Playing Outside Benefits for Elementary Students

6-9 Year Olds

By the time your child reaches Elementary School they have already made friends and enjoy participating in group activities both indoors and outdoors.

Spending time outdoors both alone and with friends offers several benefits for kids between the ages of 6 and 9 including:

Improved Negotiation Skills 

When children play in groups there are bound to different ideas on what and how to play as well as the rules of different games.

This requires your child to engage in negotiations in order to get some of their views or ideas heard and used.

In addition, there will be disagreements that your child will be engaged in and will need to learn how to handle.

A Better Understanding Of The Natural World 

Elementary school age children learn about the parts of flowers, the different seasons, why leaves change colors and a multitude of other things involving natural science.

By spending time outdoors your child can see and observe what they are learning first-hand, which will help them better understand what they’re studying in school.

Acquire A Wider Range Of Skills 

Children develop certain skills from playing indoors, using computers, learning to talk softly and play quietly.

When they play outside, they acquire other skills such as how to throw and catch a ball, how to navigate cross walks, a variety of skills associated with outdoor sports and lots of other skills that they simply can’t learn without the opportunity to play outdoors.

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