What Toys Help Babies Sit Up? 5 Essentials & Best Picks

From the time our lovely babies get into this world, they fill our lives with so much joy. We enjoy seeing them move from one milestone to another, right? Well, one of the most exciting milestones is sitting up. As a parent yearning to support your baby meet this milestone, you could be wondering “What toys help babies sit up?”

Here’s a guide on 6 essentials for toys you can get your baby to help them sit up.

By Lilian Murage.

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Floor Seat Toys

One toy you should not miss while training your baby to sit up is a floor seat.

Floor seats are perfect because they offer the support your little one needs to stay in an upright position. They come with soft, cushioned pads – at the back and on the bottom – to keep your baby sitting upright and comfortable.

Mommies also love floor seats because they promote the back and neck strength.

You know what’s more interesting about these unique toys? They come with lots of features to keep your little one entertained as they sit up!

Some have toys at the child’s level on their tray as well as fun toys dangling overhead.

These toys motivate the baby to sit up because they want to interact with them.

Fortunately, floor seats come in handy from as long as your little one has head control (around 3-5 months) to around their first birthday.

Exactly how long you can continue using the floor seat depends on your baby’s size.

Learning Tables

Want your baby to enjoy sitting up? Get them a learning table!

Learning tables come with lots of fun-filled activities that motivate your baby to stay in an upright position. The engaging entertainment in these tables is like a magnet for our little ones who enjoy pushing buttons and moving beads non-stop.

Your little one can even “visit” different imaginary places while seated on the learning table, which fosters their cognitive development.

Their fine motor skills also develop as the baby flexes their hands and fingers reaching and grasping different toys on the table or even pressing the piano keys.

You know what’s more interesting with learning tables? They are still useful even when your baby starts walking.

All you have to do is attach the wheels/legs to the learning table and your little one can cruise around.


Do you want your child to sit up with so much ease, even when they get fussy? Get them a rocker!

Rockers keep your baby in a cozy, reclining position, making it easier for them to sit up.

What’s more? With the rocker, your baby enjoys being rocked, exactly the way mama does it, as you take some time to finish your house chores. Isn’t that great?

Rockers are amazing because they also develop our babies’ sensory skills.

By stimulating a baby’s senses to take note of the toys hanging overhead, rockers do wonders to the child’s sensory skills.

As your little one reaches out and grasps the toys, they also practice their gross motor skills.

Another good thing with rocking is that it helps establish a healthy heart rate and good blood circulation.

Fortunately, you don’t have to dispose the rocker so soon. You can get a grow-with-me rocker which can be transformed into a toddler seat. I mean, which parent wouldn’t wanna save on a few dollars?

Baby Bath Toys

Want to keep your baby sitting up and entertained while taking a bath? Get them some bath toys.

Bath toys motivate your little one to remain in an upright position by making bath time enjoyable.

They provide awesome opportunities for learning and exploration as they play with the bubbles and fill up and empty containers.

You could get bath toys with some form of educational elements. For example, toys that make funny sounds, interesting textures or those that teach your baby new vocabulary.

For precautionary measures, get easy-to-dry toys to avoid mold and mildew settling in.

Mirror Toys

Did you know that simply gazing into a mirror can help your baby sit up? Well, now you know.

Mirror toys are a surefire way to motivate your little one to keep their head up, sit up and look around.

Babies love faces, that’s why your little one gazes at you. So when you get them a mirror toy, they get to interact with the “other” face they see on the mirror.

Many babies actually start babbling with the “other” face, and as they converse, your baby is encouraged to remain in an upright position.

Interestingly, mirror toys will not only help your little one sit up, but also foster their hand-eye coordination and improve their fine motor skills.

Mirror toys also promote your baby’s gross motor movement skills as they try to get closer to the reflection.

Nursing/Feeding Pillows  

I have some good news for you!

You see that nursing pillow you use every day? Yes, that one. You can also use it to help your baby sit up.

Nursing pillows provide the support and steadiness your little one needs as they try to sit.

For supported sitting from the front, all you have to do is place the pillow around the front of your baby, with their arms draped over it.

Add more pillows on your baby’s back and you’re good to go.

For supported sitting from the back, you can wrap the pillow behind the baby’s back to provide them with support to remain sitting upright.

Nursing/Feeding pillows are great for supported sitting, which is important for developing the core and lateral strength for sitting.

Luckily, the highest chances are that you already have the nursing pillow, so no need of getting another. Go easy on your pocket and make good use of that precious pillow.

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