Toys That Promote A One Year Old Toddler’s Development

This is part two of the article about toys for one-year-olds.

We have an excellent selection of age-appropriate toys that encourage your one year old toddler’s development.

Toys and play promote every aspect of your child’s development, from cognitive and language, to motor, and social and emotional.

Toys also provide endless hours of fun for your little one.

The best toys are age-appropriate, safe, and fitting to your child’s emerging skills and interests.


It’s never too early to instill a love for reading in your child.

Books are the best way to promote speech, language, and literacy development, so reading to your one year old is an excellent way to help her development.

Books with lots of colorful pictures and illustrations stimulate brain connections and promote your child’s emotional expression.

Your child can now find objects in pictures and illustrations when asked, so practice this skill when reading together.

These types of books encourage identification and imagination, boost your child’s self-awareness, and promote feelings of bonding, happiness, love, and trust.

Sensory Items

Allowing your one year old to play with different kinds of sensory materials is a great way to boost their development.

Used under supervision, items such as Play Doh, pom-poms, pipe-cleaners, pasta, rice, sand, dry leaves, etc are a wonderful way to promote hand-eye coordination and cognitive development.

Help your child make shakers using empty bottles and sensory items like pasta or rice and allow them to use stickers and fun colored tapes to decorate them.

Sensory play is a great way to promote your child’s imagination and creativity, boost language development, encourage emotional expression, and develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Walkers and Push Toys

Walkers and push toys promote gross motor skills and coordination, encourage young kids to use their muscles and limbs, and help build muscle strength.

Themed Playsets and Pretend Play Props

These types of toys help language development, spark creativity and imagination, boost coordination, and more.

Pretend play is an excellent way to encourage your child’s emotional expression, promote emotional control, responsibility, and teach them cooperation, waiting, and turn-taking.


Dolls boost imagination and promote social and emotional development.

Playing with a doll can teach your 1 year old toddler about emotional expression, responsibility, and compassion.

Pretend-play with dolls also teaches little kids social rules and expectations, and boosts language development and communication skills.


At the age of one, your child develops rapidly and learns new things each day.

One year old toddlers gain knowledge through play and exploration, so toys play an essential part in their development at this stage.

When choosing toys for your child, always consider their safety and age-appropriateness, to help your child make the most out of her play time.

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