What Makes Legos So Successful and Popular with Kids?

There’s no doubt that Legos are the most popular building blocks for kids.

In fact, there are currently 400 Billion Lego bricks in the world! And still, up to 28 Lego blocks are sold every second worldwide!

It is no wonder that almost every child has a set of Lego blocks among their toys.

But what explains the transformation of the once small Danish company into the most iconic toy manufacturing company?

By Lilian.

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Read on to understand what makes Legos so successful and popular with kids.

Why Legos are so Popular

Lego Play Requires Low Entry Level Skills

Psychologists have tried to explain why Legos are so popular with kids.

One of them, David Whitbread from the University of Cambridge, mentioned that Legos are special because of the low entry level of physical skill required to play with the blocks.

Even infants can quite understand how to stack one or two Lego blocks!

They’re easy to build, undo, and rebuild!

Many other construction toys/kits require a higher level of skill, which is just a barrier to children’s problem-solving and creativity skills.

Legos Can Build Anything!

Another psychologist, Charles Fernyhough from the University of Durham, explains that Legos are so popular with kids because they’re non-representational material that can be used to prepare representational material.

In simpler terms, most Lego pieces are not specifically designed to make anything specific.

They can make literally anything you can put your mind to!

Both parents and kids love this aspect because there’s really no instructions to follow.

They just do what they wanna do and build what they wanna build!

The same blocks that build a spaceship can also build a castle, a bridge, a tower, an island – well, just about anything!

How would kids NOT love such a toy?

Lego Promotes its Brand So Well!

Lego has mastered the art of brand promotion so well!

You find them producing toys in partnership with other popular brands.

For instance, they partner with Harry Porter, Marvel, Skywalker, etc.

This way, Lego is able to convert the fans of all these popular characters into Lego builders.

How does Lego Help Kids’ Development?

There are so many benefits our little ones enjoy when playing with Lego. Here are five fundamental ones.

Legos Build Creativity and Imagination

Lego play provides kids a perfect opportunity to imagine possibilities, and work on that imagination to create physical models.

Experts suggest that with just six Lego blocks, it’s possible to build over 100 million models!

Kids learn to think outside the box because there’s really no restriction provided with Legos, unlike with most other toys.

Legos Grow Fine Motor Skills

As kids as young as 6 months manipulate Lego blocks, they’re exercising the muscles on their hands and fingers.

These skills will come in handy in activities such as dialing the phone, tying their shoelaces, brushing their teeth or even turning door knobs!

Legos Teach Kids Patience and Perseverance

You must have watched kids build a complex structure using Legos.

They do it with so much patience, adding block after block, careful not to destroy the structure and also achieve the final dream.

When the tower accidentally topples down after one small move, they get frustrated, but more often than not, they still get up and start all over again!

In this way, Legos teach our lovely tots to be patient, perseverant and how to deal with their frustrations. These are very important skills for their future.

Legos Hone Self-Confidence

Remember that look on your child’s face after successfully building that design they really aspired to build, or that you asked them to build?

It’s a look of “Hey, I made it!”

It gives them a sense of accomplishment, pride in their abilities and self-belief.

This is what self-confidence is all about!

Legos Improve Language and Social Skills

As children play Legos with their peers (or even with momma/daddy/grandparents), they learn how to communicate with others.

They learn how to express their opinions and thoughts and also how to listen to other people.

They’re also practicing their teamwork and social skills as they play in a group to design something together!

Conclusively, Legos’ success and popularity is not by chance; and there’s every reason to get them Legos for your lovely kids!

Photo by Efraimstochter.


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