Outdoor Play Structures for Large & Small Yards

Some parents are surprised at how a child can take a simple play structure such as a slide and use it in ways they would never have imagined.

Here’s a look at some play structures that are offer kids a number of fun, imaginative and creative ways to play:

Natural Play Structures

While some people think of play structures as purely man made, there are a number of natural play structures that kids can enjoy.

For example, a weeping willow tree with branches that reach the ground makes for a great play cave or play fort for all different types of adventures.

A rock pile can be turned into a mountain and a tree provides great climbing adventures for an active child.

Hedges can serve as walls and a circle of trees or shrubs can hold a tarp to make a open-sided play house.

When Mother Nature is the canvas, the choices are limitless!

Commercial Play Structures

There are all kinds kits you can buy to build play structures you can buy for your child to play in.

Here’s a list of some of the options you have when it comes to commercial play structures:


With swings, slides, monkey bars and other built in activities. These structures are great not only for playing with the equipment in the manner it was designed to be played with, but also for more imaginative ways. For example, kids can turn a slide into a mountain to climb up or use a sand box to dig for buried treasure.

Playhouses And Forts 

Playhouses and forts are great when played with as intended. But they can also be turned into hideaways for bandits, a drive through burger joint and many other things by creative and adventurous minds.

Tents And Tunnels 

There are a variety of different size tents and play tunnels you can purchase for your child to play in. These structures are ideal for smaller children and can be used as forts, play houses, caves and lots of other things during your child’s pretend play fun.

Tree House Kits 

If you’re not into building a tree house from scratch, there are many different types of kits you can use to build your child a tree house. These kits range from quite simple to more elaborate ‘Robinson Crusoe’ types of tree houses.

Kid Made Outdoor Play Structures

Keep in mind that providing outdoor play structures for your child doesn’t have to break the bank.

In many cases giving your child a few simple materials can allow them to make their own outdoor play structures.

For example, providing your child with rope, some type of stakes and an old sheet will allow them to make their own play tent.

They simply tie the rope between the stakes and spread the sheet on top, securing it to the stakes using more rope.

With some old two by fours, a couple of cement blocks and some used tires your child can make an obstacle course that they can share with their friends.

Or a few long poles and a tarp will give your child everything they need to build their very own teepee.

So as you can see, with just a few simple materials and their imagination, your child will be able to make all kinds of fun home made outdoor play structures!


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