Best Climbing Toys for Toddlers Who are Adventurous And Fearless!

Toddlers love to explore, crawl, and climb! And what better way to encourage their adventurous ways than to provide them with some of the best toddler climbing toys for indoor and outdoor use?

Climbing toys will help your toddler strengthen their leg muscles, improve their gross motor skills, expand their imaginative and creative play, and encourage them to role play.

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Most importantly, climbing toys are fun for toddlers and they can keep them actively engaged for hours.

With that in mind, our team has carried out extensive research and, keeping safety and fun at the forefront, we’ve picked some of the best climbing toys for a young toddler to enjoy!

Top 3 Climbing Toys

Our top pick: Game Time Sports Climber and Slide – This set comes with various activities for your toddler to do, including a hoop.

Second Place:  Play Ball Fun Climber With Slide For Toddlers – This set comes with stairs, a slider, a crawl space, and 10 playballs that zigzag through a maze.

Third Place: FDP SoftScape Playtime and Climb Multipurpose Soft Foam Playset – This set comes with 6 colorful pieces perfect for toddlers to play with, climb and even stack.

Perfect size for babies who are learning to crawl.

A Word from a Psychologist

Written By: Psychologist Natasha Tanic

  • Climbing toys help children learn about safe risk-taking 
  • Climbers for toddlers boost confidence

How Climbing Toys Contribute to Early Development?

Climbing toys for toddlers promote physical agility, curiosity, and enthusiasm. They allow adventurous and fearless toddlers to explore and burn energy. 

Climbing toys are wonderful to play with friends and build communication, cooperation, and turn-taking skills. 

However, climbers also encourage toddlers’ creativity and imagination as they allow them to engage in pretend play with friends and siblings.

Like other outdoor toys and equipment, climbing toys foster the development of gross motor skills, helping toddlers master their coordination, balance, strength, and speed. 

Editor’s Choice 

Here’s why the Step2 Game Time Sports Climber and Slide is one of the top climbing toys for a toddler:

  • Toddlers love all the different games and activities this climbing toy provides!
  • Great way to help your toddler improve their motor skills and hand-eye coordination
  • Comes with a climber/ladder, a slide, a basketball hoop, and a couple of ball toss holes/crawl through spaces
  • Ideal for indoor or outdoor play
  • Encourages your toddler to be adventurous and can help build their confidence
  • Durable and designed to last, so it will grow with your child

Constructive Playthings 5 Piece Lightweight Vinyl Soft Play Forms

This Constructive Playthings Vinyl Soft Play Foams comes in a 5 piece set consisting of a ramp, a rectangle, a square, a cylinder and a half cylinder.

Made with bright primary colors, these foams are extremely lightweight so that toddlers can move them around on their own to construct different variations to climb, sit and stand on.

The square measures 16” X 8,” the rectangle measures 16” X 8” X 8,” the ramp measures 24” X 16” 8” at the top the cylinder measures 16” X 8” with a 25” circumference while the half cylinder measures 16” X 16” X 8”.

Recommended for toddlers age 1 year and up, these foams will help them start to develop some basic building skills as well as gross motor skills, through crawling and climbing.

These foams can be used alone or combined with other toys to build forts or make an obstacle course to climb on, crawl over, or even just to sit on while watching television.

These soft play foams for toddlers are a fun way to give your toddler a safe outlet for their desire to climb and to explore.

Why We Recommend The Constructive Playthings 5 Piece Vinyl Soft Play Foams

  • Fantastic fun for toddlers to use and play with for hours on end!
  • Foams are lightweight making them easy for toddlers to move
  • Easy to clean, just use a damp cloth to wipe these vinyl foams clean
  • Designed to be sturdy and to hold up to the rough and tumble play of children
  • Will help your toddler improve their gross motor skills through climbing and crawling
  • Encourages your child to engage in all types of imaginative and creative play
  • Extremely versatile and able to be formed into different crawling and climbing formats
  • As your toddler gets older, they can use these foam for building forts, tunnels and so much more!
  • Wonderful toy that aids your child’s physical and mental development
  • With so many foam pieces, your toddler can play with other kids, helping them engage in cooperative play

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ECR4Kids Gus Climb-N-Crawl Caterpillar

The ECR4Kids Gus Climb-N-Crawl Caterpillar is a great toy for your toddler to enjoy indoors or out.

This caterpillar comes in 4 sections that can be configured in different ways.

It is also weather and fade resistant, and when fully assembled measures 39.5” X 85.5” X 42.5” with rounded edges for safety.

Once assembled, it is quite sturdy and allows toddlers and younger school age children to crawl through the tunnel, sit on the caterpillar, climb on it using the side holes, and even stand on the caterpillar.

Gus is recommended for children ages 3 through 8, but once your child starts crawling, they can explore the inside of the caterpillar.

Children love this caterpillar, especially the tunnel through it which allows them to crawl or sit inside, and they can look through the various holes in the caterpillar’s sides.

Some children like to that a blanket and book into the tunnel and have a quiet place to read or to just look at their books.

When used indoors, your toddler can watch television while sitting on the caterpillar, or can lay inside the mouth for television watching or just taking a short nap.

This Climb-N-Crawl Caterpillar is a great piece of play equipment for toddlers and young school age children that they will be able to enjoy for at least a couple of years.

Why We Recommend EC4Kids Gus The Climb-N-Crawl Caterpillar

  • Provides your toddler with hours of fun play, climbing, crawling, sitting or standing on caterpillar!
  • Fantastic colorful climbing toy for encouraging your toddler to engage in creative play
  • Your child will have wonderful fun making up their own adventures with Gus the caterpillar!
  • Perfect for your toddler to sit in or sit on while watching their favorite tv show
  • Ideal for your toddler to take a nap in when they climbed and crawled Gus for hours!
  • Gus is quite sturdy and can hold up to the rough play of toddlers
  • Comes in 4 sections but is easy to assemble
  • Made of hard plastic so Gus is extremely easy to clean with a damp cloth
  • Caterpillar can be easily moved to clean or mow around it
  • Gus can be used either indoors or outdoors
  • Smaller children find the bright colors of this caterpillar extremely appealing
  • Weather and fade resistant offering value for money

Foamnasium Gymnasium

The Foamnasium Gymnasium consists of 4 sturdy foam pieces including 2 wedges, a set of steps and a large red and yellow rectangle.

These large foam pieces encourage your toddler to engage in construction and climbing.

It is made up of durable and easy to clean vinyl colors.

The foam is firm enough to sit or stand on, and each piece has a rubberized bottom to prevent slipping.

Each piece has handles to make moving the pieces easier. You can also add additional Foamnasium pieces to this set to make it larger and more fun for your toddler.

Although the Foamnasium Gymnasium is recommended for children ages 3 and 4, several parents shared they have purchased this gymnasium for children as young as 18 months and it worked well.

You can stand the two wedge pieces on end and place a large towel over the tops to make a crawl through tunnel.

Since each piece is lightweight, older toddlers can move them around into different positions to sit on, lie on, or to make different configurations to climb on.

Some parents suggest getting wide velcro strips to hold the pieces together to prevent them from slipping when children are crawling over them and thus preventing falls.

The Foamnasium Gymnasium is sure to be one toy that your child won’t be able to resist, as it offers a lot of climbing fun!

Why We Recommend The Foamnasium Gymnasium

  • Toddlers really like the Foamnasim Gymnasium because they are like huge building blocks they climb on!
  • Blocks can be cleaned simply by wiping them down with a damp cloth or baby wipe
  • Gymnasium helps your child develop their gross motor, climbing and crawling skills
  • Each piece of this gymnasium is easy for most toddlers to move on their own
  • Pieces are sturdy and sure to hold up for years of rough and tumble play
  • Safe for toddlers to climb, and close enough to floor that tumbles wont cause serious injury
  • Enough pieces for your toddler to play with a toddler friend or sibling for cooperative and shared play
  • Encourages your toddler to engage in pretend and imaginative play

Step2 Naturally Playful Lookout Treehouse

If you have a toddler that loves to engage in imaginary adventures, then this Step 2 Naturally Playful Lookout Treehouse will make the perfect back drop for all types of adventures.

This treehouse has a shingle roof for shade, a 19 inch platform with a periscope that can be rotated 180 degrees, a ladder and a slide.

The platform is high enough off the ground that toddlers can crawl under and pretend that it is a tunnel.

One of the things that makes this playhouse so much fun is that…

…it can be any thing your child wants it to be!

Your toddler can pretend to be a mountain climber and climb up the ladder or the slide itself.

They can also pretend to be a pirate sailing the seven seas or dream up any number of other adventures.

The Step 2 Naturally Playful Lookout Treehouse is ideal for toddlers who enjoy exploring and playing pretend.

Why We Recommend The Step 2 Naturally Playful Lookout Playhouse

  • Playhouse will provide your toddler with plenty of fun and keep them amused for long periods of time
  • Climbing the ladder and crawling under this treehouse will help your child develop their gross motor skills
  • Sturdy and sure to last for years of fun play for your toddler
  • Although this Treehouse takes up quite a bit of space, it can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Parents find this Treehouse to be easy to assemble although it does take a little bit of time
  • Easy to clean by simply washing it down with soapy water and then rinsing
  • Perfect for you child to engage in their imagination and live a variety of adventures in their own backyard
  • Brilliant climbing toy for engaging your toddler in pretend play and role playing

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Climbing Toys Safe for Toddlers?

Yes, climbing toys are generally safe for toddlers if used appropriately. However, please ensure that your toddler is not left unattended while playing with climbing toys. 

Can Climbing Toys Promote Confidence in Young Children?

Climbing toys can be an excellent tool to boost your toddler’s independence and confidence. Some kids may fear climbing the ladder or sliding down the slide. Overcoming this fear provides a child with a sense of self-pride, boosting their confidence.

How Else can Climbers Benefit Child’s Development?

Climbing toys can be used to encourage gross motor development, hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, problem-solving skills, and many other skills your child will need in everyday life.

In addition, climbers encourage toddlers to be adventurous, explore, take safe risks, and lean in a fun and engaging way. 

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