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Toyk Aqua Magic Mat – Kids Painting Writing Doodle Board Game

The ToyK Aqua Magic Mat Doodle Board Game is a large drawing mat designed to allow your 2 year old’s creativity to flow as they draw or write whatever they wish alone or with other toddlers.

This magic mat includes the mat itself (which measures 40” X 28”), six magic pens, eight drawing molds, four drawing templates, one drawing book, and one jigsaw.

In order for your two year old to draw, the pens need to be filled with clear water.

The board is non toxic and your child will be fascinated when their drawings magically disappear, which takes anywhere from three to ten minutes. This allows your 2 year old to use this board over and over!

Many parents find that this drawing board game is appropriate for their two year old to use, as long as the child is supervised.

Why We Recommend The ToyK Aqua Magic Mat Doodle Board Game

  • Young children find drawing on this mat fun and in awe of the disappearing pictures!
  • This magic mat helps your child develop their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination
  • Giving your child a large open space on which to draw or write encourages their creativity
  • The templates and molds that come with this set can be used to help your child learn numbers, letters, and shapes
  • Encourages cooperative play and sharing
  • Your child can play on their own or with siblings and friends for oodles of fun!
  • Encourages your child to express themselves through drawing and painting

Betheaces Water Drawing Mat Aqua Magic Doodle Toy Board Game

Two year olds will love the Betheaces Water Drawing Mat Aqua Magic Doodle Toy Board Game as it’s pack with creativity and fun!

Along with the mat, you also get 2 pens (that need to be filled with water to work), six templates, four stencils, and one drawing booklet.

Mat folds to compact size for storage and traveling which parents love.

The stencils are of methods of transportation, fruit, vegetables and one with the sun, moon, star and a cloud.

Your 2 year old can use the stencils to make pictures, use the drawing book to learn how to draw simple animals and pictures, or draw whatever they wish all on their own.

Once your child draws or writes on this board game, their work will disappear within three to ten minutes, filling your child with awe and arousing their curiosity as to how this magic happens!

Why We Recommend The Betheaces Water Drawing Mat Aqua Magic Doodle Toy Board Game

  • Brilliant fun board game for your child to enjoy on their own or with friends and siblings!
  • Drawing and writing on this board will help your child develop their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination
  • This drawing board game will help to unleash your child’s creativity
  • Your child will learn shapes when using some of these templates and stencils
  • Since this board is large enough for more than child to draw on at once it is perfect for co-operative play
  • As your child gets older, this mat can be used to play versions of tic,tac,toe, hangman and even pictionary

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