Best Toys for Learning to Read and Write

These toys for learning to write and read are very popular and well rated.

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ThinkFun Zingo Sight Words Early Reading Game

If you’re looking for an easy to play educational toy for your 4 year old, then check out this ThinkFun Zingo Sight Words Early Reading Game!

Sight words are the words used most often everyday in the English language and sometimes children can find it hard to learn to spell these words. But sight words are important because they are part of the building blocks a child needs in order to become fluent at reading.

This awesome game is styled after Bingo.

It comes with a Zinger, seventy-two Zingo Sight Words tiles, six double-sided Zingo cards, instructions, and a learning guide.

To start the game, every player gets a Zingo card. The green side is easier and the red side is harder, so your child can start out with the easier side and progress to the red side as they improve.

The tiles with the sight words are placed inside the Zinger in two neat stacks. Your child then slides the Zinger forward and back, so that two tiles are showing on the tray.

Whoever has one of the words on the tray yells out the word. The first one to yell out the word gets the tile and places it on their Zingo card, covering that word on their card. It none of the players have the word on their Zingo cards for one or both tiles, then those tiles get put back into the slots at the top of the Zinger.

The first player to cover all the words on their Zingo card wins the game.

For a quicker version, you can play until someone covers only a few words, instead of all the words on their card. For more of a challenge, you can slide the Zinger faster and pick up the pace of the game.

Up to six people can play this award-winning game. Both kids and adults have fun playing Zingo Sight Words so it makes a great addition to family game night!

Why We Recommend The ThinkFun Zingo Sight Words Early Reading Games

  • Kids love the challenge of matching words from the Zinger to words on their cards!
  • Huge fun factor with this Zingo game and it will hold your child’s interest for hours
  • Can teach your child how to recognize important words we use everyday
  • Wonderful way to help improve your child’s reading fluency
  • Great way to teach kids word pronunciation and spelling
  • Sight words used in this award-winning game have been selected by leading educators
  • This game is filled with excitement and anticipation which kids really enjoy!
  • Helps your child engage more in cooperative play which enhances their social skills
  • Specially designed to help your child develop and improve their critical thinking skills
  • Allows kids to practice their matching skills, as they match the word on a tile with the word on their Zingo card
  • Kids love sliding the Zinger and watching the tiles come out
  • Durable and very well made so should last a long time
  • Suitable for up to six players so your child can play with others for even more fun and excitement
  • Great game for family game night!

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