7 Sports Gift Ideas for Toddlers

Are you a parent wondering how to keep your little toddler physically active?
Well, I have some good news! You’re not alone!

The uproar on the increasing prevalence of lifestyle diseases has made many people very intentional about leading a physically active lifestyle. Our little bambinos are not left behind!

By Lilian.

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As parents, we’re trying to keep them physically active.

What’s more?

We also want to see our cubs doing some sports.

Hey, there’s no harm in developing that interest in sports for our little ones, right?

Here’s a list of 7 sports gift ideas for 2-year-old toddlers.

Golf sets

Ha-ha! I know you’re wondering if a 2-year-old can play golf…

The answer is yes.

Actually, there are even golf clubs for children aged 2-3 years!

Well, at 2 years, my son used his golf sets for anything but golf! They were basically pretend swords and shooters!

The good thing is, by his 3rd birthday, he had learnt to swing the clubs, generate club-head speed and launch the ball.

Oh, and it kept him physically active too!

So, if you want to generate your little one’s interest in golf, and also keep them more physically active, you can get them toddler golf sets!

Basketball Hoops

Basketball hoops are classic toys for kids.

Most of them come with basketballs so your little champ can start practicing being that basketball player you adore!

Playing basketball builds your child’s hand-eye coordination.

It also helps them remain active as they run to the ball or swing the hoop to hit the ball.

You know what’s good about these toys? Most of them are height-adjustable, meaning your little one can use it for years.

Note: Ensure the hoop is recommended for 2-3-year-olds.

Toddler Trampolines

Have you watched children play on the trampoline? Don’t they have so much fun?

Well, most children cannot resist playing on trampolines outdoors. Jumping up and down is so enjoyable!

It is also a good form of exercise. In fact, research suggests that jumping for 10 minutes burns the same amount of calories as running for 30 minutes.

So, if you want to keep your child physically active, and also make exercise fun, get them a trampoline!

Don’t forget that trampolining is a competitive Olympic sport, so you will also prepare them for a possible future career in this lovely sport!

Soccer Sets

With the correct ball sizes, 2-year-olds can also enjoy learning soccer.

Although it might look a little different from usual soccer games for adults, the basic skills will remain the same, and your little one will enjoy it!

They’re going to run towards the ball, kick it, throw the ball overhead, etc. This is good exercise for toddlers.

Playing with soccer sets also builds your child’s cardiovascular health and makes their muscles stronger.


I call them Tunnels of fun! My son adores them to-date!

With these lovely toys, there’s really no instruction to follow – every child knows what to do when they see a play tunnel.

As they chase one another in the tunnel, it becomes even more fun! Don’t forget that this is also keeping them physically active.

Some other benefits of play tunnels include better social skills as well as greater physical strength and mobility.

Balance Boards

Balance boards are one of the most loved toys for toddlers!

I actually got my niece a balance board as a gift on her 3nd birthday and, whew, do I tell you – this board keeps her active throughout.

She’s constantly wobbling back and forth, which is very good exercise for toddlers.

These unique toys are great for improving your toddler’s core stability and strength, their balance and reflexes.

Piano Mats

Want to make it fun for your little one to walk around your living room? Get them a piano mat!

Piano mats can play different favorite songs for kids, which makes stepping on them fun for toddlers.

Common rhythms in most piano mats include Cocomelon songs (I’ve not met a toddler who doesn’t like these songs).

They’ll play the rhythms and also dance to them. This is good exercise to keep our lovely tots physically active.

On the overall, it’s very important to ensure our lovely tots remain physically active, and also engage in a sport here and there.


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