Developing Negotiation Skills in Children

Development Of Negotiation Skills

When your child engages in play with other children and adults, they learn the art of negotiation. Some of them become quite good at it!

They learn how to negotiate many things including rules for various activities such as pretend play, which games they want to play and what toys they and others will play with.

The negotiation skills they learn through play then carry over into their everyday life as they become quite adept at negotiating with their parents.

How many times has your child tried to negotiate to stay up a few extra minutes before going to bed?

Or how about the times your child has attempted to negotiate not eating certain foods at meal time.

And how many times has your child successfully negotiated a treat or a bit of money for a job well done?

These negotiation skills are ones your child will acquire initially through play and will learn through observing others while playing.

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