When Do Kids Start Losing Teeth And What to Do About It?

Once upon a time, your child had no teeth. But now with a mouth full of baby teeth, you might be wondering when do kids start losing teeth?

And what do you do about that?

According to the Mayo Clinic, those baby teeth fall out around the age of 6. Some children may not lose their first tooth until the age of 7 though.

Why Do Kids Lose Their Teeth?

Are you wondering why you endured sleepless nights while your child was going through the teething process? Primary teeth are only a stepping stone for the permanent teeth.

Once the permanent teeth are ready, they push the baby teeth out of the way.

These baby teeth first become loose.

It may take only a few days on up to a few weeks for a loose baby tooth to fall out.

When Do Kids Start Losing Teeth and Which Ones Fall Out First?

Most kids begin to lose those precious baby teeth around the age of 6.

Of course, some may lose them at the age of 5 or not even have the first tooth fall out until after they turn 7.

Some kids may be eating or playing with toys when their loose tooth falls out on its own.

But for most, the first baby teeth that will come out are the bottom teeth that are in the center.

Next up, the top two front teeth should follow.

Healthline has a baby teeth chart that can shed some light on when to expect all your child’s baby teeth to fall out.

All told, your child will have 20 baby teeth.

Eventually, those will be replaced by 32 permanent teeth by their teenage years.

What To Do When Kids Start Losing Teeth

Have you been teaching your toddler to brush their teeth? The best way to help your child as they lose their teeth is to teach them proper care from the start.

The American Dental Association recommends you supervise your child’s brushing until at least the age of 6.

This way, you can be sure they’re doing it right.

Why brush when they’ll just fall out?

For one, it establishes a lifelong habit of good oral hygiene.

And for another, it protects your child’s gums from gum disease.

To ensure your child keeps a healthy smile before, during, and after losing baby teeth, here are useful tips:

– Lead By Example

Ever try to tell a toddler to do something? Exactly!

Kids want to copy us all the time so brush with your child.

Make it part of your morning and evening routine. They will soon be doing it all on their own.

– Brush For Them

With small children, you will need to brush their teeth.

A great way to do it is to brush their teeth for them first and then have them try.

Or you can let them start first and finish it off.

This will help them learn to do it right.

– Eat Healthy Foods

The foods your child eats are important for more than nutrition.

High-sugar foods can lead to tooth decay so set a healthy meal plan for the whole family now to keep teeth healthy.

– Visit The Dentist

If you haven’t yet, make your child an appointment with a pediatric dentist.

This will help give them something to smile about for years to come!


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