Is Lego Worth Buying for 3-Year-Olds?

Lego is top on the list of favorite toys for kids!

In fact, at least 7 Lego sets are sold around the world and Lego sets sold every year are enough to circle the world 5 times! Can you even imagine?!

So, there’s no denying that kids love these lovely toys.

But are they really worth buying for 3-year-olds?

By Lilian.

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The simple answer is Yes. Read on to know why Legos are great for 3-year-olds and how they affect brain development.

Benefits of Lego for 3-Year-Olds

At the 3-year mark, there are some critical milestones our lovely tots are meeting.

Lego play helps them meet some of these.

Recognize Different Colors

Want to know the easiest way to teach colors to your lovely kid? Get them Lego blocks!

At first, you can sort the blocks together based on color. After some time, let them do it alone.

Keep practicing it and within no time, they will differentiate the colors on the carpet floors, their clothes, car seat, mama’s shoes, etc.

Identify and Count Numbers

Around the three-year mark, kids can identify and count numbers 1-10.

Playing with Lego sets gives them a perfect opportunity to count the blocks!

You can ask them to stack the blocks as they count them or even sing the famous “Numbers song” with them as you play with the blocks!

Social Skills

Have you watched kids play Lego with their friends?

They express themselves to their peers (or even mum/dad) during the game.

They learn to express emotions of excitement when they build the complete design or sadness when that tower topples down.

They also take turns in their conversations and laugh when something silly happens during the game!

This is great for their social skills!

Don’t forget about teamwork skills as they play Lego with a bunch of kids!

Fine Motor Skills

Playing with Lego blocks exercises the muscles on our kids’ hands and fingers – developing their fine motor skills.

Fine motor skills will be employed in meeting some very important developmental milestones for your 3-year-old.

For instance, stringing items such as large beads or macaroni together, brushing their teeth, etc.

Language Skills

As your toddler explains to their peers what they’re making with those Lego blocks, they’re also developing their language skills.

In fact, experts suggest that children learn a second language easier when learning is play-based.

So, to boost your child’s language skills, you need to get them some Lego!

Wondering how Lego would help in your child’s brain development?

I got you. Read on.

How does Lego Affect Brain Development?

Well, the same way your little one ought to engage in physical exercise, they also need to exercise their brain!

Lego blocks are the perfect option for this!

Without doubt, focusing on building a specific design – for instance, a tower, bridge, etc. – takes time for kids.

This is very good because it enables their brains to focus and concentrate on things.

Playing with Lego blocks also requires employing different skills that exercise the brain.

For example, problem-solving, planning and spatial awareness.

In case you’re concerned for your child’s safety playing with Lego blocks, here are a few tips.

Safety Tips for Toddlers Playing with Lego Blocks

We all want to keep our little tots safe, right?

Well, even while playing Lego, there are some aspects you should consider to ensure they’re safe.

After Play, Store Lego in a Safe Place

Do you remember stepping on that Lego piece in the middle of the night?


This is enough reason to ensure those toys are kept away safe after play.

Nobody wants to start their day on such a note, right?

Check for Broken Pieces

As children play with their Lego sets, there’s always a chance that some of them will get bend or broken.

Ensure you sort out the broken pieces as often as possible.

Just pour them on the floor and sort out those that have been damaged.

You can ask the player if any pieces are broken.

Remember that these small pieces have a choking risk, so be on guard!

Conclusively, Legos are really worth it for 3-year-olds!

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