How do 6 to 9 Year Olds Play?

By the age of 6, your child will be ready to begin their formal education, sitting in a classroom, taking direction and performing basic academic tasks.

Your child is maturing and their choice of toys and activities they enjoy will be changing.

Here are some of the skills they will acquire through play during the ages of 6 and 9:

Increased Cognitive Abilities

When they reach the 6 to 9 phase, your child will be ready for more formalized learning, will be able to solve increasingly more complex problems, and be able to begin to think in more abstract forms.

Increased Reading And Comprehension Skills

Not only will your child begin to read more and more words, they will soon be able to read complete sentences and paragraphs, as well as be able to comprehend and recall what they have read.

Increased Verbal Skills

Your child’s verbal skills will continue to improve and they will be able to verbalize thoughts more clearly.They will also be able to express their feelings and experiences in a more coherent way.

In addition, your child will be able to explain concepts and negotiate with others.

Improved Social Skills

Around this age, children will have improved social skills with a better understanding of the importance of team work and getting along with others.They will start showing more compassion and empathy towards others, and also be acutely aware of non verbal cues as well as acceptable and unacceptable behavior.

Your child may want to engage in organized sports and enjoy sleep overs with friends their own age.

Increased Creativity

This is the time when your child is likely to enjoy doing crafts and model building, and they will often take a basic design concept and customize it more to their liking.They will also engage more in storytelling, often embellishing events that occur during the day to make the telling more entertaining or dramatic.

Improved Memory And Co-ordination

Children will show remarked improvement in memory and coordination around this age range.They will begin to memorize facts and figures they need for school work, but will also enjoy games like Simon and Jenga.


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