Best Toys & Gifts for 2 Year Olds

Are you looking for the best toys for 2 year olds? We’ve got you covered!

Here is our top list of highly rated toys for 2 year old girls and boys.

We’ve added a selection of gender neutral toys towards the end of the article too.

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Top 3 Toys for 2 Year Olds

Our top pick: LEGO DUPLO All-in-One Pink Box of Fun

This mid sized LEGO set is high quality open ended toy that will last for years!

Second place:  Melissa & Doug Deluxe Jumbo Cardboard Blocks 

Third place:  Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon

Fisher Price Little People Skyway

Standing over 3 feet tall, this Fisher Price Little People Skyway will give your toddler tons of playtime fun!

Cars have always been popular toys for 2 year old boys and this set is no exception.

Did you know that toy car play can even help with STEM learning

The Skyway has one entrance at the top and that’s where your little speedster will start their car and watch it zoom down one of 3 different ramps!

The flip of a switch changes the path the cute cars take each time and your child can either flip a switch manually or it will be done automatically for a fun surprise finish.

And if your son’s car goes down the middle ramp, he’ll delight in seeing it soar through the air as it jumps off the bottom of the track!

In addition to the thrilling ramps, this colorful Little people Skyway comes with 2 cool cars – Koby and Tessa, a working construction crane, a traffic signal, a gas pump, a parking meter and gates that opens and closes.

So there’s no shortage of things for your little guy to do and see when he’s playing with this awesome Little People playset!

Why We Recommend The Fisher Price Little People Skyway

  • Great way to improve your toddler’s dexterity
  • Teaches your child about cause and effect as they learn how flipping different switches causes the cars to do different things
  • Can use other Little People Wheelies as well as Hot Wheels and other cars on the tracks, making the Skyway very versatile
  • Allows your child to engage in imaginative play for hours at a time
  • Helps improve your child’s hand-eye coordination
  • A great toy to help your child expand their vocabulary and knowledge about cars as you can teach them all about the parts of the cars and track
  • Parents love the fact that this toy doesn’t require any batteries but provides hours of entertainment
  • The Skyway is easy to assemble
  • It’s sturdy and very durable so will last a long time and can be passed down from child to child

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VTech Smart Shots Sports Center

Your 2 year old boy will love this Vtech Smart Shots Sports Center!

It combines both a soccer net and basketball hoop and includes a small soccer ball and basketball for each game.

This sports center has an LED scoreboard and introduces different sounds, shapes, numbers, songs and phrases. It does take 3AA batteries in order to work the scoreboard and sound.

VTech educational toys are some of the best learning toys around and this VTech Smart Shots Sports Center gets top rating from consumers.

Suitable for both girls and boys, this VTech toy is a wonderful gift idea for any two year old boy.

Why We Recommend The VTech Smart Shots Sports Center

  • It’s a lot of fun!
  • Increases your child’s motor skills as they learn to shoot baskets or score soccer goals
  • Will keep your child occupied for long periods of time
  • It’s lightweight and easy to move around
  • Easy to assemble
  • The lights, sounds, and noises made by this VTech toy keep your toddler laughing and learning
  • Two balls are included and they can be used with the toy or on their own, giving this toy even more versatility
  • Scoreboard will help teach your child how to keep count
  • Over fifty songs, sounds and phrases for your child to learn as they become more familiar with this sports center
  • Teaches your child cause and effect as when they score with either the soccer ball or the basketball, the scoreboard lights up and increases the score
  • Introduces your toddler to competitive play
  • This is a toy that all the family can be involved in

Best Toys for 2 Year Old Girls

At age 2, your little girl is a bundle of energy and fun and she’s becoming even more curious about what’s going on in the world around her.

She’s more mobile, always on the go, is eager to try new things, and she’s ready for new adventures.

Her imaginary world fascinates her and makes her happy, as does pulling, dragging, pushing, and building things.

She just loves pretend play, and it’s a whole lot more fun for her when you participate or when her siblings or friends do. From hosting her own creative tea parties to cooking up a storm in her play kitchen, your precious little princess loves to mimic what mommy and daddy do.

With all of that in mind, we’ve hand-picked some of the best toys for a 2 year old girls.

Fisher Price My First Dollhouse

The adorable Fisher Price My First Dollhouse makes a wonderful first dollhouse for any two year old toddler!

With 3 levels and 5 rooms, your daughter will have plenty of space for all her playtime adventures.

This Fisher Price Dollhouse comes with a family that includes Mom, Dad and Baby.

Other accessories included are a kitchen table, 2 chairs, a toilet with a seat that goes up and down and a one-piece kitchen set that includes a fridge, oven and sink.

The 5 rooms can be set up however your toddler wants so there are plenty of mix and match possibilities.

That being said, the one disappointment that some parents expressed about this cute little Dollhouse is that it’s really hard to get extra furniture and what is available is really expensive.

So if you’re looking for something your little girl can add to as time goes by, this probably isn’t the dollhouse for you. 

And that’s precisely why we say it’s a fantastic first dollhouse. But lots of kids got creative when they wanted more to play with and used Little People or Playmobil characters and accessories which fit just fine.

Its compact size means that this Fisher Price Dollhouse won’t take up much storage space.

If you’re wondering what to get your 2 yr old daughter for Christmas or on her birthday, this gorgeous dollhouse could be just what you’re looking for.

Why We Recommend The Fisher Price My First Dollhouse

  • Wonderful way to encourage pretend play and role playing in your toddler
  • Helps improve your child’s dexterity
  • Dolls and furniture are the ideal size for little hands and are easy to play with
  • It’s easy to assemble and move from room to room
  • Encourages your child to speak more and improve their vocabulary
  • This Fisher Price Dollhouse doesn’t use batteries; it runs simply on your little one’s imagination
  • Can help teach your child about cooperative play and sharing if they play with it with siblings or friends
  • All the figurines bend so they can actually sit on the chairs
  • Although additional My First Dollhouse accessories are hard to come by, characters and furniture from other playsets such as Playmobil and Little People fit this dollhouse nicely
  • The dollhouse is made from sturdy plastic and built to last so it will grow with your child until they are ready for a larger dollhouse

Melissa & Doug Mine to Love 12″ Brianna Doll

The Melissa & Doug Mine to Love 12″ Brianna Doll has a super soft body, vinyl hands and feet and a gorgeous face with long silky hair.

Her cute two piece outfit is removable and she can open and close her eyes. Brianna comes with a pacifier which she can suck and she can also suck her thumb. Your 2 year old girl can either sit her up or lie her down.

A wonderful doll to carry around and play with, this Mine To Love doll is soft and cuddly and makes a great gift for your toddler at Christmas or on her birthday.

Why We Recommend The Melissa And Doug Brianna Doll

  • Brianna is soft and easy for any 2 year old toddler to carry around
  • Her gorgeous long hair can be brushed and arranged in different hairstyles which is lots of fun for your child
  • She comes with a pacifier that little kids love placing in Brianna’s mouth. Your daughter will also learn that Brianna can suck her thumb!
  • A great doll for role-playing and imaginative play
  • This Melissa And Doug Doll helps your child develop and improve their fine and gross motor skills
  • Brianna can help your child improve and expand their vocabulary as they’ll love to talk to her
  • This Mine To Love doll is extremely durable and made to last
  • She’s surface washable

Gender Neutral Toys for 2 year Olds

Some toys just don’t deserve to be labeled as boys only or girls only. Who says that boys should play with just cars and girls with just dolls? Nobody!

Here are gender neutral toys that all children can enjoy. 

Melissa And Doug Stacking Train

Most small children love trains, and this Melissa And Doug Stacking Train offers your 2 year old boy double the fun because it’s both a train and a stacking toy!

This neat little toy consists of a 3 flat railway cars with pegs and fifteen brightly colored stacking blocks of various shapes that are designed to fit on the pegs.

The cars are detachable so your toddler can make the train shorter or play with individual railway cars.

The blocks themselves can also be used on their own for stacking, sorting and building so the creative possibilities are endless.

This enjoyable Stacking Train has wheels that actually roll.

Your child will love loading up the blocks and rolling this little wooden train all around the house!

An ideal gift for any occasion, any two year old boy or a girl will get hours of enjoyment from this entertaining stacking toy.

Why We Recommend The Melissa And Doug Stacking Train

  • Helps your child with sorting, color and shape recognition
  • Can be used to help your toddler with their counting skills
  • Helps develop your little one’s hand-eye coordination
  • Sturdy and well made so will last a long time and can be passed down from child to child
  • Wonderful way to develop your child’s fine motor skills
  • Because the blocks can be placed on different pegs, this helps your child’s development of early building and problem solving skills
  • The colorful multi-shaped blocks can be used on their own for stacking, sorting and building all kinds of things

Little Tikes Rocking Horse (Magenta)

Your 2 year old toddler will have a blast rockin’ out on the Little Tikes Rocking Horse!

This toy rocking horse is ideal for play inside and outside which means she can play on it almost anywhere.

Designed with safety in mind, the rounded edges ensure she won’t get hurt and the seat will keep her upright no matter how hard she rocks.

Its compact size means it won’t take up much space indoors and makes it easy to throw in your vehicle and take with you wherever you go.

The horse also has easy to grip handles and will accommodate children up to 50 pounds.

The wide rocker bottom makes this rocking horse very stable and it’s available in blue and magenta, making it ideal for both girls and boys.

Made in the USA, this cute little rocking horse stands 19″ high and is the perfect gift idea for your two year old daughter.

Why We Recommend The Little Tikes Rocking Horse

  • Toddlers love riding it!
  • It’s low enough to the ground that most kids that are walking fairly well can get on and off this toy rocking horse by themselves
  • The wide base makes this horse very stable
  • A great toy for imaginative, pretend play
  • It will keep your toddler totally engaged
  • Your daughter will love the rocking motion and she’ll love having her very own little horse
  • An excellent toy for helping your toddler improve their coordination and balance
  • Helps your child develop and improve their fine and gross motor skills
  • Won’t take up much room indoors
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable and built to last so can be passed down from child to child

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Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball Set

This awesome Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball Set is a great way for your toddler to have fun and get some exercise!

There are two versions available – one version comes with 1 basketball and the other one comes with 3 basketballs.

In addition to the basketball, the EasyScore also comes with a net and backboard stand that adjusts from 2 to 4 feet.

There are 6 adjustable heights settings so this basketball set will grow with your child and last for at least 2 or 3 years.

The net rim is over-sized to make scoring those points easier and the base can be filled with sand to make the whole system more stable.

It’s also small enough to use indoors so your toddler can play hoops in the basement or playroom.

Like all Little Tikes products, this set is incredibly durable and once your child outgrows it, you’ll be able to hand it down to younger siblings or even sell it and get some of your money back.

Why We Like The Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball Set

  • Helps improve your child’s hand-eye coordination
  • Grows with your child – easy to adjust the height
  • Great way for your child to get some exercise
  • Develops your toddler’s motor skills
  • Over-sized rim makes scoring baskets easy
  • Durable and built to last
  • Perfect size for toddlers
  • Can be used inside or outside
  • Very stable when base is filled with sand

Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube

The Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube is a wonderful way to introduce your 2 year old girl to the world of classical music!

This Magic Cube offers her a choice of 5 instrument sounds: harp, French horn, piano, flute, and violins.

She can add in or take out any of those instruments sounds with the push of a button and there’s one button that will let her hear all the instruments playing at once.

There are a total of 8 Mozart masterpieces for your little girl to listen to and enjoy.

The buttons on every side are easy for your toddler to push and she’ll be fascinated when some of the sides flash and light up in time to the tempo of the music.

The soft round corners make this Magic Cube safe for your little girl whether she’s holding it, rolling it or carrying it around.

The adjustable volume control is something parents will enjoy.

Ideal for encouraging interactive and artistic play, don’t be surprised if older kids and adults also like playing with this fun Munchkin toy!

3 AA batteries are required and are included. 

Why We Recommend The Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube

  • The Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube can help improve your child’s auditory skills
  • Helps develop your child’s sense of rhythm and tempo
  • It has a volume adjustment control with two volume settings
  • Great interactive toy as your child can roll, flip or push the ball around
  • Rounded corners make this toy safe for young kids to hold and play with
  • Kids love watching some of the sides light up and flash in time to the tempo of the music
  • Helps develop your child’s appreciation of music at an early age
  • Easy to keep clean

How Many of Mozart’s Works do You Know? has listed 7 of his most famous works

Moving and Walking Toys for 2 Year Olds

Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon

The award-winning Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon is a fun and safe toy that your toddler will love pushing all around the house!

The ‘resist push’ feature ensures that kids who are a bit more unsteady on their feet won’t go too fast.

The plastic wheels click when they turn, are non-skid, and don’t swivel, which makes this push wagon easier for your toddler to keep on course.

Everything about this Radio Flyer push wagon is built to last.

Right from the solid wood body to the sturdy chrome handlebar that’s just the right size for your daughter to hold on to.

It even has a molded plastic front bumper designed to protect your furniture from minor mishaps.

Measuring 22″ long X 15″ wide X 12″ high, your child will enjoy hauling around toys, stuffed animals or other goodies in the wagon bed.

Why We Recommend The Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon

  • Kids love that they can either push it or be pushed around in it
  • The wheels are non-skid and they don’t swivel, making this wagon safe and easy to keep on course
  • The wooden side slats are removable, giving your child even more room in the wagon bed
  • Sturdy and well built so it can be passed down from child to child
  • Kids love the clicking sound the wheels make when they turn
  • Not too difficult to assemble
  • Can be used on all types of floor surfaces inside

Did you know that…

Radio Flyer Company was founded in 1917?

There are a lot of ways how toddlers can play with a wagon?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Toy for a Two Year Old?

Toddlers use toys not only to play but to learn about the world around them. Every new color, shape, sound, and texture is a unique learning opportunity for a young child.

Providing age-appropriate and safe toys for toddlers helps develop their senses and learn about their surroundings.

Some of the must-haves for toddlers include 

  • music toys
  • shape sorters
  • cause and effect toys
  • dolls
  • dollhouses
  • trucks
  • climbers
  • play gyms 
  • puzzles
  • farm toys and sets
  • constructions blocks and sets

Toys like blocks help kids develop hand-eye coordination, problem-solving skills and creative thinking. 

Are Books a Good Gift for Two Year Olds? 

Reading books to toddlers helps them reach language and speech milestones.

In addition, when reading together with adults, children learn about emotional expression, self-regulation, empathy and other significant social and emotional skills. 

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