Should You Celebrate Baby’s Monthly Birthdays?

Well, a friend recently invited me for their daughter’s second month birthday.

The invitation came as a surprise to me because I honestly never celebrated my son’s monthly birthdays.

Yes, those days when he turned a new month old were special to me particularly for the first year of his life, but I really did not prepare any birthday parties then!

In hindsight, after my friend’s invitation, I started to think “Are they really worth it?” “Did I (or my son) miss out?”

After evaluating the idea, I can say that I honestly think that it’s a fantastic idea to celebrate baby’s monthly birthdays, but only for the first year of their lives.

Let me tell you my main reason.

By Lilian.

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Monthly Birthdays Celebrate Little Wins

The first year of a child’s life is filled with so many critical milestones.

Each month has something new.

  • In the first month, they start to smile at people.
  • By the second month, they can hold their hands open and grab something.
  • In the third month, they can recognize familiar faces at a distance.

By the 12th month, they’re likely taking their first steps unsupported!

I think it’s fantastic to celebrate these little wins!

Monthly birthdays allow parents to celebrate these little wins with so much energy and enthusiasm!

I feel a little sorry for myself and my son that I did not get to soak in and enjoy each of these milestones since we only celebrated the 1-year mark.

Despite this, beyond the one-year mark, I don’t think monthly birthdays are worth it.

I have two reasons for this.

Having Monthly Birthdays is Expensive

Preparing a birthday party every month is without doubt expensive.

Considering that the average parent spends around $400 on their child’s birthday party, can you imagine spending such an amount every month, solely on birthday parties?

That translates to almost $5,000 every year on one child’s birthdays.

I think that’s insane!

Wouldn’t it be better to have a yearly birthday party and save up the amount for a Disney trip after 2-3 years?

Let me remind you that the average family of 4 spends about $6,000 for a typical Disney World trip.

Hosting Monthly Birthday Parties is Time Consuming and Exhausting

Can you even imagine the energy and time parents expend in planning a birthday for their little one?

Now multiply that 12 times every year.

That would honestly be too much for me.

I think it’s only worth it for the first year.

Let me now give you a few fun ideas for these awesome monthly celebrations for your lovely tot’s first year in the world.

Fun Ideas for Celebrating Monthly Birthdays

Recreating Monthly Photos

If I were to have a newborn baby all over again, monthly photos would be a must-have.

I think this is a cheap, simple yet elegant way of celebrating birthdays for our little ones.

You can try taking photos on every monthly birthday, in the same position.
For instance, try holding the baby while you stand, or take the photo next to their fur siblings (dog, cats, etc.) or even just next to a teddy bear.

You could also try taking the photos with the baby in their sweet little basket every month!

This makes it easier to track changes every month. Put the photos in a photo set and hang it in your living room! The photos will be so beautiful you won’t believe it!

I think the most important birthdays you should not fail to celebrate should be the first month birthday and the sixth month birthday.

Here are a few fun ideas you can consider for these two birthdays.

Celebrating the First Month Birthday

At the first month birthday celebrations, you could just place letters in a semi-circular pattern around your little one indicating “I am 1 Month Old”.

You could then invite a few close friends and family for dinner and that’s it.

If you’re invited for such a dinner party, don’t forget to get some flowers for the new mom to brighten up her spirit (the first month is the toughest, why lie…).

Celebrating the Sixth Month Birthday

The sixth month birthday is such a huge milestone! They’re celebrating half a year, and your little one is off exclusive breastfeeding, into the weaning world!
You can celebrate this milestone by getting a half-birthday cake!

Just bake the usual birthday cake, then cut it into two. (For cake lovers like me, we have the extra cake to eat before the party, ha-ha!)

Allow your little one to smash the extra cake and take photos and videos as they do it!

Don’t forget to cap your little tot with a sweet hat written “½” or “6 months”.

Photo by Cup of Couple.


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