How do 3 to 5 Year Olds Play?

At the ages of 3 to 5, your child will start preparing for and beginning preschool.

During this time, they will develop several skills that are necessary for independence and academic achievement.

Some of the skills your child can learn or further develop through play during this period will include:

Understanding And Following Simple Rules And Commands

At this age, your child will learn how to follow simple rules and directions, such as lining up, taking turns, and following commands like putting away toys or taking out paper and pencil.

Improvement Of Fine Motor Skills

At this age, your child will further develop, expand and improve their fine motor skills.

They will start learning how to print the alphabet and even their name, show an even greater interest in coloring and drawings, and will be drawn to threading and lacing toys.

Providing your child with plenty of paper and pencils, crayons, chalkboards and lacing cards, will all help them practice these skills whenever they like.

More Advanced Social Skills

At this stage, your child will enjoy more group activities, will also engage even more in conversations and will be able to better express their own thoughts and desires.

They will also develop some of their first friendships and have best friends, though their best friend may change from week to week.

They will also learn how to interact with their new friends, what is allowed and what’s not allowed.

Advanced Problem Solving Skills

Your child’s problem solving skills will advance in leaps and bounds around this age range.

Your child will be able to work on more complicated jigsaw puzzles and also be able to solve problems when working with building materials.

Rapid Growth In Imagination 

When your child hits this age range, they will show a rapid growth in creativity and imagination.

They will enjoy actively engaging in role playing and even making up their own stories.

Some children have such a vivid imagination at this age that they may have difficulty telling what is fantasy from reality.

Improved Concentration

This is also the age that you as a parent will notice that your child can concentrate for longer periods of time, especially when engaging in activities they really enjoy.

Improved concentration makes it easier for your child to following directions and to understand concepts.


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