Choosing Toys For Three Year Old Toddlers – Part 2

This is part 2 of the article.

See part 1 here.

Toys That Encourage Language And Speech Development

Read to your child every day. Books promote language understanding and literacy and encourage speech.

Read books together and ask your child to re-tell you the story.

Also, provide toys like pretend playsets, pretend food, shopping charts, animal sets, puzzles, blocks, dolls, dress-up clothes, and role playing props.

Provide opportunities to play with Play Doh and other sensory materials, and allow your toddler to use a variety of arts and crafts items.

You may also want to provide flash cards and different board games that promote language and literacy.

Cognitive Development Milestones

Your child can now follow two to three step instructions.

She knows her name, age, and gender, and understands the concept of “two”.

For example, she understands when she has two toys rather than one.

At this age, kids can sort objects by color and shape, have started to draw a basic person, and love engaging in pretend play.

Three year old toddlers memorize a string of numbers rather than actually count, but some of them show great interest in numbers, counting, and the alphabet.

Your three year old toddler also has a rich imagination and fantasy life.

Toys That Encourage Cognitive Development

Your three year old most likely enjoys working with puzzles that have 3-4 pieces and sorting objects by color and shape.

Such toys challenge your child’s problem-solving skills, so provide her with a variety of puzzles, shape sorters, and similar toys.

Buy toys that promote counting and numeracy such as stacking rings, animal counting matching games, an abacus, and puzzle boards.

Washable paints, crayons, and markers are also wonderful toys for kids at this age.

Motor Development Milestones

Gross and fine motor skills are essential for your child’s sense of independence and their ability to explore the world around them.

Gross motor skills include movements related to the large muscles of her arms and legs.

Your child can now run, jump, skip, ride a balance bike or a pedal bike with training wheels, do a somersault, and catch a bounced ball.

Their fine motor skills have also improved and your child can now draw a circle, use a spoon and fork,

and eat independently.

Toys That Promote Physical Development

Make sure to provide toys and outdoor equipment that encourage running, jumping, and climbing.

Anything that promotes movement and muscle strength is an excellent toy for a 3 year old toddler.

To help your toddler develop small muscle coordination, provide wooden blocks, nesting cups, toys that have buttons, zippers, and snaps, crayons, chalks, and toys with lids that your child can screw and unscrew.


Three year old toddlers are getting more independent and love playing with all kinds of toys.

Make sure to encourage independence and self-care, and organize playdates with other kids to boost your child’s social skills.

Teach your child her home address and phone number.

Spend time together outdoors and encourage hands-on nature walks.

Buying your 3 year old toddler age-appropriate and safe toys is a wonderful way to promote her growing development.

It’s also a fun way for you to spend some quality time playing with her or watching her while she plays and learns.


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