How to Choose a Play Kitchen for Your Child Who is No Longer a Toddler?

By Emmy Stevens

Have you been looking into buying your child a play kitchen, but hesitate for fear of it being a “baby” toy?

As children grow older, many parents may begin to question if the toys they are buying them are still age appropriate.

Play kitchens are a very beneficial toy for little ones to have, whether they be toddlers or young children.

This is because play kitchens present the perfect opportunity to grow a child’s imagination, allow them to practice practical life skills, and learn how to properly play and interact with others.

As parents, we all want to provide our children with great learning opportunities when they are playing.

Play kitchens are the perfect toy for encouraging just that. So, how can you decide if a toy kitchen is age appropriate for your growing child?

Size and Height

One crucial element to remember when picking a toy kitchen for your little one is to ensure it is a comfortable size for our home and height for your child.

When you are searching for the perfect play kitchen, you do not want your child to feel that they are too big for their kitchen.

Finding a kitchen with counters that are around your child’s hips will be great and will encourage them to play with it.


When searching for a toy kitchen, finding one made of higher quality materials will prove to be beneficial in the long run, especially if you plan to have or already have multiple children.

The better quality of material the play kitchen is, the longer it will last, allowing your kitchen to withstand years of play.

While plastic kitchens may be cost less, they will typically be much lower quality than wooden play kitchens.

Your Little One’s Likes and Dislikes

Each and every child is different, which means that every child will prefer different kitchens and accessories.

This toy kitchen is intended for your child, so why would you not want to match their preferences?

When searching for a lay kitchen and accessories to go along with it, consider your child’s favorite parts about being in the kitchen.

  • Do they love baking with you?
  • Are they obsessed with washing their own dishes?

You can use these interests to inspire the toy kitchen you are searching for.

You may also want to consider your child’s favorite colors, designs, and other little details that can make your little one’s kitchen perfect for them!

Benefits of Play Kitchens

Play kitchens offer many benefits to a developing child from toddlerhood until childhood.

The imagination and creativity that children use when playing will prove to benefit them in their later years.

The benefits of include:


As your child encounters problems and obstacles with their play kitchen, they will learn how to use their own imagination and creativity to get through them. This will prove to be a great skill as they grow older.

Language Development

Play kitchens are a type of role play, which encourages your child to express themselves and communicate.

They will discuss who will be assigned which role, what they are going to do in the kitchen and how they are going to do it.

Life Skills

Children’s kitchens are a great learning tool for learning skills your child will need later on in life.

In the toy kitchen, your child can practice using ingredients, washing their dishes, cleaning their fruits and vegetables, and picking up after themselves.

Final Thoughts

Play kitchens play a huge role in your child’s development. They encourage teamwork, teach real life skills, and allows your child to use his or her imagination.

When a child is using a toy kitchen, they are immersed in the perfect learning environment that can encourage healthy cognitive development.

So, whether your little one is a toddler or has finally entered early childhood, these small kitchens will be a great gift.


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