How To Encourage Your Child To Play?

There are lots of great ways for you to encourage your child to engage in play. Here are some suggestions that may prove helpful.

Make sure your child has some free time each day

Having free time that allows your child to play however they want, resulting in a healthier and happier child. In addition, it’s a good idea to give your child the opportunity to engage in solitary play as well as playing with others.


Give your child simple, open ended toys

By giving your child toys such as building blocks, dolls, and other simple toys, you will encourage them to use their imagination during play time.

Establish a family game night

Family game nights are great fun and offer a variety of different ways to play, including board games, building toys, word games, imagination games and much more. Allowing your child to choose the toys or games they want you all to play with makes them want to participate and encourages them to play.

Encourage active play

In this day and age, kids of all ages love playing video games. And while those have their place, active play, including spending time outside, is also very important in your child’s development. Encouraging your child to disconnect from technology and engage in some active play every day will allow your child to burn off steam and helps increase their physical health.

Offer your child variety of toys

Ideally you want your child to play with all kinds of toys because each type of toy helps them in different ways. So it’s a good idea to offer them a variety of toys including some that are open ended, some that take concentration and some that have rules to follow. Different toys develop different skills so the more variety you can offer, the more skills your child will be able to develop.

  • Cater to your child’s individual interests. When purchasing toys for your child to play with, try and choose toys that your child is interested in. By choosing toys that interest your child, you can encourage them to engage more in play.

More and more, experts are proving just how important playing is to the healthy development of your child.

Giving your child adequate time to explore through play will help them develop into a healthier, happier and more well adjusted person as they grow up.


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