Why Do Kids Like Dinosaurs?

I recently observed that my son was so obsessed with dinosaur cartoons.

It was so intriguing because, as an adult, you may not understand why a child gets so fascinated in a creature that does not even exist. Right?

Well, after talking to a few parent friends, I realized that almost every child goes through a “dinosaur” phase. At this stage, all they want to watch is dinosaur cartoons, or playing with dinosaur toys.

But why exactly do kids like dinosaurs?

By Lilian.

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Dinosaurs are Scary… but Luckily Non-existent

Do you wonder why your child loves dinosaurs but doesn’t adore tigers, crocodiles, lions, wolves and bears? Well, I have the answer right here!

Children understand that dinosaurs are different from the other fierce carnivores they see at the zoo or watch on TV stalking innocent antelopes.

They love that as much as the dinosaurs are pictured as scary, there is no chance they will walk into them in real life because they don’t exist.

What is more interesting than learning all you can about something so scary, but still knowing that they no longer exist?

Dinosaurs are Enormous and Strong

Kids love to identify with dinosaurs because of their large sizes. Size is a very important factor in the children’s world.

Because children are often surrounded by adults who are bigger and more powerful than them, they worship big things.

Due to their big sizes, playing with dinosaurs offers a temporary escape for children. Imagine getting to determine whether the huge dinosaur stays on the shelf or on the playing mat.

For someone constantly at the mercy of the adults around them, being in a position to make such a decision is an escape from the real world. How would they not love it?

Dinosaurs Get To Do Things Their Own Way

Have you watched the Calvin & Hobbes comedy strips where Calvin imitates a huge dinosaur? Nobody gets to tell him to watch his baby sister, go to bed early or finish his peas before dessert.

Well, children love exactly that! Doing things their own way, without being ordered around.

They would want to think of something, go out and get it, and nothing better block their way to getting what they want.

Children get a glimpse of such a world by watching dinosaurs or playing with them. How would they not love these creatures?

Children Simply Love Learning New Things

Although some children have a pure obsession for dinosaurs, many others are Dino-freaks simply because of their love for learning.

Children perceive that there’s so much to learn in the world they live in. For dinosaurs, the opportunities to learn go to infinity!

They understand that there are different types of dinosaurs, different sizes, different names, different habits and habitats, different features, etc.

For this reason, dinosaurs seem like an exciting, endless lesson where there’s always something new to learn.

Dinosaurs Have Appealing Scientific and Reality Features

Unlike many other magical animals/creatures children watch on TV/films or read in books, children appreciate that dinosaurs actually existed!

Through dinosaurs, your little one understand how science sometimes offers a (real) world that’s spectacular and marvelous, beyond our imagination.

Why are Dinosaurs Marketed to Children?

Dinosaurs are marketed to children because of the many benefits that come with playing with dinosaurs.

The benefits include better cognitive skills, higher critical thinking skills and deep mastery of facts.

Dinosaurs are also marketed to children because they develop their creativity and imagination. The fact that dinosaurs are non-existent means they usher children into a fictional world, which boosts their creative and imagination skills.

Maybe is part of what makes plush dinos so adorable?

Research has also proved the benefits of letting children play with dinosaurs.

One research study found that children who had intense interest – such as those interested with dinosaurs – are smarter than their peers.

They have a higher concentration span, greater knowledge and persistence and more profound information-processing skills.

What Do You Call a Person Who Loves Dinosaurs?

A person that loves dinosaurs so much is called a Dinophile.

They can be of any age – kids or professionals.

Some dinophiles go on to study the remains or fossils of dinosaurs as paleontologists.

A paleontologist is someone who studies fossils to determine the structure and evolution of animals considered to be extinct (such as dinosaurs).

So, if you notice your child is a dinophile, encourage them.

They can build a career around this interest, earning a six-figure salary doing what they like!

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