Why Are Nerf Guns So Popular?

Why are Nerf Guns so Popular?

The Parker Brothers company had the right idea back in 1969. Before the invention of Nerf balls, “Don’t play ball in the house,” was a common phrase for parents everywhere.

Baseballs, basketballs, and footballs caused too much damage inside, and they didn’t perform well on soft surfaces like carpet.

Which Change Made Nerf Guns more Popular?

With the release of lightweight, foam balls, Nerf allowed children to play anywhere they wanted. Nerf balls were easy to play with for children of all ages because they were light enough to carry but firm enough to grip.

Today, Nerf guns allow children to play rowdy games that are very active and totally safe.

While no one wants to get shot with a Nerf pellet, the impact is minimal. Nerf bullets are also less likely to knock down family photos, antiques, and glass vases thanks to their hollow tubes.

Overall, the price of Nerf guns has increased over the years. However, Nerf toys are still a great value for the cost.

Some children collect Nerf guns, getting items from each new line that is released. Others just want to play a game of tag with their Nerf guns when they visit their grandparents.

Either way, Nerf guns come in a variety of styles, and there are relatively affordable options to meet any budget.


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