Do Kids Still Play with Toys?

I have fond memories of playing with my favorite toys in my childhood. I can recall those little dolls, toy guns, building blocks, toy planes, and toy cars.

With the increase in technology today, children have so many avenues of entertainment besides toys. They could play video games, watch cartoons, play musical instruments, etc.

But one question lingers in my mind: “Do kids still play with toys?”

By Lilian.

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Yes, Kids Still Play with Toys

Well, despite the hullabaloo that children these days have a lot of screen time, the reality is that kids still play with toys.

In 2018 alone, toys worth $21.6 billion were purchased in the US alone. Globally, $95 billion worth of toys were purchased in 2020.

However, the demand for individual types of toys varies. For instance, the demand for kids’ bikes has been falling consistently since 2007, while the demand for dolls and action figures has been on the rise.

The COVID-19 pandemic provides more evidence that kids still play with toys.

Remember the lockdown?

Well, during these times, the demand for toys went up by at least 16%, with the highest increases observed in board games, dolls, puzzles, and action figures.

You’re probably wondering, what about the screen time? Here are a few facts on kids’ media consumption.

Facts on Kids’ Media Consumption

I have not met a child who does not have screen time, have you? In fact, with my son, I have to regulate it, otherwise, he can’t get his hands off the iPad!

A 2019 study found that children under 2 years spend about 1 hour per day on screen media. Those aged 2-8 years spend about 2 hours daily while 8-12-year-olds spend 4-6 hours.

Surprisingly, even though 76% of parents agree that regulating screen time for kids improves their wellbeing, most parents are not intentional in controlling the amount of media their kids consume.

Fortunately, even with the screen time, kids still play with toys.

Let’s now have a look at some of the toys kids play with and the importance of toys for kids’ development.

The Toys Kids (Still) Play With

Can I surprise you? Well, even in the digital age, children still play with some of their parents’ favorite childhood toys.

Children still love to play with toys that engage their imagination and body.

These include dinosaur toys, puzzles, board games, Play-Doh, Scrabble, building blocks, teddy bears and baby dolls, toy phones, Toy Story 4, and Mr. Potato Head.

Other toys that children play with today include bouncer toys, farm toys, play kitchens, action figures, kites, etc.

Importance of Toys in Child Development

Have you found yourself scrutinizing that receipt from the toy store and wondering, “Are toys really worth it?”

Well, the simple truth is that toys are very important for your child’s development.

Toys enhance your child’s senses of touch, hearing and sight. You see those noises that come while playing with the toy? They develop the sense of hearing.

Playing with toys also grows your child’s fine motor skills. Don’t forget about the sense of sight as they identify different colors!

Another good thing about toys is that they enhance creativity, imagination and problem-solving skills. Take the example of puzzles, board games, Lego blocks.

Last but not least, toys boost your child’s IQ, concentration and social skills.

Above all, playing with toys is fun!

So, the next time you doubt the need for you to walk in that toy store and get your little one a few toys, always remember these amazing benefits!


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