Best Toy Farm Sets with Animals

Are you looking for the best toy farm sets with animals and tractors?

A Word from a Psychologist

Written By: Psychologist Natasha Tanic

  • Toy farm sets encourage sharing and cooperation 
  • Animal sets promote language and vocabulary

The Importance of Sharing

While many parents are worried about their toddler’s reluctance to share toys, difficulty sharing with others is a normal part of child development. 

However, toys such as farm sets with animals can help teach your toddler to share toys grow up into a generous and compassionate person. 

Encourage your child to share farm sets with animals with siblings and other kids.

You can also play with your child and show them how to take turns, be patient, and cooperate while playing. 

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Green Toys Farm Playset

If you’re keen to get an environmentally friendly toy farm for your toddler, the look no further than this Green Toys Farm Playset.

Made in the USA from recycled milk jugs, this playset gives your child lots to play with.

It includes an eye-catching red and white barn, a cute little pickup truck, two farmers, a couple of sheep, a pig, a hog, some fences, and a hog shed.

There’s everything your toddler needs for all kinds of interactive imaginary play time!

This is a wonderful starter farm toy playset for your child.

They’ll have tons of fun setting up their very own farm and creating their own farming adventures and stories.

Your child can load the animals into the back of the truck and take them to market, open and close the barn doors, set up a corral for the sheep and pigs using the fencing, and much more.

All the pieces are printed with soy inks, and dishwasher safe.

And when play time is over, everything fits neatly inside the barn for quick and easy clean up and storage.

The amount of pretend play fun your little one can have with this awesome farm toy is limited only by their imagination!

Why We Recommend The Green Toys Farm Playset

  • Toddlers love pretending to round up the sheep and pigs!
  • Kids love the little pickup truck and enjoy driving the animals around
  • Lots of pieces for your child to interact and play with
  • Fires up your toddler’s imagination as they pretend to fun their own farm
  • Great way to help improve your child’s fine motor skills, dexterity and hand-eye coordination
  • Perfect interactive toy for both independent and shared play
  • Can be used for educational purposes to teach your child all about farms and farm animals
  • Great way to help your toddler learn about numbers and colors
  • Made from recycled materials and is BPA and Phthalate FREE
  • Very sturdy, durable, and made from non toxic high quality material
  • Made in the USA


Big Red Barn Animal Farm Playset with Animals

This Battat Big Red Barn Animal Farm Play Set is a great way for your toddler to have lots of pretend play fun!

The doors of the bright red barn open and close. The set comes with:

  • a cute little farmer
  • a cow
  • a horse a sheep
  • and a pig

All the pieces are the ideal size for small hands to hold and play with, and your toddler will have lots of fun moving all the animals around.

There’s a hayloft with an open window and a feeding trough, so your child can make sure all their animals are fed and cared for.

It also opens up during play, giving your toddler access to every area of the barn and double the space to play in.

And when play time is over, all the pieces fit inside the barn and it closes for easy clean up and storage.

Plus there’s a convenient handle on top, making it easy to move this toy from room to room.

  • Recommended for kids 18 months old and up
  • It measures 13.5” X 9” X12”.

It’s a great way for your toddler to develop their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and dexterity.

Why We Recommend The Battat Big Red Barn Animal Farm Play Set

  • This cute farm play set offers toddlers hours of pretend play fun!
  • Comes with a farmer and 4 animals
  • Kids love that they can open and close the barn doors
  • All the pieces are just the right size for small hands to hold and play with
  • Great way for your toddler to develop their fine motor skills, dexterity, and hand-eye coordination
  • The cute animals will help your child learn to recognize different farm animals
  • Wonderful way to encourage your toddler to engage in pretend play and role playing
  • Barn opens up, giving your child twice the space to play in
  • BPA and Phthalate free.
  • Everything fits inside for easy clean up and storage
  • Convenient carry handle on top
  • This barn is well built and designed to stand up to the rigorous play of toddlers

Fisher-Price Little People Farm Animal Friends

If your toddler is into farms or farm animals, then this Fisher-Price Little People Farm Animal Friends makes a great gift.

This farm toys accessory set has 9 adorable animals including a turkey, a pig, a sheep, a duck, a goat, a bunny, a donkey, a Llama, and a horse.

These cute little animal play figurines are safe for toddlers and highly detailed.

They make a perfect addition to any Little People farm set, as topper decorations for a birthday cake, stocking stuffers or as reward gifts.

Recommended for children age 1 to 5 years, parents find these animals suitable for slightly younger children who love animals.

Parents are thrilled when their child learns to name and make the sounds of each animal in this set.

The chunky design of these little animals make them easy for small children to grasp.

Your child will enjoy scattering these animals around their farm, feeding them, running them around the farm, riding them in trailers and any other activities that springs to their active imaginations.

These Little People Farm Animal Friends are perfect for toddlers who love animals or are little farmers or vets at heart!

Why We Recommend The Little People Farm Animal Friends

  • These 9 little animals are extremely simple and fun for your child
  • Set offers your toddler a nice variety of animals to play with
  • While these animals are not exactly ‘realistic’, they are easily recognizable and cute as cute can be
  • Incredibly durable and will stand up to years of play
  • A little dish soap wash and a good rinse will keep these animals clean and free from germs for your little one
  • Help your child stretch their imagination and creative play
  • Use with a farm, or play with in a tub or in the sandbox

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do toy farm sets cost?

Toy farm sets can have a wide variety of cost.

This is because their size, quality, and amount of toys included varies greatly from toy set to toy set.

You can find a small set for less than $30 and a large one for more than a $100.

Usually brand name is a guarantee that the toy set lasts. Fisher- Price and Schleich are always safe options.


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