Best Toys for Crawling Babies

Crawling is a big milestone for your baby.

It allows them to start exploring on their own, which opens up a whole new world for them.

To encourage them to crawl and eventually stand and walk, some of the best toys for crawling babies are toys that stimulate their senses and help to develop their fine motor skills.

Toys that your little one can chase, push, press buttons on, and interact with in any way are also wonderful at this stage.

And because crawling eventually leads to standing and walking, it’s a good idea to pick toys that go beyond the crawling stage; toys to help your baby stand and walk once they’re ready.

To make it easy for you to find great toys for your crawling baby, we’ve done the leg work.

We’ve sifted through tons of toys and made sure that the toys that made our list are the best of the best.

And you can be sure that all the toys on our list are safe, fun, and a great way to aid your little one’s development.

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A Word from a Psychologist

Written By: Psychologist Natasha Tanic

  • Toys for crawling stimulate the baby’s senses
  • Crawling toys encourage movement

Why Is Crawling Important?

Crawling is one of your child’s most important milestones in early development.

Of course, you should not be concerned if your little one does not crawl, as some kids simply skip this stage.

However, most children do crawl, so getting a toy to support this skill can be incredibly beneficial for your child’s development.

In addition to promoting a child’s gross and fine motor skills, toys for crawling babies engage their senses, encourage independence and curiosity, and boost a little one’s confidence. 

Top Toys That Encourage Crawling

Edushape Sensory Balls (Set of 4)

This set of Edushape Sensory Balls has 4 brightly colored, soft balls with a bumpy texture that makes them easy for little hands to grasp, roll, kick, and throw.

They’re made from non-toxic soft plastic, and each set includes a red, yellow, green, and blue ball.

Crawling babies love chasing these 4 inch balls all over the house and older kids enjoy playing with them too.

Not only are they are great crawling toy, these balls also help develop your little one’s fine motor and grasping skills, dexterity, and hand-eye coordination.

Parents like that these sensory balls are soft enough that they won’t cause any damage if played with inside the house.

They’re ideal for both inside and outside play.

And they’re easy to clean as you can just wipe them with a damp cloth.

These offer lots of fun for older infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.

Why We Recommend The Edushape Sensory Balls

  • These balls are brightly colored so will easily grab your baby’s attention
  • They have a nubby texture which makes them easy for small hands to grip and hold onto
  • Easy for babies to roll, kick, and throw, which helps develop their gross motor skills
  • Made from Phthalate and PVC free, non-toxic soft plastic
  • They’re inexpensive, making them a great choice for a shower gift or for any special occasion
  • Parents think they give you great value for your money

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Fisher Price Zoom ‘n Crawl Monster

If you’re looking for a fun toy that’s sure to entertain your infant and encourage them to crawl, check out the Fisher-Price Zoom ‘n Crawl Monster.

To accommodate your baby at different ages and stages, this cute little toy monster on has two different modes of play:

  • chase and crawl
  • stationary

The Zoom ‘n Crawl plays over 15 silly songs, sounds, and phrases, and as your little one feeds the 5 colorful balls into the monster’s mouth, the balls spin around and then get spit out.

When you set it to the chase and crawl mode, it will roll around the room on its own and automatically spins and changes directions when it bumps into something.

And to add to your infant’s sensory experience…

…it has a fun roller bar on the front and a soft tuft of hair on its head.

Crawling infants love to chase after this perky little monster and try to put the balls back into him.

They also enjoy playing with the balls separately by rolling, kicking, and throwing them.

This delightful toy rolls best on hard surfaces and comes with 4 ‘C’ demo batteries. 

Some parents said their child was a bit afraid of the monster at first, but quickly learned to love it and enjoy playing with it.

Why We Recommend The Fisher-Price Zoom ‘n Crawl Monster

  • This Zoom ‘n Crawl monster provides hours of fun for older infants and toddlers
  • The spinning balls fascinate kids and they enjoy playing with the balls separately
  • Infants and toddlers love crawling and chasing after this adorable little toy monster
  • It plays over 15! fun songs, sounds, and phrases

Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball

The Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball is a fun and colorful ball that’s perfect for infants who are sitting up and starting to crawl.

An excellent sensory toy, this awesome ball has a bunch of chunky bumps that are made up of different textured material.

And as an added bonus, there are beads trapped inside two of the bumps and they make noise when your baby plays with it, which kids love.

Not only is this bumpy ball great for stimulating your baby’s senses, it’s also an ideal way to help strengthen their fingers and hands.

Plus the bright contrasting colors can also help improve your baby’s focus.

The Sassy Developmental Bumpy ball is a safe, fun way to encourage your child explore their environment, while at the same time helping their developmental growth.

Whether they’re crawling after it, rolling, kicking, or throwing this ball, your child will have tons of fun with it!

Why We Recommend The Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball

  • This developmental ball offers your child a variety of types of sensory stimulation
  • It’s lots of fun to chase after and play with!
  • From grasping to rolling to kicking to throwing, each time your child plays with this ball they will be developing their motor skills
  • All of the bumps are a different texture and color
  • The beads trapped inside rattle around and make noise

Skip Hop Explore and More Roll Around Rattle Toy Hedgehog

If you’re looking for a simple toy that your little one will find amusing and fun, this Skip Hop Explore And More Roll Around Rattle Hedgehog may just fit the bill.

Not only do kids love rolling this adorable little hedgehog around, they also enjoy using it as a teether.

Plus the beads on the front roll around on the bar, making a fun noise.

BPA, PVC, and Phalate free, it has a cute little heart-shaped face. The body is soft, flexible rubber with lots of holes to make it easy for your baby to grasp.

Although it’s a very simple toy, lots of parents are surprised by how fascinated infants and toddlers are by this roly poly rattling hedgehog.

Babies love rolling or throwing it and then crawling after it so they can pick it up and shake it or chew on it.

Recommended for kids 3 months and up, this little toy is easy to clean by wiping with a damp cloth.

Why We Recommend The Skip Hop Explore And More Roll Around Rattle Hedgehog

  • It’s lots of fun to chase after and play with!
  • Great way to encourage your baby to crawl around
  • It’s a simple toy that allows your child lots of opportunity for open ended play
  • Teething infants love gnawing on it
  • The holes in the hedgehog’s body make it easy for infants to grasp and hold
  • Parents like that it’s small enough to easily fit into a diaper bag
  • Infants who are a little older enjoy throwing or rolling this ball and then crawling after it

VTech Wiggle and Crawl Ball

You’ll enjoy watching your little one crawl after the delightful VTech Wiggle and Crawl Ball as it wiggles, wobbles, and rolls its way across the floor!

This brightly colored ball is a wonderful way to provide your child with lots of different types of stimulation.

It has 6 cute animals, including a turtle, a dog, a bunny, a bear, a bird, and a cat.

Your child can spin, slide, or twist the animals to discover how to move them.

It’s a super fun, interactive toy that can help introduce infants and toddlers to colors, numbers, counting, and animal names and sounds.

It’s a great way for kids to improve their hand-eye coordination, grasping, and motor skills.

Parents love that it has a volume control.

This ball requires 3 AA batteries (included), and although it will roll on carpet, it rolls best on smooth floors, such as hardwood or laminate.

Recommended for kids 6 months to 3 years, most parents said that the VTech ball not only encourages their child to crawl, but also keeps them giggling and entertained for hours!

Why We Recommend The VTech Wiggle and Crawl Ball

  • Babies find this ball extremely entertaining and love crawling after it!
  • This Wiggle and Crawl Ball is very educational, helping kids learn to recognize numbers and colors, as well as animals names and sounds
  • The fact that this ball moves on its own will make your child want to chase it, which encourages them to crawl
  • Twisting, turning, and spinning any one of the 6 cute animals can help develop your little one’s fine motor skills
  • Kids love the flashing lights and bright colors
  • For even more fun, it has over 45 songs, melodies, sounds, and phrases

Baby Einstein Roller Pillar Activity Balls

These Baby Einstein Roller Pillar Activity Balls are a lot of fun and a great way to encourage your baby to crawl!

Cute as cute can be, each of the 5 balls in this set will provide your baby with a delightful sensory experience.

The yellow ball looks like an adorable caterpillar head and it lights up when your little drops it, thumps it on the floor, or bangs it on something.

This is the only one that requires a battery (included) and although parents like that the battery life is good, they don’t like that there’s no way to replace the battery once it dies.

Two of the other balls make fun rattling noises when shaken.

One has a sweet red bird sitting in a little nest, and the other one has a picture of a charming puppy that spins around when the ball rolls.

These sensory balls are the perfect size for little hands to grasp, throw, roll, and bang together.

With all the different types of sensory stimulation they provide, your little one will love crawling after these balls.

Recommended for kids 5 months and up, these colorful balls are sure to grab your child’s attention and they’ll enjoy playing with them in different ways.

Parents like that these balls are simple and fun for babies, and kids love making the caterpillar head light up and quickly learn how to do so.

These Baby Einstein Activity Balls make a great gift for any special occasion, such as a baby shower or Christmas.

Why We Recommend The Baby Einstein Roller Pillar Activity Balls

  • Kids love that the caterpillar head lights up when that ball is dropped, thumped, or gets banged on something
  • Bright colors are appealing to infants and toddlers
  • Great way to encourage your baby to crawl
  • They provide your infant with different types of sensory stimulation
  • These activity balls are the ideal size for small hands to grasp, hold, roll, throw and bang together
  • Wonderful way to help develop your baby’s grasping and fine motor skills

Melissa & Doug K’s Kids Pull Back Soft Vehicle Set

This Melissa & Doug K’s Kids Pull Back Soft Vehicle Set is the perfect vehicle set for older babies and toddlers.

This soft and lightweight vehicle set features four vehicles:

  • A bus,
  • a car,
  • a fire truck,
  • and a police car.

Each vehicle is stuffed with cloth, except for the wheels, and you also get a convenient carry case to make transport and storage easy.

To make these vehicles go, all your child has to do is pull them back and release.

The pull and release function is extremely easy for older infants and your child will love pulling them back, letting them go and then crawling after them.

Parents like that the fact that the wheels on these vehicles are easily removed (they attach with Velcro), and the bodies of the vehicles can then be washed.

While they work well on carpet, they work even better on smooth hard floors.

Kids of all ages are fascinated with vehicles and this bright and cheerful soft vehicle set would make a great addition to your little one’s toy collection.

Why We Recommend The Melissa & Doug K’s Kids Pull Back Soft Vehicle Set

  • Babies find this cute vehicle set fun and love playing with them and even chewing on them
  • Great toys to help encourage your infant to crawl
  • Parents like that these vehicles are soft and squeezable
  • They’re colorful and sure to capture your child’s attention
  • Great way to teach your child cause and effect, as they learn that if they pull them back and release them, these vehicles will roll on their own
  • They’re very easy to clean
  • They come with a convenient carry case for easy transport and storage

VTech Lil’ Critters Roll And Discover Ball

The VTech Lil’ Critters Roll And Discover Ball is a colorful fun ball that’s covered in soft material and decorated with numbers and cute characters.

It has a motion sensor that triggers fun music and sounds when the ball is rolled, kicked, or shaken. Plus your little one can push the star to hear about animals and numbers.

There are tags sticking out all over the ball that make it easy for your infant to grasp, pull, and throw this awesome sensory ball.

Babies enjoy crawling after this ball and chasing it as it rolls away singing happy little songs.

And of course, they love pushing the star so they can make the ball talk to them, telling them about numbers and animal names and sounds.

Kids who are old enough to sit up like rolling the ball to someone else and having them roll it back.

Parents like that it has a hidden on/off switch so you can turn off the sound if you want to. They also like that this ball is soft and visually appealing.

It’s recommended for kids 6 months-2 years old and requires 2 AAA batteries.

Although demo batteries are included, it’s recommended you install new batteries before your little one plays with it.

A fun and educational toy, this VTech Lil’ Critters Ball is a great way to encourage infants to crawl and it’s very entertaining for toddlers too.

Why We Recommend The VTech Lil’ Critters Roll And Discover Ball

      • Wonderful toy to encourage your baby to crawl
      • Rolling and kicking this ball can improve your infant’s gross motor skills
      • The tags sticking out all over the ball make it easy for your baby to grasp, throw, and pull this sensory ball
      • Wonderful toy to help develop your infant’s early language skills
      • When your child plays with this ball with parents and siblings, they are developing basic socialization skills and learning how to share
      • Hidden on/off switch!

Why We Recommend The VTech Lil’ Critters Roll And Discover Ball

  • Wonderful toy to encourage your baby to crawl
  • Rolling and kicking this ball can improve your infant’s gross motor skills
  • The tags sticking out all over the ball make it easy for your baby to grasp, throw, and pull this sensory ball
  • Wonderful toy to help develop your infant’s early language skills
  • When your child plays with this ball with parents and siblings, they are developing basic socialization skills and learning how to share
  • Hidden on/off switch!

LeapFrog Count & Crawl Number Kitty

The LeapFrog Count & Crawl Number Kitty is a fun and educational toy that will entice your baby to crawl and chase after it.

This cute musical toy has a learning mode and a music mode.

  • In the learning mode, your little one will hear numbers and fun songs about counting.
  • In music mode, your child will hear different musical notes, silly sounds, and entertaining songs.

The Count And Crawl Number Kitty is easy to roll and your infant will be treated to cheerful catchy tunes while it rolls across the floor.

Your child can also sit this colorful kitty up on its hind legs and spin the ball of yarn that’s between its paws to hear a couple of fun songs.

Measuring about 1 ½ feet long and about 6 inches high, it requires 3 AAA batteries (included) and has two volume levels + an on/off switch.

An ideal toy to encourage your little one to crawl, this LeapFrog push toy is also a great way to develop your child’s fine motor skills and introduce them to numbers and counting.

Why We Recommend The Leap Frog Count & Crawl Number Kitty

  • It can help your child recognize numbers and learn to count
  • Kids enjoy pushing this kitty around, which encourages them to crawl
  • The fun songs the kitty plays are geared towards young children, helping them to develop an early love of music
  • This toys is well made and is sure to hold up for years of use

Frequently Asked Questions About Crawling Toys

My Baby is Not Crawling. Should I be Concerned?

Although many parents and child experts consider crawling a significant milestone in early development, not all babies crawl. And this is entirely normal. 

Most babies start crawling between 6 and 12 months, but some children never crawl at all. As long as your baby is interested in showing their surroundings and develops well otherwise, there is no reason to be concerned.

As always, you may want to consult a healthcare professional about your baby’s individual development.

How Can I Encourage my Baby to Crawl?

To encourage crawling, give your regular tummy time from the earliest days.

Then, provide a comfortable and safe space to explore and buy your child toys for crawling to spark their interest in movement and exploration. 

Crawling toys can promote essential motor skills such as balance, coordination, speed, and muscle strength.

In addition, toys for crawling babies encourage sensory development, independence, and confidence. 

Are crawling knee pads good for kids?

Because babies crawl on floors that could at times be rough or cold for them, it is fine to get knee pads for them.

Knee pads protect their knees all around, hence reducing the risk of injury for your little one!

Should I let my baby crawl on hardwood floors?

Contrary to what most parents think, hardwood floors are excellent for crawling babies!

When a surface is too soft – like most carpets – they make it difficult for babies to move.

So, just keep the hardwood floor clean and let your little one enjoy crawling!

How do I ensure my baby is safe at home while crawling?

To make your home safe for a crawling baby, get quality baby gates to confine the baby in a designated area.

Ensure there are no tiny objects, plugs and cords within the child’s reach.

It’s also advisable to tuck sharp corners with cushioning pads.

Oh, and don’t forget to lock those cabinets!

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