Where To Place Swing Set In Yard?

You may not have many places to choose from in your yard when it comes to where to place your swing set.

However, if you have multiple options, it can be difficult to determine the best spot.

If you are not sure where to put a swing set, consider the following tips:

Check on sight lines

How easy is it to see the swing set from the house?

You want to maintain sight lines from various windows, so you can easily check on your children as they play.

Orientation to the house

This one is mainly about aesthetics.

You can determine if you prefer to place your swing set parallel, perpendicular, or at an angle to your home.

Make sure there are no underground elements

Sprinklers, gas lines, and other underground elements can prevent you from properly anchoring a swing set when you install it.

Choose a spot that is clear of these things for the best placement.

No overhead obstacles

Overhead is as important as what is underground.

Avoid power lines, roof overhangs, tree limbs, and anything else that could get in your child’s way as they swing.

Open space around the swing set 

The swing set you choose will likely have specific instructions about how much clearance space is necessary.

It is important to maintain open space around the swing set for a safe environment.

Out of direct sunlight

Direct sunlight leads to hot surfaces and potential burns.

A swing set that faces north will likely get the least amount of direct sunlight, but find some shade if possible.

Level ground

A level ground is essential for a safe and stable swing set.

You can either find a place in your yard that is already level or look for a spot that you can level easily.

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