Best Play Kitchens & Kitchen Sets for 2 Year Olds

With so many to choose from, finding the best play kitchen for 2 year old kids isn’t an easy task.

We’ve selected only the best play kitchen sets for 2 year olds to enjoy and play with so they can mimic mom or dad in the kitchen and cook up a storm for their friends, dolls or stuffed animals.

Each of the child play kitchen sets included in our list meets our strict criteria of safety, quality, and value for money. 

So have a look around. We’re sure you’ll find the perfect toy kitchen for your 2 year old!

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Here Are Our Top Three Toy Kitchen Picks

Our top pick: Step2 Best Chefs Kitchen Playset

Second place: Little Tikes Ultimate Cook Kitchen

Third place: Hape Toddler Kitchen Set

A Word from a Psychologist

Written By: Psychologist Natasha Tanic

  • Play kitchens help expand a child’s mind creatively
  • Play kitchen sets promote sharing and cooperation 

Play Kitchens Teach Toddlers Social Skills Naturally and Spontaneously

Young kids learn and develop through play.

An important part of your child’s development is learning how to share and communicate with others, manage their own emotions, and develop confidence.

Play kitchens are perfect toys for shared play, helping your two year old child to learn new words, practice emotional control, share, and develop communication.

Two year olds enjoy pretend play, so play kitchens are perfect for your child to explore everyday roles and situations, learn about healthy food choices, practice their cognitive skills, and much more.

White Hape Gourmet Kitchen Kid’s Wooden Play Kitchen

Children love iminating the things that the adults around them do, which is one of the ways they learn, and this Hape Gourmet Wooden Play Kitchen for kid’s is a fun way to introduce your 2 year old toddler to the world of cooking.

This compact kitchen comes in orange, tan and white or green, tan and orange, and has large red knobs which are the perfect size for small hands to handle.

The kitchen playset features a sink, burner, oven and small storage space with doors that are easy to open and close.

There is also a small shelf to place things on. The sink is removable, so it can be taken out and cleaned and put back in.

This wooden play kitchen set is great for children who want a kitchen, but it is limited since it only measures about 20” X 24”X 5 inches.

Small but fun, the Hape Gourmet Kitchen Kid’s Wooden Play Kitchen is sure to make a great Christmas or birthday gift for any child on your shopping list.

Why We Recommend The Hape Gourmet Wooden Play Kitchen

  • Won’t take up much space, making it ideal for smaller homes with limited room
  • Most parents find this kitchen easy to assemble
  • Is your child cooks and serves their dolls and you, they will begin to improve their socialization skills
  • Gender neutral play kitchen so suitable for either a boy or girl who wants to try their hand at being a pretend chef
  • Helps to improve your child’s dexterity and motor skills through interactive play
  • Your child can play alone or with other toddler friends and family for added fun
  • Grows with your child, giving years of fun play

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Step2 Lifestyle Custom Kitchen Playset

Kitchen sets are wonderful toys for both young boys and girls who show an interest in cooking just like Mom or Dad, and this Step2 Lifestyle Custom Kitchen Playset is a great little kitchen for toddlers age 2 and pre-school children.

This kitchen set features a special frying pan and boiling pot, a granite looking cooking top, a decorative plate rack and shelf, a sink and faucet, a ‘stainless steel’ oven, a microwave and a refrigerator.

It also comes with a recycle bin with a pull out drawer.

And to get your child started right with their cooking adventures, this play kitchen comes with a 20 piece accessory kit that includes plates, bowls, cups, silverware, salt and pepper shaker and a cell phone.

The counter top itself is 19.75” high which is perfect for small children. This plastic kitchen set does need 4 AA batteries and 2 AAA batteries(not included) to operate the sounds and other special effects.

It’s a gender neutral play kitchen as it comes in neutral colors, which makes it an excellent choice for either boys or girls.

The Step2 Lifestyle Custom Kitchen Set is a sturdily made play kitchen that most children will enjoy playing with for at least several years.

Why We Recommend The Step2 Lifestyle Custom Kitchen Playset

  1. Several parents shared that their two year old plays for longer period of time with this play kitchen
  2. Parents find this kitchen set is extremely easy to assemble
  3. Although made from plastic, this kitchen set is well made and sure to last for years of play
  4. Your child’s imagination will grow as they conjure up recipes to make for their dolls or guests to enjoy
  5. Comes with a 20 piece accessory kit
  6. Mealtime is a time to learn how to be a good hostess and to hold a conversation and your child will practice these socialization skills by serving the food ‘they make’ to their guests
  7. Good size for small children as there aren’t so many features that it would become overwhelming
  8. Helps to fine tune your child’s motor skills, creativity and dexterity
  9. Great for independent play but even better for cooperative and sharing play

Kidkraft Vintage Play Kitchen (In Pink)

The Kidkraft Vintage Play Kitchen is a cute play kitchen that is reminiscent of those kitchens seen in the television shows from the 1950s with some modern touches to make it unique.

This kitchen comes in pink, or red and there is also a blue version that can be found here, making it perfect for 2 year old girls and boys.

Toddlers and preschoolers love the fact that there are doors that open and close and knobs they can turn.

This play kitchen features a cordless phone, removable sink, oven, refrigerator, microwave, stove top, shelves and storage space to help keep the kitchen looking its best.

This Vintage Kitchen is made from sturdy wood, measures 33” X 13” X 35.7” and can be attached to the wall for added safe play.

It doesn’t come with any accessories, so you may want to purchase a few pots, pans, dishes and play food items so your child can engage in more realistic play.

It should be noted that assembling this kitchen does take some time, but most parents or grandparents find it’s worth the effort when they see how much time their children spend playing with it!

Several parents shared that this is a really beautiful kitchen and many of them still have it looking as good as every many years later.

Why We Recommend The Kidkraft Vintage Play Kitchen?

  1. Offers your child hours of fun each and every day as they pretend to cook family meals or meals for guests
  2. Although time consuming, parents find this kitchen is not overly difficult to assemble and they like that all the parts are labeled
  3. Well made, sturdy, and sure to last for several years to come
  4. Perfect background for your child’s imagination to soar as they create different scenarios where they cook their favorite foods for their special guests
  5. Through pretending to serve food and entertain guests, your child begins to improve their socialization and communication skills
  6. Large enough and well enough made that your child will be able to enjoy this pretend kitchen for many years to come
  7. Encourages your child to play independently and to play with others
  8. Aids your child in improving their motor skills as well as hand-eye coordination

Kidkraft Ultimate Corner Play Kitchen With Lights and Sound

If you are looking for a great Christmas or birthday gift for your two year old toddler, then this Kidkraft Ultimate Corner Play Kitchen with Lights and Sounds is to be received enthusiastically.

Done in neutral colors of brown and white, this play kitchen is perfect for those little aspiring chefs, both boys and girls.

The kitchen playset features a speckled granite counter top, a sink with a tap, a fridge, a freezer, a microwave, an oven, a stove top, an Ice maker and dishwasher, as well as a washing machine and convenient storage space.

Made from composite wood, this kitchen playset has doors that open and close, and knobs that clink and turn. The handle on the faucet also turns as well.

This play kitchen uses LR44/AG13 batteries (included) and measures 42.4” X 32.7” X 36.6” with the counter top being 21” high.

Depending on your skill at assembling projects, parents find that this kitchen playset takes a bit of time to put together, but assembly is not too difficult.

And when you see the look on your child’s face, you will find the time spent in assembly well worth the effort!

This kitchen will provide a variety of activities for your toddler, from pretend cooking, to washing and putting away dishes, to throwing their dish towels in the washing machine.

The KidKraft Ultimate Corner Play Kitchen with Lights and Sounds is a great way to introduce your toddler to cooking, nutrition and the joy of imaginative play.

Why We Recommend The KidKraft Ultimate Corner Play Kitchen?

  1. Your child will have fun spending time in this kitchen, preparing a feast for their stuffed animals, dolls, and even you!
  2. Although time consuming, assembling this kitchen is pretty simple for most people, even those without experience
  3. Lots of features which will make your child feel like this play kitchen is more realistic
  4. Your child is sure to engage in creative and imaginative play in this kitchen, cooking up all different types of goodies
  5. Plenty of storage space for that food and those dishes your child is going to want to add to the set
  6. Your child will develop socialization skills serving his or her guests and entertaining
  7. Sure to last for years to come, and you may even be able to hand it down to other family members
  8. Many parents like that this kitchen is not made out of plastic, but rather is made from wood composite
  9. Gender neutral play kitchen making it perfect for both girls and boys
  10. Perfect for independent play but also great for cooperative play with toddler friends or siblings

Step2 Best Chef Toy Kitchen Play Set

The Step2 Best Chef Toy Kitchen Play Set is a great little kitchen for children age 2 who want to play ‘chef’.

This play kitchen has a pass-through window where the cook can pass orders through so the waiter or waitress can serve the restaurants guests.

Besides the pass-through window, it also features clicking knobs on the stove top and oven, a refrigerator door, and hooks for utensils and tea cups. There are also hooks for cups and cooking utensils.

There is a stove top, oven and sink with a faucet, as well as a small shelf and a fake clock.

This pretend kitchen also features lights, cooking sounds and a recycling bin. Made of hard plastic, it has a counter top 19 inches off the floor.

This kitchen set comes with 25 accessories, including a recycling bin, coffee pot, dishes, pot, pan, salt and pepper shaker, and cooking utensils.

Children age two and up understand what this kitchen is for and love stirring up their pretend meals in this cute little kitchen and serving them to you and other family members, as well as to their assorted dolls and even stuffed animals.

A number of parents shared that their toddler loved this play kitchen, loved all the cool sounds, turning the knobs, opening and doors and played with it for hours at a time, absorbed in their own imaginary world.

If your child wants to play chef, then this Step2 Best Chef Toy Kitchen Play Set with its pass-through window may fit the bill.

Why We Recommend The Step2 Best Chef Toy Kitchen Play Set

  1. Provides your child with hours of fun and they especially like the burner sounds
  2. Parents find that this kitchen is easy to put together, which means if you are assembling for Christmas, you won’t spend the entire night putting it together
  3. Offers your child plenty of space to store those dishes and play food products
  4. If you don’t want your child to use the pass through window this kitchen will fit nicely against the wall
  5. Should last until your child outgrows it, making it an excellent value for money
  6. Allows your child to let their imaginative juices flow, providing plenty of opportunities for creative play
  7. Serving you or their toddler friends will help your child develop important social, sharing and communication skills
  8. Great for your child to play with on their own, but even more fun if they play pretend kitchen with their friends
  9. Helps improve your toddler’s dexterity, fine and gross motor skills

Step 2 Heart Of The Home Kitchen Play Set

The Step2 Heart of the Home Kitchen Play Set is made from durable plastic and is designed to look like an old fashioned kitchen that is filled with a load of fun features.

This kitchen play set has a pet nurturing center, perfect for that stuffed puppy or kitten your 2 year old loves to play with.

A recycling bin, a reusable grocery bag, a whiteboard to write messages on, refrigerator, oven, stove top, microwave, cupboard, and sink are some of the great features included in this pretend kitchen.

There is even a picture frame where your child can place a family picture, giving this kitchen a homely touch.

This kitchen makes realistic sounds of a bubbling stove top and electronic phone sounds.

It comes with 41 accessories that include, food, dishes and a couple of pans.

This play kitchen is large enough that 2, or even 3 children can play with it at the same time.

A number of parents shared that this kitchen playset is adorable, easy to put together and their toddler just loves it! They mentioned that even their older children love playing with it!

This Step2 Heart of the Home Kitchen Play Set is sure to provide your toddler with years of fun and a comforting homely feeling. It will certainly make an ideal Christmas or birthday gift for either a little two year old boy or girl.

Why We Recommend The Step2 Heart Of The Home Kitchen Play Set

  1. Your child will have a great time using all the different features of this kitchen, with the sounds from the phone and the stove top being special favorites
  2. Vast majority of parents find this kitchen easy to assemble
  3. Offers tons of fun features that allow your toddler to really feel like they are ‘cooking’ for their family
  4. Although plastic, this kitchen is sturdy and designed to last at least until your child out grows it
  5. Between the bins and cabinet shelves, this pretend kitchen offers tons of storage space so your child can easily clean up their kitchen when they are done playing
  6. If you have more than one child and your children like to play together, this play kitchen will meet their needs for a larger kitchen than many other kitchens that are for sale
  7. Your child can engage in imaginative play, mimic their parent’s cooking and even pet care while learning to be comfortable in a kitchen
  8. Since this kitchen is large enough for two children to play together, it can help your child learn about sharing and other socialization skills
  9. May become a favorite play set for your child for several years to come

Melissa And Doug Wooden Chef’s Kitchen With Ice Dispenser

This Wooden Chef’s Kitchen With Ice Dispenser by Melissa And Doug comes in cupcake pink and white or a more gender neutral charcoal gray for your 2 year old.

You also have the choice of purchasing just the kitchen or the kitchen with an 20 piece accessory bundle.

The kitchen itself includes an oven, stove top, microwave with a microwave plate that turns, sink, refrigerator, ice dispenser with 2 ice cubes, storage space, movable hooks, and a check list.

The 20 piece accessory bundle includes 2 each of plates, cups, forks, knives and spoons, a cookie sheet, pot, pan with lid, salt and pepper shaker, dishtowel, oven mitt, and pretend bottle of olive oil as well as a timer.

This play kitchen does take some time to assemble, but most parents feel that the time spent in assembly is worth the effort when they see how sound this kitchen set is and how much their two year old loves it.

Parents do recommend you put the stickers on the doors prior to assembly since you can smooth them out better.

A number of parents shared that this is a super high quality play kitchen set and their toddler spends hours playing with it.

This Melissa and Doug Wooden Chef’s Kitchen with ice dispenser can provide your child with years of fun and imaginative play.

Why We Recommend The Melissa And Doug Wooden Chef’s Play Kitchen?

  1. Offers your toddler hours of fun, ‘making ice’, cooking and even washing the dishes!
  2. Although time consuming, parents shared that if you take your time and follow the directions, putting this kitchen together isn’t really difficult
  3. Should grow with your child for the next several years giving value for money
  4. This wooden play kitchen is well made and extremely durable
  5. You can get lots of different accessories to go with this kitchen and all of the Melissa and Doug accessories fit into the oven and storage spaces well
  6. Extremely nice looking pretend kitchen playset and won’t be an eyesore in your home
  7. Encourages your toddler to engage in creative, imaginary and pretend play as well as role playing
  8. Great kitchen playset for your child to play with on their own or with siblings or toddler friends
  9. Lots of features to keep your child engaged and entertained
  10. Aids in your child’s development through improving their motor skills, flexibility and dexterity
  11. Helps to improve your child’s communication, storytelling and sharing skills

One More Best Toy Kitchen For 2 Year Old Toddlers

Toys that allow your child to engage in pretend and imaginary play are important for your child’s development. These types of toys help them expand their minds creatively in so many ways.

Kitchen playsets are one such toy that can really help your child to explore their creativity while developing their communication, storytelling, and sharing skills.

Step2 Little Baker’s Kitchen Playset

This cute little pink and purple Step2 Little Baker’s Kitchen Playset has everything your little 2 year old chef could possibly want.

The kitchen consists of a stove top, oven, refrigerator, sink and faucet, and a built-in high chair (no doll) so your child can keep their baby (doll) close at hand while cooking up a storm.

There is even a little shelf and cabinet area to store dishes and other items.

When placed on the right burner, there is a frying pan that makes sizzling sounds, and a pot with a lid that makes the sound of boiling.

This kitchen set comes with a 30 piece accessory set and a pull out fruit or vegetable basket. There are even cupcakes with removable frosting.

The kitchen playset measures 14” X 28” X 41.5” and uses 2 AA batteries (not included). It’s made of durable plastic and perfect for children who are two year olds who love mimicking Mommy in the kitchen!

Your child is sure to have a great time pretending to play house and cooking for the family, or being the chef in their very own kitchen.

This Step 2 Little Baker’s Kitchen Playset is a great starter playset for toddlers who are interested in cooking and entertaining.

Why We Recommend The STEP2 Little Baker’s Kitchen Playset

  1. Your child will have hours of fun playing in this kitchen making pretend meals, washing dishes and feeding their doll
  2. Parents like the fact that this little play kitchen is easy to assemble
  3. Compact, doesn’t take up a lot of space and fits nicely against one wall
  4. Will encourage your child to engage in imaginative play, creating different scenarios in their mind
  5. This Little Baker’s Kitchen is well made and will hold up even to your toddler’s rougher play
  6. Will help to improve and develop your child’s motor skills
  7. Helps your child develop their socialization skills as they serve guests from their very own kitchen
  8. Will grow with your child, lasting them for several years until they outgrow it

What Else Is Available

Best Play Kitchens & Kitchen Sets for 2 Year Olds

Can Boys Play with Play Kitchens?

Yes. Children should be able to play with any toy regardless of gender.

Consider wooden, gender-neutral play kitchens suitable for both boys and girls.

Play kitchens promote role play, helping kids develop language and communication skills.

They also enhance problem-solving, motor skills, and other skills your child will need in so many areas of their life, so boys should be allowed and encouraged to play with play kitchens and kitchen sets.

Can Play Kitchens Encourage Independence in 2 Year Olds?

Play kitchens and kitchen sets for 2 year olds are excellent toys for independent play.

These toys can be a great tool to help your child develop independence, confidence, and self-control.

What Age is Play Kitchen Suitable For?

Young toddlers can play with toy kitchens, but it might be a good idea to buy a smaller kitchen with lesser features, so your child doesn’t feel overwhelmed.

Why should I buy a Kitchen Set for my Kid?

Every child (boy and girl) deserves to have a play kitchen set because of the benefits these toys convey.

The benefits include: improved fine motor skills, greater independence, pretend play and the fact that they facilitate imaginative play.

What factors should I consider when purchasing a play kitchen set?

When shopping for play kitchen sets, consider the size and counter height – pick one that will serve them for a longer period.

Also consider the material and durability of the kitchen set pieces – wooden ones typically last longer.

When do kids stop playing with play kitchens?

That depends on the child. There are a lot of thoughts about that in Babycenter community – there’s really no single answer.

Resources On Toy Kitchens – Rethinking the kitchen in girls’ play – Play kitchen benefits

Jandonlineorg – Playing with food: promoting food play to teach healthful eating habits (Paywall) – How imaginative play 8especially kitchen play) develops children’s skills


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