Outdoor Activities & Games for Teenagers


As your child moves through their teen years, friends and peers have probably become just as important in their life as family.

They’re thinking is evolving to include more of the world around them and they’re starting too look to their future.

Outdoor play for teens will build on the benefits they’ve already acquired in earlier years, including:

Increased Physical Fitness

There’s a good chance that if your child continues with a healthy lifestyle during their teen years, it will carry through to their adult years.

This will decrease the risk of conditions such as heart disease and diabetes.

Reduced Stress 

Teen years usually equate to more physical types of outdoor play and that can lead to reduced stress levels for your child.

Running around the soccer field, playing football – any kind of physical activity is a great outlet for teens and an excellent way to decrease stress and anxiety.

Enhanced Social Interactions

Outdoor play, especially team play, goes a long way to your teenager’s continued social and emotional development.

Among other things, team sports teach teens about sportsmanship, healthy interaction with others and cooperation.

Being outside in nature is an excellent way to enhance your child’s social interactions and bonding with their neighborhood and community.

All these skills are really valuable and can make your teen’s transition from adolescence to adulthood smoother and more enjoyable.


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