Best Tractor Toys for 1, 2 and 3 Year Olds

Having grown up on a small farm, I know the incredible fun and joy playing with the best tractor toys for 1 year olds can bring to any small child!

Before learning to drive a real tractor, as kids, we would enjoy wonderful imaginary play with our tractor toys.

We played bringing in the crops, feeding the animals, enjoying a hayride and so much more.

Now your child can experience that same level of joy, creating their own wonderful farm stories and experiences.

We’ve handpicked some of the best tractor toys for a 1 year old child to enjoy, either playing by themselves or with siblings and friends. 

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A Word from a Psychologist

Written By: Psychologist Natasha Tanic

  • Tractor toys encourage imaginative play 
  • Playing with tractor toys fosters hand-eye coordination and fine motor

Use Toy Trucks to Encourage Manipulative Play

Fine motor skills involve movements of small muscles in hands, fingers, and wrists.

These movements are essential as they help kids perform various day-to-day activities such as eating, dressing, or writing. 

Although we consider small muscle movements natural, they involve complex cognitive and motor operations.

Manipulative play with toy tractors is a great way to help develop small muscles and support fine motor skills, getting kids ready for school and everyday activities. 

Here Are Our Top Picks –

Tractor Toys For 1, 2 and Three Year Olds

Our top pick: TOMY John Deere Sandbox Vehicles (2 Pack)

Second place: TOMY John Deere Pedal Tractor And Wagon

Third place: Melissa & Doug 17-Piece Wooden Take-Along Tabletop Farm

Green Toys Tractor Vehicle (Orange)

This Green Toys Tractor Vehicle comes in a vibrant orange color that your 1 year old will adore.

Made from recycled plastic milk cartons, this tractor is as environmentally friendly as can be.

It comes with a detachable trailer which will enhance your child’s imaginative playtime, and it has no metal axles.

It’s made for both indoor and outdoor play, and can even be thrown in the dishwasher to clean.

Parents like that this tractor is made in the USA from natural materials and shared that their one year old just loved it!

They mentioned that their child pushes it around and carries some of their smaller toys in the little trailer!

The tractor does not come with a character or driver, so it is easy for the child to see themselves as the farmer driving the tractor.

Why We Recommend The Green Toys Tractor Vehicle Pink

  • Small children have wonderful fun with uniquely colored tractor!
  • Your child will love that the little trailer is detachable to make play more realistic
  • Some kids found imaginative ways to use the trailer, carrying other little toys in it
  • Encourages your child to engage more in creating their own stories and adventures

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John Deere Sandbox Vehicles

John Deere is the most popular tractor in America and this set of John Deere Sandbox Vehicles will thrill any 1 year old on your shopping list.

Both the bed of the dump truck and the front-end loader on the tractor actually raise and lower – making this a great toy for the sandbox as well as inside the home.

Any child will have a great time putting all sorts of little items into the front end loader and dump bed and driving their items all over.

Neither of these 6-inch vehicles comes with a driver, so your child can feel like they are really driving the vehicles.

Why We Recommend The John Deere Sandbox Toys

  • Great tractor toys for both indoor and outdoor play
  • Wheels roll easily on different surfaces
  • Children actually start to learn how front end loaders and dump trucks work
  • Encourages your one year old to use their imagination to create stories and adventures
  • Sturdy, durable and built to last giving you real value for money

Tomy John Deere Animal Sound Hayride

If your 1 year old loves tractor toys, then they are going to really enjoy playing with this super Tomy John Deere Animal Sound Hayride set, designed for fun, fun, fun!

This tractor comes with:

  • two hay wagons,
  • a farmer to drive the tractor
  • and four cute animals – a horse, cow, pig and sheep.

But what is the best part?

When the animals are placed into the right spots in the wagon, they actually make animal sounds!

The farmer sings “Old McDonald” when your one year old places him in the seat and pushes down on him.

The great thing about this John Deere tractor hayride toy is that the farmer and animals can be played with separately.

As well as that, other small characters from other toys can ride in the tractor and wagon, making this toy perfect for versatile play.

Why We Recommend The Tomy John Deere Animal Sound Hayride

  • Kids have fantastic fun playing with this tractor toy, farmer and animals!
  • Teaches your child about matching and cause and effect through placing the animals in the correct place
  • Encourages your child to engage more in imaginative play while pretending to be the farmer
  • You can combine this toy with other figurines your child may already have

Yiosion Push and Go Friction Powered Tractor Cars Construction Vehicle Set

If your 1 year old loves tractors and other types of vehicles, then they are going to love this colorful Yiosion Push and Go Friction Powered Tractor Cars Construction Vehicle Set!

This is a cute set of construction vehicles featuring a dump truck, cement mixer, bulldozer, and of course a cute tractor with a wagon attached.

These are push and go vehicles so that when your child pushes the vehicle, it will continue to go forward on its own.

All of the vehicles have moving parts, making it more fun for your toddler’s play.

Of course, because there are a few vehicles, your one year old can play with siblings or friends for even more fun!

The characters in this set are not removable, so there are no small pieces to get lost.

Why We Recommend The Vision Push and Go Friction Powered Tractor Cars Construction Vehicle Set

  • Extremely fun set of vehicles with tractor and wagon that kids will love
  • Smooth pull back and go motion for added fun and excitement!
  • Set comes with four vehicles, perfect for independent play or co-operative play with other children
  • Great for both indoor and outdoor play
  • Cute little characters in the vehicles

Battat Wonder Wheels Tractor And Trailer Combo

If your one year old loves tractors, then they are going to really enjoy playing with this beautiful Battat Wonder Wheels Tractor And Trailer Combo, full of character and quite appealing.

This is a great bright red and yellow tractor and trailer is made from recyclable plastic.

The trailer is detachable.

A really nice added feature is that there are steps going up to the door of the tractor which will enhance your child’s pretend play.

Your child will love putting small toys in the trailer and hauling them around.

There is no farmer character for the tractor, so your child can imagine that they are driving the tractor themselves.

Or they can place a little character belonging to other toy sets inside the cab of the tractor as the driver, allowing your toddler to mix and match toys.

Why We Recommend The Wonder Wheels Nattat Tractor and Trailer Combo

  • Fun tractor and trailer combo that kids have great fun playing with!
  • Your child can put small toys or any other objects into the trailer and haul them around for more fun!
  • Encourages your child to engage more in storytelling, pretend play and role playing
  • Helps your child develop fine and gross motor skills
    Durable as it’s made from recyclable plastic
  • Suitable for both indoor or outdoor play

Green Toys Tractor (Orange)

Green Toys are favorites of both children and parents and this Green Toys Orange Tractor toy is very popular with 1 year olds so makes the ideal gift!

This was one of the first style tractors we had on farms growing up, as back then, the tractors didn’t have cabs like they do now.

In some countries, this particular style is considered vintage and classic, so it’s wonderful to see it as a tractor toy children can play with.

Toddlers will enjoy loading up the trailer on the tractor and hauling different small objects around.

And they love that the little trailer is detachable so that they can empty their load!

Since the tractor doesn’t come with a driver, your child can pretend that they are driving the tractor themselves.

Or they can add a little figure from another toy set and pretend that’s the farmer!

Why We Recommend this Green Toys Orange Tractor and Trailer

  • A simple fun tractor and trailer toy that children adore playing with for hours on end!
  • Encourages your child to role play, pretending to be the farmer going to the market with their wares
  • Light weight makes it great for small children to hold and play with
  • Durable and holds up well to rough toddler play

Several parents shared that this tractor toy is adorable and perfect for outdoor rough play.

Orwine Inertia Push And Go Tractor & Other Vehicles Set

If you’re looking for a captivating tractor toy set for your 1 year old, then have a look at the Orwine Inertia Push And Go Tractor & Other Vehicles Set which toddlers love playing with!

This colorful plastic push and go vehicle set comes with a tractor with a trailer, a bulldozer, a dump truck and a cement mixer.

Your child will love these vehicles, because with a little push, the vehicles will go a long distance.

These toys all have working parts, can be played with inside or outside, and work well on low pile carpeting.

Your one year old will love making all the parts work, and carrying small toys around in the bed of the dump truck and the trailer for the tractor.

They will have great fun creating their own adventures and stories and there are enough toys to share with siblings and friends for shared play.

Why We Recommend The Orwine Inertia Push and Go Tractor Toy And Other Vehicles Set

  • Your child will love putting little items in the trailer on the tractor and delivering their load!
  • Great for learning color identification
  • Well-made and durable and quite compact
  • Helps your child improve their hand-eye coordination through play
  • Great toy to teach your child about sharing and cooperative play

Wooden Wheels Natural Beech Wood Tractor

If you are looking for a wooden tractor toy for your 2 year old, then this Wooden Wheels Natural Beech Wood Tractor is the perfect choice.

The tractor has articulated doors and hatches and low friction axles.

It even has smooth wooden wheels that roll along easily.

The wooden tractor is nicely painted and the perfect size for little hands.

Wood is sanded smooth, giving it an almost velvety feel, while making sure it’s perfectly safe for your child to hold and play with.

One of the things parents mentioned that they love about this tractor toy is that it’s so well made and can hold up well to rough play.

Why We Recommend The Wooden Wheels Natural Beech Wood Tractor

  • This cute tractor toy is designed to provide hours of simple fun for your child
  • Wheels are also made of wood, but smoothed out so they roll nicely
  • All natural materials used making it safe for your child
  • Sturdy and will really hold up well to rough play from any toddler
  • Helps develop your child’s motor skills through engaging play
  • Perfect size for little hands

The Best Tractor Toy Set for 3 Year Old

Boley Green Farm Tractor

If you’re looking for the perfect tractor toy for your 3 year old, then take a look at this magnificient Boley Green Farm Tractor Set, full of color and character!

This cute toddler tractor comes complete with flashing lights and sounds.

It does take 3AG13 (LR44) batteries.

The cute little farmer can come out of the tractor to attend other farming chores.

The tractor is easy to push, and the lights and sounds will transport children into a new world of imaginative play.

This little tractor is easy for your child to push and can be used both inside and out.

Why We Recommend The Boley Green Farm Tractor Toy

  • Kids just love this eye-catching colorful tractor toy and play with it for hours on end!
  • The lights and sounds will make your one year old giggle with delight and make their play more realistic
  • Your child will love that they can remove the farmer from the tractor to enhance their storytelling play
  • Buttons are easy for your little child to press by themselves

This cute tractor is designed to withstand the roughest of play from 3 year olds, giving you real value for money!

Frequently Asked Questions About Toy Tractors

Can One Year Olds Play with Tractor Toys?

Kids are never too young to play with tractor toys. High-quality, durable tractor toys can be an excellent way to encourage your child to role play and develop imagination.

However, always check each toy for its manufacturer-recommended age to ensure that your child plays with age-appropriate tractor toys.

How to Choose the Best Tractor Toys for Your Toddler?

When buying tractor toys for toddlers, consider your child’s safety in the first place.

Choose durable and sturdy toys of high-quality materials, with no loose or small parts.

Also, since younger toddlers still love exploring the world with their mouths, opt for washable toys and those labeled as non-toxic.

In addition, follow your child’s interests when choosing the best toys to encourage curiosity and learning.

My Toddler doesn’t Want to Share Tractor Toys with Friends. Should I be Concerned?

Parents may get upset when their children refuse to share or fight over toys with other children.

However, this is developmentally appropriate behavior.

Two and three year olds begin to understand the concepts of ownership and independence. So, they may have a hard time when it comes to sharing toys and playing with other children.

Explain the value of sharing and encourage imaginative play to help your child learn essential skills such as cooperation, self-regulation, empathy, and perseverance.

Which Tractor to Buy for 1, 2, and 3 Year Olds?

When choosing toys for children, the first things to consider are safety and age. When selecting a toy tractor for an infant, buy those with sounds, lights, and different textures to stimulate the child’s senses and encourage sensory development.

The best toy tractors for 2 and 3 year olds are those that spark creativity and imagination, help kids practice their language and cognitive skills. 

Are Tractor Toys good for kids?

Yes, tractor toys are great for kids!

They help kids understand where the food they eat comes from, and how it is prepared on the farm. These are good life skills for them.

Tractor toys could also instill in children a love for farming, which is a promising future career.

How can I clean the tractor toys after play?

If they’re wooden, use a spray bottle and a soft cloth to spray soapy water on the toy and wipe it off.

Avoid using too much water because wood will absorb it all, taking longer to dry and reducing the lifespan

For plastic toys, you can wipe with a clean cloth dipped in warm soapy water and then air dry.


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