How to Make Time for Yourself with a Toddler

When I had my son six years ago, within the first week, I was starting to feel anxious and depressed all the time.

As much as I loved my son so much, I felt like I was losing it all. This went on until I realized the magic of spending some time with myself, no kid involved.

Every mom/dad should have time for themselves, away from the kid. No one should guilt-trip you about this!

Let me give you a few ideas on how you could do it.

By Lilian.

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Take a Shower Everyday

Taking a shower is perhaps the simplest way to get some time for yourself when you have a baby – whether a newborn or a toddler.

You can wait till the little one is taking a nap or have your partner or an older sibling watch over them.

Just take your sweet little time to scrub yourself, and don’t be in a hurry.

Everything else can wait. Let it be about YOU!

Listen to your Favorite Podcasts

Parents (particularly those who stay or work at home, like me) often feel disconnected from the outside world.

I found that listening to my favorite podcasts makes me feel refreshed.

You can put your baby in a high chair (for the younger kids), or even have them busy playing with toys and get some minutes to listen in!

Go Shopping Alone or on a Solo Date

I asked my mom to watch over my less than 1-month-old son one afternoon, as I went on a solo date. Yes, a solo date. Just me. Just M.O.M.

Well, by the time I came home 3 hours later, I felt refreshed, energetic, confident… everything good.

This is very good for every parent’s mental health. You should try it!

Relax While the Baby Sleeps

Resist the urge to rush and do the dishes, do the laundry or mop the house while your toddler is taking a nap. Just R.E.L.A.X.

You can do the dishes as your little one watches their favorite TV show, or plays with their play kitchen or plays with their peers.

Arrange for Play Dates

I love play dates, so much. If you’re a parent of an only child, like me, you know that play dates are a must!

My closest friend has an only child too, so we often plan play dates so that our children can interact and we, the parents, can catch up.

I always look forward to those weekends! They’re so much fun, both for the moms and for the kids!

Find a Hobby

When kids come, it’s easy to forget our identity before we were mom/dad.
So, you have to be very intentional about creating time for those activities you enjoy, as a person.

I’ve also always loved going on evening beach walks, and luckily, when my son was younger, I could take him on a stroller and go on a walk to enjoy the evening breeze. It really kept me sane!

Since some hobbies might have to be postponed (e.g. hiking every weekend), you can as well adopt hobbies that can be done at home.

For instance, for me, I started gardening with a few flowers on the window, which I have come to love so much!

Teach your Child to be Independent

Unlike newborns, toddlers can be independent in many ways.

They can play in the backyard, clear the table after meals, brush their teeth, dress themselves, etc. depending on their age.

As much as possible, let them learn to do some things on their own so that mom/dad can have a little more time taking that well-deserved rest.

Put the Kids to Bed Early

Mom/dad needs some time at the end of the day. Get those kids tucked in bed by 7:30PM.

When kids are in bed, this is the time to watch that movie, pour some wine for yourself and your partner and just have some time to yourselves.

It’s easy to get caught away with finishing up the house chores during this time, but be intentional about it. Maybe, you can set 2 or 3 nights to yourself!

Conclusively, as much as you’re a parent, you also need to spend some time with yourself, away from your lovely tot. Be intentional about this.

It will surprise you that you’ll actually be a better parent when you have time for Just Y.O.U.!

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