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24 Keys Piano Play Mat

My 4 year old niece loves music, so she was thrilled when she got this 24 Keys Piano Play Mat as a birthday gift!

This awesome piano mat is 71″ long and comes with a record option, a playback option, a demo option, and adjustable volume which parents really like!

Made from strong vinyl, your toddler will have a choice of eight instrument sounds to pick from, including piano, guitar, saxophone, banjo, violin, trumpet, xylophone, and clarinet.

This fun mat is a great way to introduce your child to different instruments and the sounds that they make.

Because of the sheer size and quality of this piano mat, your toddler can play on it with friends and family members, for even more music making fun!

This is a wonderful musical toy for encouraging your child to explore different musical sounds, create their very own masterpieces, and basically have a blast with music!

Requiring four AA batteries (not included), it can be folded up and taken when you’re travelling to keep your child entertained and engaged at your destination.

Well made and designed to withstand rough toddler play, this piano play mat is sure to give your child hours of interactive fun!

Why We Recommend The 24 Keys Piano Play Mat

  • Toddlers have a blast trying out all the different musical sounds on this large piano mat!
  • Comes with eight different musical sounds to keep your child engaged and entertained
  • Introduces your toddler to music in a fun way
  • Allows your child to let their own imaginations flow and be creative as they experiment with different sounds and make up their own tunes
  • Has a record and playback feature so your child can hear what their playing sounds like
  • Made from durable vinyl and can withstand the rough play of toddlers
  • 71″ long so it’s large enough for multiple people to play on it at the same time
  • Excellent way to help your toddler improve their motor skills, coordination, and balance
  • Has an adjustable volume switch
  • System automatically powers off when not in use, saving battery life
  • Folds up easily so is an ideal travel toy

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