Mickey Mouse Toys for 1 Year Olds

For decades, children have loved Mickey Mouse and his pals, and today’s toddlers are no different since Mickey is one of the first television characters that they can easily recognize.

For some reason this silly mouse captures children’s attention and gains their affection. So it should really comes as no surprise when your child asks for Mickey Mouse toys almost as soon as they can talk.

After thorough research, we’ve handpicked the best Mickey Mouse Toys for 1 year old children and we’re certain you’ll find the perfect gift for your toddler! Our picks include great toys for boys and girls, so some nice gift ideas for your son or daughter.

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Best Mickey Mouse Toys For One Year Old Toddlers

Kiddieland Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Plane Light And Sound Activity Rider

Whether your toddler is a huge Mickey Mouse fan or simply loves airplanes, this Kiddieland Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Plane Light and Sound Activity Rider is a great ride on toy for one year olds.

The plane is brightly colored, has gears for your child to shift that make revving sounds, and has a real rotating propeller that has light up patterns.

Turn on the plane’s radio and your toddler will hear radio frequency sounds as well as music and the Mickey Mouse march song. They love watching Mickey move to the music!

The plane also has realistic take off and landing sounds to really engage your toddler.

The wings fold up for easy storage and the propeller turns when your one year old pushes buttons or they makes the plane move.

There is also a back push handle so your child can push the plane or you can push your child in the plane.

The propellers are made of sturdy foam so they won’t harm your child if they try and stop the spinning propellers with their hands.

Why We Recommend The Kiddieland Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Plane

  • One Year Old Toddlers Love It! Several parents and grandparents shared that this particular toy is a huge hit with their one year olds who have great fun playing with it
  • Lots of Buttons To Push: Small children love exploring, and with so many buttons to push as well as the music and sounds, this plane is sure to keep your child entertained for hours
  • Safe Propellers: The propellers are safe for your child even when spinning, something parents really like
  • Grows With Your Child: This ride on plane will grow with your 1 yr old lasting them for 2 or 3 years until they outgrow it which give you great value for money
  • Ease Of Assembly: Parents love that they don’t have to do much to assemble this plane. All they have to do is put on the back handle and it’s ready to go!
  • Very Sturdy: This airplane ride on toy is quite sturdy and sure to last your child for a couple of years or more

Disney Mickey Mouse And Friends Bath Toys

Whether you are looking for some fun bath toys for your 1 year old or simply want a few simple carry along toys for your child to use to engage in imaginative play, this Disney Mickey Mouse And Friends Bath Toys Set can provide your little Mickey Mouse fan with hours of fun.

This bath set includes Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Pluto and Goofy and comes in a plastic zip case that has suction cups on the back to store the toys after playing in the tub.

However, these toys can easily be used both in and out of the bathtub for added fun at playtime. Each figure is up to 5 inches tall and they are the perfect size for little toddler hands.

Why We Recommend The Disney Mickey Mouse And Friends Bath Toys Set

  • Kids Love Playing With These Figures: One year olds love playing with Mickey and his friends and the playset keeps them occupied for long periods of time
  • Versatile Playset: This Mickey Mouse bath toy set is extremely versatile. Your child can use this set in the tub, when playing throughout the house, or even as sand toys in the sand box
  • Great For Creative And Pretend Play: Your toddler will have great fun creating their own stories and adventures for Mickey and his friends
  • Good Quality: These toy figures are colorful, quality made and sure to hold up to hours of play
  • Won’t Get Water Inside: These bath toys are completely sealed so they won’t get water inside to cause mold
  • Plastic Case Dries Easily: When used in the tube the case that holds these toys will dry quickly

Fisher Price Little People Magic Of Disney Mickey And Minnie House Playset

Every since Fisher Price introduced the Little People Sets, they have been extremly popular among young children.

So what could be more fun for one year olds who love Mickey Mouse than this Little People Mickey and Minnie House Playset!

This 9 piece set includes Mickey’s house, Minnie’s house, and Pluto’s dog house, as well as a table and two chairs, plus Mickey, Minnie and Pluto.

The houses all snap together and also have lots of fun things for your child to discover, including a letter in a mailbox, a cake hiding in the oven and cheese in the refrigerator.

Kids love the fact that the front door will open and close and that they can spin the heart on the chimney on Minnie’s house. To open the oven, your little one just needs to press down on Minnie’s teapot!

The cute mouse-shaped chairs and table allow your 1 year old toddler to let their imaginations flow as they host tea parties for Pluto, Minnie and Mickey.

This Mickey and Minnie House Playset is a great stand alone toy or can be combined with other Little People Mickey and Minnie Sets to build a complete Mickey Mouse World.

Why We Recommend The Disney Mickey And Minnie House Playset

  • Toddlers Have A Blast With This Playset! There is so much to explore and do with this playset that toddlers have wonderful fun exploring it and working out how to do certain things
  • Good Size Pieces: The pieces in this play set are large enough for 1 year olds to handle well and prevent chocking if your child puts any of the pieces into their mouth
  • Encourages Imaginative And Pretend Play: This play set encourages your child to engage in imaginative and pretend play, acting out scenes they have seen on Disney Cartoons or from their own imagination
  • Quite Sturdy: This playset is very sturdy and will hold up to the rough play of a toddler
  • Works With Other Little People Mickey Mouse Playsets: Parent said they like that it works with other Mickey Mouse Playsets by Little People so that their child can expand the set as they grow
  • Folds Up For Easy Storage: When your little one is done playing with it for the day, you simply fold up the playset for easy storage

Disney’s Mickey Mouse Push And Go Racer Car

Cars and trucks are a basic childhood toy and this Disney Mickey Mouse Push And Go Racer Car is a great car for your growing 1 year old. This red car with Mickey at the wheel measures about 4.5 inches long.

What makes this car exceptionally fun for small children is the fact that when they push down on Mickey’s head, the car will take off and run quite a distance.

Your one year old toddler will have great fun racing this car across the floor and a few parents said that their kids love to race it across the table and watch it crash to the ground!

Of course it’s extremely durable so it can withstand all kinds of toddler challenges who enjoy chasing after this adorable car.

Perfect for small hands, it’s a great toy for keeping your little one engaged and having fun.

Why We Recommend The Disney Mickey Mouse Push And Go Racer

  • Toddlers Love This Small Car!: Kids just love this little car and can play with it for long periods of time
  • Great Size For Small Children: This car is good size and is neither too large or too small for 1 year olds to easily play with. It is the perfect size for little hands.
  • Encourages Your Child To Crawl Or Walk: Your child is going to want to run this car over and over again, which means once they they push on Mickey’s head and the car goes, your child will need to chase after it, which will help them develop their gross motor skills.
  • Travels A Good Distance: Both parents and children like the fact that this car actually travels a good distance making it more fun to play with for extended periods of time
  • Perfect For Shared Play: This little car is perfect for shared play. Your child and a friend can sit some distance apart and take turns racing the car back and forth
  • Sturdy And Durable: Parents said that this car holds up well to 1 year old’s rough play, including the occasional throwing that little children engage in

The First Years Disney Baby Shoot And Store Mickey Mouse

Make bath time more fun with this little The First Years Disney Mickey Mouse Bathtub Baketball Set for one year old toddlers.

The set consists of a small hoop and net that adheres to the wall over the tub by suction and three character balls for your child to shoot into the basket.

Your toddler will really enjoy trying to get the balls into the net and taking them out again. Several parents told us that their older kids love playing with this bath basketball set too!

The balls are solid so water cannot get in and cause mold which is another feature that parents really like.

It holds firm when attached to the wall giving you peace of mind and keeps your child entertained at bath time.

After bath time is over, you can place the balls in the net and fold it down to keep it out of the way for the adults to bathe or shower.

Why We Recommend The First Years Disney Baby Shoot And Store Mickey Mouse

  • Great Fun For Kids: Toddlers love this bath basketball set and get great fun from throwing the balls into the net
  • Makes Children More Eager To Spend Time In The Bath: This cute little Mickey basketball set can make your 1 year old more eager for bath time
  • Helps Improve Your Chid’s Motor Skills: This is a great bath toy for helping your toddler to improve and develop their gross motor skills
  • The Suction For The Hoop And Basket Holds Well: Parents love that the suction on this basketball set holds extremely well even when children grab a hold and pull on the basketball hoop
  • Grows With Your Child: Some parents said that this Mickey Mouse set entertains not only 1 year olds but children who are 5 and 6 as well

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