Pretend Play Ideas with a Children’s Toy Kitchen

By Emmy Stevens

As parents, we are always looking for ways to encourage our child’s learning and development.

Play kitchens are a great resource to encourage your child to build resilience, utilize their creativity and imagination, develop their communication and language skills, and to provide your child with many other great benefits.

What better way to encourage your child’s learning than to join them for a fun playtime using their play kitchen and food?

Joining your child as they play in their kitchen will be a great way to bond with them and encourage their development. Some play kitchen ideas include:

Play Restaurant

Play restaurant is a great game to enjoy with your child.

All you have to do is sit and allow yourself to be waited on by your little one.

Ask them questions like what is on the menu for the day or how they are preparing their special dish.

You will be surprised at just how enjoyable it is watching your little one run around excitedly as they prepare a delicious meal for you.

Clean up

Just like the adult kitchen has to get cleaned up, clean up your child’s kitchen along with them. “Wash” the dishes, put everything where it belongs, and sweep the kitchen floor.

Cook off

Challenge your little one to a cook off.

This will work great if there is another parent or sibling present.

Race your little one to put together the best “dish” and ask the other person to act as the judge.

Cooking Show

A cooking show will prove to be one great memory for your little one.

Bring out the camera and let your child talk to you about every step of their “cooking” process.

Ask them questions and watch as they use their imagination to create a chef’s masterpiece!

Picnic Time

A picnic is fun for everybody. Have your child prepare their play picnic by making picnic food in their kitchen and setting up a beautiful feast on a blanket.

You can bring your picnic outside or keep it indoors, depending on your circumstances.

Tea Party

A tea party with a tea set is a fun adventure to have with your little one.

Get dressed up in your fanciest costumes, gather up all of your child’s dolls and stuffed animals, and sit down for tea and a great conversation!

Grocery Shopping

This is another great learning opportunity for your little one.

All you have to do is gather supplies from the play kitchen and around your house, line them up, write out price tags for each item, and grab a handful of coins.

You and your child can switch between being the grocer and the shopper.

This game is made even better because it presents a great opportunity for your child to learn more about numbers!

The Benefits of Role Play

Role play is extremely important in your child’s learning and growth.

It provides young children with the opportunity to learn and better understand the world they have just been thrust into a few years ago.

Role play can help a child learn how to work with others, encouraging them to practice their language and communication skills so they can get what they want.

Role play also allows children to practice real and important life skills, giving them the opportunity to use their imagination and creativity to work through obstacles and challenges.

You can play a huge role in encouraging your child’s learning and development!

As they role play, ask them questions that require more than a yes or no answer and join them in their imaginary world.

This will encourage your child to practice many life skills, emphasizing their language development.

So, follow your child’s lead and watch as they learn more and more.

Final Thoughts

Role play is a crucial part of your child’s development and play kitchens are the perfect toy to encourage it!

As your child puts on their chef’s hat, they will be learning new skills that will become crucial at later points of their life.

You can use your child’s play kitchen to help them learn and grow as you get the opportunity to build an everlasting bond with them! It truly is a win-win situation for all.


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