14 Fascinating Lego Facts and Trivia

By Emmy Stevens

The chances of finding Legos in somebody’s house are pretty high these days.

Legos are great toys for children of all different interests and genders.

This is because they are so open ended that most children can think of something fun to do with them.

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The founder of LEGO’s was a man named Ole Kirk Christiansen.

Ole Kirk Christiansen was a Danish carpenter and the creator of the LEGOs.

During the Great Depression, Mr. Christiansen began to make small wooden toys and household products in order to make ends meet.

In his business ventures, Mr. Christiansen found that toys were his most popular selling products by far.

As time passed, Mr. Christiansen developed a reputable and well-known toy business, which he went on to name LEGO.

As of 2021, the company is 89 years old!

The Lego Company was founded by Ole Kirk Christiansen in the year 1932.

The company didn’t start off how we know it today, though.

The connecting LEGO blocks that we all know and love today were not manufactured until the year 1949.

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The LEGO bricks made back in the fifties will still be a perfect fit with the LEGOs we play with today!

The design of the LEGO hasn’t changed in over fifty years!

But why would they fix something that isn’t broken anyways?

The LEGO molds used in production are highly accurate (within to few-thousandth of a millimeter of each other!)

This accuracy helps prevent LEGO fails.

Because of it, there are only 18 out of every ONE MILLION bricks that don’t meet LEGO’s level of excellency.

The name, LEGO, comes from the Danish words Leg Godt, which translates to “play well”.

When Mr. Christiansen’s toy business began to pick up more and more in popularity, he decided to hold a contest among his employees to assist him in picking a name.

This led to his decision of naming the company LEGO.  

The LEGO bricks we know and love today were patented by Ole Kirk Christiansen’s son in 1958.

By the year, 1958, Mr. Christiansen’s son, Godtfred Kirk, had stepped up as head of the LEGO company and the LEGO bricks were patented.

The Guiness world record for the tallest LEGO tower is 114 ft 11 in (35.05 m) high.

This huge LEGO tower in Milan, Italy took a total of 550,000 bricks to complete!

The first LEGOLAND opened up in the year 1968.

When LEGO bricks began to boom in popularity around Europe, the company decided to further their business ventures.

In 1968, they decided to open up their very first LEGO theme park called LEGOLAND.

The first park was located in Billund, but LEGOLANDs can now be found in cities all over the world!

There are approximately 915,103,765 different ways you can combine six out of the eight LEGO bricks.

This means that LEGO bricks can keep one entertained for hours, with a little imagination.

As a matter of fact, with only two LEGO bricks, you can find 24 different ways to combine!

People have used LEGOs in all sorts of different ways. They have worn them, built castles out of them, and done so much more!

One man actually used LEGOs to build a real home.

James May, in Surrey, Great Britain, worked to construct an entire life-sized home made of LEGO bricks in the year 2009.

This huge project took an estimated 3.3 million bricks!

The house had a working toilet, shower, bed, and furniture made of all LEGO bricks!

LEGOLAND even reached out to Mr. May, offering to buy the home off of him.

However, when they decided it would be too expensive to move, they withdrew the offer.

The company also criticized Mr. May for not reaching out for their help when he was building the house.

One amazing kid used his LEGOs to create a Braille printer.

Then 13-year- old child prodigy, Shubham Banerjee, used a LEGO MINSTORMS EV3 set to make a Braille printer that actually works!

He drew inspiration to build this printer when he came across a flier that was asking for donations to help the blind.

Now, that is truly an inspiring story.

LEGOs have been inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame.

Yeah, I didn’t know that existed, either.

Of all toys, though, LEGOs are certainly a great fit.

Nathan Sawaya was the first to use LEGOs in his art.

Today, LEGOs are a material commonly used in art.

However, the first artist to bring LEGOs into the art world was Nathan Sawaya (Brickartist.com), a New York based artist who prides himself in using different and unique materials to make his art.

There are professional LEGO builders.

In LEGOLAND, there is a job specifically titled, Master Model Builder.

These employees are hired to build and sculpt the LEGOs into the beautiful pieces of art you see all around the amusement parks!

The LEGO company began as a way to make ends meet for Ole Kirk Christiansen during the Great Depression.

Today, it is a household name that can be found in just about every toy store, every playroom, and every classroom.

LEGOs offer the perfect opportunity for open-ended play, creativity, imagination, and learning.

With so many benefits and the fact that they can keep a child entertained for hours, it is no wonder LEGOs have maintained their popularity all around the world to this day.


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