Lego or Duplo Blocks for Toddlers’ First Lego Set?

Building blocks are one of the most fantastic toys for kids. They’re also very popular, especially the Lego brand. If you’re planning to buy your little one their first Lego set, you might be unsure whether to get them Lego or Duplo sets. Well, I wanna make this easier for you.

By Lilian.

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Get them Duplo Blocks

Duplo sets are the building blocks for the youngest Lego fans.

So, if you’re shopping for the first Lego set, Duplo blocks are the best!

They’re designed for kids as young as 18 months.

Duplo sets are two times the height, length and width of the usual Lego sets.

This bigger size makes them the perfect choice for younger kids.

Fortunately, even when your toddler is older, they’re still going to play with the Duplo sets because Duplo are also compatible with the usual Legos!

Let me tell you a few things you may not know about Duplo.

A Brief History of Duplo

Duplo was born in the 1960s out of concern that there was a group of kids – toddlers – that could not play safely with the usual Lego bricks.

So, Lego introduced blocks that were double the size of usual Lego blocks.

In fact, the word Duplo comes from the Latin word for double – duplus – combined with Lego!

The company chose the 2:1 ratio to ensure the blocks are compatible with the other Lego blocks.

With ‘bigger’ blocks, toddlers are less vulnerable to choking hazards, which is why Duplo are the best first Lego sets for toddlers!

The company terms the Duplo safe for 18 months.

You’re probably asking, “Are the Duplo sets worth it? How do they help my child? Why should I invest my hard-earned cash in these sets?”

Well, let me fill you in on all the amazing benefits your little one will enjoy from these fantastic blocks. Read on!

How Lego Duplo Sets Help Early Childhood Development

Duplo Play Grows Toddlers’ Sensory Impact

When a toddler is exploring Duplo blocks using their hands, the most fundamental thing they’re doing is developing their sense of touch.

As they put it in their mouth – they sure love to taste everything, even building blocks – they’re developing their sense of taste.

So as much as it’s not hygienic, you might as well let them taste the blocks. It gives their little brains a lot of answers!

Touching and tasting the Duplo blocks exposes toddlers to various textures.

They learn about hollows, smoothness, edges, lumps, corners, etc.

Duplo Play Develops Creativity and Imagination Skills

As kids play with Duplo, they’re building imagination.

Look at them stack a couple of blocks on the carpet and within a few minutes, the structure is now a rocket ready to launch to space!

Duplo Play is an Early Math Lesson

Getting your toddler to play with Duplo sets gives you a perfect opportunity to introduce them to Math!

You can make a number line by labeling 10 blocks number 1-10 and then have your little one arrange them in a line as you sing the famous numbers song!

Duplo Play Hones Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills employed in undertaking tasks such as buttoning and unbuttoning clothes, using different cutlery, dialing a phone, typing on the computer or using a mouse pad, etc. are developed in early childhood.

To do such stuff, the muscles on the hands and fingers must be fit and strong enough.

Manipulating Duplo sets gives your little one a perfect start to exercise these muscles!

Duplo Play Builds Toddlers’ Orientation of Different Outcomes

Playing with Duplo sets makes toddlers more aware of cause-and-effect.

They learn that stacking a small brick below a big one will most likely end in crumbling and that a tower built with too many Duplo blocks will most likely topple down.

What’s more, toddlers also develop spatial awareness playing with Duplo. They can identify the position of objects relative to themselves or to the environment around them!

Well, don’t you have all the reasons to get those Duplo sets for your lovely tot?

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