How to Store Inflatable Bounce Houses? [3 Easy Steps]

By Katrina Oliver

Bounce houses are a big summer favorite. They’re exciting and fun, and great for large groups of kids to all have a lot of fun together at once.

Keeping one around is a great way to get your kids an afternoon of fantastic physical exercise without having to take up much space.

However, making sure that you are putting your bounce house away appropriately is important.

After all, while many commercial bounce houses can be more affordable than you might expect, you still want to preserve your investment and keep your bounce house ready to play for many years to come.

It’s important to be sure that your bounce house is being stored away by the time winter rolls around.

Once harsher weather starts up, the rain and colder temperatures can start taking a toll on your bounce castle’s integrity and damaging the material.

Step 1: Clean It Up

Before putting your bounce house away, make sure that it’s clean.

If any moisture or grime is stuck on your bounce house when you put it away, that could start to cause mold or mildew to grow.

If you primarily use your bounce house indoors, there’s less concern for rainwater or plant material to have gotten into the nooks and crannies of your bounce house, but cleaning it is still important.

You never know what spills may have taken place or what dirt could have been tracked onto it.

Especially if you are putting your bounce house away for the entire winter, moisture or staining can cause quite a bit of damage over the time it is stored, so make sure it is entirely clean.

Step 2: Fold It Up

After cleaning your bounce house, it’s time to fold it up as compactly as possible.

This requires getting as much of the air out of the bounce house as possible so you can fold it up neatly.

Try to apply as much pressure spread evenly across the surface of the bounce house as possible to press it flat before each fold to get it as flat as possible.

Most bounce houses will come with their own storage bag in which to keep the bounce house when it’s not in use.

However, if your particular model didn’t come with a storage bag, find somewhere suitable to contain it.

Step 3: Pack It Up

Pick out a durable and water-resistant bag to keep it inside, or put it in a hard plastic storage bin for safekeeping.

Once your bounce house is completely clean and stored in a safe container, find somewhere appropriate to store it.

Even when it is kept inside of a protective bag or bin, it’s not recommended to store it out of doors.

No storage container is perfect, and even when kept in a safe place there’s still every chance that the elements could get inside and start wearing on your bounce house.

Instead, find somewhere indoors that’s cool, dry, and tucked away.

Preventing it from being in the direct sun or somewhere that gets humid puts your bounce house at risk of taking damage.

By taking a few simple steps of precaution to safely store your bounce house, you can make sure to keep it in great condition so you can keep getting it out to play with your family year after year, protecting your investment, and bringing a lot of joy and fun to your family!


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