of garbage trucks stems from different things.

Here are some of the top reasons why children love garbage trucks:

Something To Look Forward To

Young children thrive on routines. Their memories are not very long at a young age, so it is often necessary to reinforce patterns on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

The garbage truck is dependable. For the most part, routes are the same each week. Your child can expect the garbage truck to come by the house around the same time on the same day.

However, because their memories are shorter, the excitement and novelty of watching the garbage truck does not wear off.

Big Machines

Something about dumping garbage appeals to children.

It may be the fact that making messes and throwing trash is often against the rules, or it could just be the amazement at watching loads of trash or large objects disappear in seconds.

Either way, garbage trucks are massive pieces of machinery that demand attention, especially from kids.

Lights, noises, and moving parts are all different from the other cars and trucks they have seen.

Friendly Faces

A wave or smile from a kid can make a sanitation worker’s day.

Their job can be grueling and physically demanding.

Most of the time, garbage truck drivers work without gratitude or acknowledgement.

Children of all ages show the appropriate level of appreciation for these hard working men and women.

Often, the same workers drive a specific route each week. Over time, children come to recognize these friendly faces and even learn their names.


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