Why Do Kids Love Garbage Trucks?

Every week the garbage truck barrels down the street, collecting trash from each house.

While it might not seem like a momentous occasion for adults, children often look forward to a weekly encounter with the garbage truck and sanitation workers.

Heartwarming videos can be found all across social media of young children waving to the garbage truck driver and excitedly waiting by the door as the truck picks up their trash can.

The love of garbage trucks might seem strange to parents, but it is quite common among children.

Both boys and girls enjoy watching the garbage truck drive down the street, collecting trash.

If you want to understand your child’s love for garbage trucks a little better and encourage life lessons along the way, keep reading for more information.

The Joy of Garbage Trucks For Children

Garbage trucks are impressive, no matter what age you are.

While adults might take the machinery for granted, the trucks are a novelty for children.

Cars and trucks are already popular toys for boys and girls, so it’s no surprise garbage trucks and construction vehicles have also become toys.

From the loud rumble of the truck as it drives down the street to the release of tension when the trashcan finally turns upside down, there is a lot to love about garbage trucks.

Also, a steady routine provides structure and memories for children as they begin to become familiar with the world around them.

It helps that garbage trucks are often driven by a friendly sanitation worker that waves or honks at the excited children.

Why Children Love Garbage Trucks


What Can Garbage Trucks Teach to Children?


How To Foster A Love For Garbage Trucks In Kids

There are many ways you can foster a love and appreciation for garbage trucks and sanitation workers for your child. one of the many toy garbage trucks that kids love to play with

From toys and games to fun activities, encouraging your child’s love of garbage trucks can be very beneficial.

It is not uncommon to hear young children say they want to drive a garbage truck when they grow up.

Instead of discouraging their imagination, find ways to make the most of your child’s fascination with garbage trucks while they are young.

Garbage Truck Toys

Toy garbage trucks come in all shapes and sizes. You can find a toy garbage truck that’s perfect for your child, including toys that light up and make noises.

Whether your little one loves to follow the garbage truck on Paw Patrol or wants a near-perfect replica, there are plenty of age-appropriate toys your child can play with until the real truck comes down the road.

Pretend Play

Fun jumpsuits and hats can make the perfect garbage collector costume. Your child can dress up and play pretend, picking up garbage bags around the house.

Imagining themselves as their favorite garbage truck driver is a great way to exercise their imagination and creativity.

It may even be a fun way for your child to clean up their room or pick up trash around the house.

Themed Activities

These days, more and more children are having garbage truck-themed birthday parties with fun costumes and toys.

Shows on TV and streaming services feature garbage trucks or trash collectors as characters, bringing these everyday occurrences to life on screen.

Making garbage pickup a regular family activity can be a unique way to spend more quality time together.

Introduce Yourself

If you have a regular garbage collector that visits your house each week, try introducing yourself. Your child may appreciate getting to know the name of their local hero.

Making a personal connection can also increase the excitement for your child as they learn more about garbage trucks and the men and women who drive them.

Give Back

We’ve all seen the heartwarming videos of children taking gifts or cards to their favorite garbage collector.

While these videos gain a lot of recognition, the children are learning a valuable lesson in giving back.

Coloring a special thank you card or baking a fresh batch of cookies to give to the garbage truck driver can be a great way to show appreciation.

Kids can enjoy coming up with a creative way to say thank you.

Safety Tips For Children And Garbage Trucks

Many cities, states, or local garbage disposal companies have rules and guidelines to keep people safe around garbage trucks.

It is important to remember that these vehicles are large and potentially dangerous.

Check your local laws and safety regulations to make sure you properly approach garbage trucks and collectors.

Some important safety tips are below.

  • Maintain a safe distance from the truck. Keep your child from running up to the truck or getting too close in order to stay safe. Sometimes it can be difficult for garbage truck drivers to see people, especially children, who are too close to the truck
  • Keep your distance even when waving to the garbage collector. Staying 20 feet away from the truck is a good rule of thumb
  • Do not follow a garbage truck. It can be tempting to walk or drive behind a truck, letting your child get a closer look. However, garbage trucks stop frequently and often move in reverse
  • Learn your local pickup schedule. You can help your child learn about days of the week and time to look forward to weekly pickup


Garbage trucks and the men and women who work on them are fascinating to many young children.

Lots of children have great childhood memories that include garbage trucks and sanitation workers.

By encouraging your child’s love of garbage trucks, you can teach them some valuable life lessons and make some lasting memories of your own.


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