How to Choose Toys for Kids – Evergreen Tips

It’s that time of the year when you go visiting your families for the summer holidays.

So, you’re looking to buy toys for your little nieces, nephews, cousins, etc.

Unfortunately, you’re not sure which toys to buy, appropriate for every kid.

No need to worry. I got you!

Here are my evergreen tips for choosing toys for kids aged 6 months to 6 years.

By Lilian.

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What Toys do Toddlers Really Need?

Building blocks

Toddlers can use blocks to create just what comes to their minds – for instance, skyscrapers, fortresses and castles.

They’re also great for children’s development. They build their concentration span, social skills as they play with their peers, and also develop fine motor skills.

The most unique aspect about blocks is that they serve kids as young as 10 months, and older kids (even adults play with blocks!)


Toddlers love to act out different scenarios. For instance, acting like a dragon and creating a fantasy world within the comfort of the living room.

Figurines are great for this! In fact, figurines score highest among other selected toys in imagination and creativity aspects.

A few examples of figurines – dinosaur toys, animal toys, fantasy creatures.

Gardening Sets

Gardening toys are great exploratory toys for toddlers.

They encourage them to do a little gardening, which is good for their development.

Gardening is also fun!

Most kids love to play in and with the dirt!


Every child should have a ball. Throwing balls, kicking and catching them is good physical exercise for kids.

Playing with balls also develops hand-eye coordination and makes their muscles stronger.

Developmental Toys for Babies 6-12 Months Old

High Chair Toys

If you’re looking for toys for a baby that’s at least 6 months old, high chairs should be near the top on the list.

They’re the best bet for keeping kids safe for a short while, especially during meal times!

Toddler Swings

Swinging is fun!

It grows children’s coordination skills and makes them stronger.

There’s also evidence that it calms a child’s nervous system.

Play Tunnels

Kids love playing in tunnels!

In fact, the minute they see a tunnel, they know exactly what to do with it.

Wait until they start chasing one another as they go through the tunnel. It’s going to be so much fun!

Exploration Toys for Toddlers

Gardening sets

Gardening toys make exploring that backyard garden so interesting for kids.

You should watch them manipulate the shovels, trowels, spades, forms, etc. as they engage in pretend play!

Oh, and gardening oozes loads of benefits for kids.

Camping Toys

Camping is one of the most fun-filled experiences children (adults too!) engage in.
It gets them connecting with nature and wildlife.

So, get those camping toys for your little niece/nephew/cousin/grandchild…

It will make the camping experience even more fun!

Dolls and Dollhouses

Dolls are age-old classic toys that children adore.

Fortunately, dolls are no longer regarded as girls-only toys – a lot of these are now gender neutral.

So, whether you’re shopping for a boy or a girl, you can never go wrong with a doll and dollhouse!

Educational Toys


If you want to give you’re little one a head-start in their academics, get them puzzles!

They’re great for brain development.

Oh, and age-appropriate ones are so much fun to play with!
Assembling the puzzle gives so much satisfaction and makes them truly happy about themselves.

Shape Sorters

Have you watched children play with shape sorters?

The way they sort different shapes (regardless of color), name the shapes, take turns placing the shape into the sorter and count the shapes.

This is so much fun for kids!

It also grows their vocabulary knowledge and boosts hand-eye coordination.

Outdoor Toys

Bicycles and Tricycles

I got so many gifts in my childhood, but the highlight of them all was a shiny blue BMX I got from my uncle.

If I was shopping for outdoor toys for kids, a bicycle would be top on the list!

Let the little ones enjoy riding with their friends during the holidays or after school.

Monkey Domes

Monkey domes allow children to swing or climb their way across without falling off.
They exercise “playing monkey” together with their friends, which is so enjoyable for kids!

Don’t forget that it strengthens their muscles and gives them balance.

Sensory Toys

Fidget Spinners

When going on long road trips, my son never leaves home without his fidget spinners.

From the toddler stage, I realized that these ball-bearing devices made him less nervous.

These toys are also fantastic for children with autism or ADHD.

They’re great for adults too!

Sensory Boards

Playing with sensory boards are fun, hands-on activities for kids.

They help babies and toddlers develop their sense of touch and explore a variety of objects while seated in one place.

Should I tell you that there are home-made sensory boards?

On the overall, shopping for kids’ toys doesn’t have to be so nerve-wrecking. Just relax, employ the ideas above and you’re sure to get some fantastic toy gifts!

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