Best Musical Toys For Babies

Are you looking for the best musical toys for babies?

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Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube

The Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube is a wonderful toy for any baby and toddler.

There are 5 instrument sounds with this Magic Cube for your toddler to enjoy and become familiar with: Piano, French horn, harp, flute, and violin.

If your child would like to add or remove any of the instrument sounds, then they just need to push a button.

There’s a special button for them to push if they’d like to hear all the instruments playing at the same time.

Your baby will get to listen to an enjoy 8 Mozart masterpieces.

Each side of the Magic Cube has a different color with a cute animal playing the highlighted instrument.

Some of the sides will light up and flash in time to the music. The buttons are easy for your crawling baby or toddler to push.

For added safety, the cube has soft round corners and it comes adjustable volume control which parents really like.

A wonderful interactive musical toy for encouraging creative play, a number of parents we know, shared that their older kids, and even they themselves, loved playing with this Mozart Musical Cube!

The Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube requires 3 AA batteries which are included and several parents we know shared that the music is lovely and their toddler loves it so much!

Why We Recommend The Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube

  • Kids loves creating their own orchestra sounds with this wonderful musical cube!
  • Great introduction to different instrument sounds for your baby or toddler
  • Your child will learn about cause and effect as they work out which button creates which instrument sound
  • Enhances your child’s auditory skills
  • As your child learns the tunes, it will help to develop their memory skills
  • Helps your child develop their own sense of tempo and rhythm
  • Wonderful interactive toy as your child can roll it, push it, flip it and more!
  • Comes with volume control which parents love
  • Music is really soothing for kids and parents love it too
  • Has round corners which makes it a safe musical toy for a toddler
  • Kids love watching the lights flash on the sides of the cube
  • Great for encouraging your child to get up and dance to the beat
  • Well made, sturdy and will last a long time
  • Excellent travel toy to keep your baby engaged and entertained

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