Best PAW Patrol Toys & Birthday Gift Ideas for Toddlers

If your toddler would love to be part of one of the most popular cartoon pups rescue team, then consider gifting them some of the best PAW Patrol toys for toddlers and let their imagination soar!

Young kids absolutely adore PAW Patrol; some can recite every single pup’s name as well as all the wonderful catchphrases and sayings!

PAW Patrol continues to captivate and hold young children’s attention while allowing them to engage in a world of make believe where anything is possible.

Our team has worked hard behind the scenes to handpick the best PAW Patrol toys for your toddler to enjoy and have fun playing with. As always, we’ve kept the fun factor, quality, safety, child development benefits, and value in mind!

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Editor’s Choice – Our Top Pick Of The Best PAW Patrol Toy For A Toddler

Here’s why VTech Paw Patrol Treat Time Marshall is our top PAW Patrol toy for a toddler:

  • Toddlers love putting treats into Marshall’s mouth and hearing all the things he can say!
  • 4 different learning modes provides your little one with all kinds of different learning opportunities
  • Great way for kids to learn about letters, counting, color recognition, and lots more
  • Kids love that Marshall’s eyes and ears actually move!
  • All the treats can be stored in Marshall’s pup pack to ensure that no pieces get lost
  • Wonderful interactive learning toy that gives you great value for your money

Best PAW Patrol Ride On Toys For Toddlers To Create Their Own Adventures

PAW Patrol Chase Cruiser Ride On Vehicle

This PAW Patrol Chase Police Cruiser Ride On Vehicle makes a great fun toy for toddler who adore Chase and all of his amazing adventures!

There are buttons on the handlebars that start the lights, make siren sounds and play the PAW Patrol theme song.

On the back of the cruiser there is a push handle so toddlers just starting to walk can push the cruiser.

If they get tired, they can sit on it and push it across the floor with their feet.

This cool PAW Patrol Chase police cruiser has under the seat storage where your child can store small toys that they want to travel around with.

The vehicle needs 2 AA batteries (included) to operate the sounds and the lights and the maximum user weight for this vehicle is forty-four pounds.

A number of parents shared that their toddler is obsessed with PAW Patrol and were thrilled to get the Chase Police Cruiser Ride On!

They also mentioned that it didn’t take their toddler long to figure out how to climb on the toy by themselves and get it moving!

Why We Recommend The PAW Patrol Chase Police Cruiser Ride On Vehicle

  • Kids love this PAW Patrol toy, and play on it for hours of active fun and adventure!
  • Toddlers really love pressing the buttons for the sounds, lights and theme song!
  • Your child may use this toy as a walker as well as a ride on toy making it quite versatile
  • Helps develop strong leg muscles as your child pushes it along with their feet
  • Pushing the buttons to get the sounds and music develops fine motor skills
  • Easy to assemble which parents really like
  • Grows with your child, lasting them for two or three years before they outgrow the toy
  • Great for imaginative play, creating all kinds of stories and adventures

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PAW Patrol Marshall Fire Engine Ride On

This cute little PAW Patrol Marshall Fire Engine Ride-On Ride On is the perfect size for your toddler to enjoy having fun with!

There are two buttons on the engine’s handlebars for your toddler to push which will make fire truck and other sounds.

Plus there’s a removable walkie-talkie so your child can talk to the ‘command center’ for further instructions on their next adventure!

There’s also a rotating fire hose that makes clicking sounds, and a custom fire ladder that works as a push handle so that your toddler can walk and push the PAW Patrol Fire Engine truck or ride on it, pushing along with their feet.

It comes with under the seat storage space that your child can load up with their favorite toys.

This PAW Patrol toy will hold any toddler who weigh up to fifty-five pounds and takes 3 AA batteries.

A number of parents shared that this ride on is super easy to assemble and their toddler got on it straight away and scooted about on it, having wonderful fun!

Why We Recommend The PAW Patrol Marshall Fire Engine Ride On Toy

  • Toddlers find this ride on toy great fun since they can go on adventures with Marshall!
  • Your child can ride on the toy or push it around
  • Kids love the lights and sounds as they make play more realistic
  • Super easy to assemble which parents really like
  • Helps to develop your child’s gross and fine motor skills
  • Grows with your child, lasting them until they are about three years old
  • Encourages imaginative play, role playing and pretend play
  • Vibrant colors appeal to young children

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Best PAW Patrol Stuffed Toys For Toddlers Who Love Having Their Heroes With Them

PAW Patrol 6 Inch Plush Toy Set

If your toddler has been begging for the entire set of Paw Patrol pups to play with, then this PAW Patrol 6 Inch Plush Toy Set will allow you to give them six different characters all at once.

This set includes Chase, Marshall, Everest, Skye, Rubble, and Rocky.

Each stuffed animal sits about 6 inches tall and looks just like the characters on the show. They’re the perfect size for toddlers to handle, carry around and share.

Several parents shared that they got these PAW Patrol toys for their toddler and they absolutely loved them!

They also mentioned that the plush toys have held up well to regular play and their toddler plays with them daily.

Why We Recommend The PAW Patrol 6Inch Plush Toy Set

  • Toddlers absolutely love this soft plush set of PAW Patrol character toys and play with them for hours!
  • Although small, these toys are soft and cuddly for your child to hold
  • Good quality and they hold up well to toddler play
  • Super cute and eye-catching leaving toddlers wanting to play with them over and over
  • These stuffed animals can be washed on a gentle cycle and left to dry
  • Great size for toddler’s small hands
  • Excellent toys for creative and imaginative play, encouraging your child to create their own pretend stories and adventures
  • Regular play will help to improve your child’s fine motor skills
  • Enough toys in the set for your child to play with a sibling or friend for cooperative play

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PAW Patrol Everest Plush

Why not gift your Paw Patrol loving toddler this gorgeous PAW Patrol Everest Plush so they can create their own amazing adventures together and have lots of fun!

This cute little Everest plush is a lilac colored Siberian Husky pup dressed all in blue with blue irises.

She sits about 6.5 inches tall and is made of soft cuddly material which is comforting for young toddlers.

A few parents shared with us that their toddler squealed with delight when they surprised them with the beautiful Everest PAW Patrol Beanie toy!

They mentioned that they adore watching them play with Everest, quoting her catchphrase ‘Ice or snow, I’m ready to go! I was born to slide!’ as they make up their own stories and adventures!

Why We Recommend The PAW Patrol Everest Beanie Plush

  • Toddlers adore Everest and simply love making up adventures when they play with her!
  • Cute little pup that kids just love
  • This cute pup can sit up by herself which your child will love
  • Easy to wash and then air dry
  • Ideal travel toy or for bringing to restaurants to keep your toddler entertained
  • Easy for toddlers to hold and carry
  • Cuddly and soft which is comforting for your child
  • Perfect for imaginative and engaging play
  • Wonderful surprise toy for your PAW Patrol obsessed toddler!

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PAW Patrol Rubble Plush

If your toddler loves construction toys and Paw Patrol, then you really cannot go wrong with the loveable PAW Patrol Rubble Plush who enjoys getting dirty and having a bath!

Rubble is a cute brown and white English bulldog with golden glittery irises, and although he is a bit gruff, he’s absolutely adorable!

He’s dressed in a yellow construction outfit and sits around six inches tall.

Rubble is super soft and cuddly which your toddler will love and he’s sure to bring them comfort as they bond together.

Quite a few parents shared that they were impressed with the quality and how well made this PAW Patrol toy is and that their toddler takes Rubble absolutely everywhere with them!

Some shared that they enjoy watching their toddler play with Rubble and their building toys on all kinds of imaginary construction projects!

Why We Recommend The PAW Patrol Rubble Plush

  • Toddlers love the lovable bulldog Rubble and play all kinds of games with him for hours on end!
  • So cute and cuddly and super soft
  • Can sit up by himself which your child will find fascinating!
  • Easy to wash and air dry to keep clean
  • Perfect size for small toddler hands to play with
  • Wonderful for encouraging your child to engage more in pretend play, role playing and storytelling
  • Great toy for bring on a trip to keep your child occupied and entertained
  • Brings comfort to kids and some even fall asleep holding him!

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Another Great PAW Patrol Toy For A Toddler Who Loves Creative Play

PAW Patrol ‘All Paws On Deck’ Foam Floor Puzzle

This colorful PAW Patrol ‘All Paws On Deck’ Foam Floor Puzzle features all the small canine heroes that toddlers love!

Measuring 13” X 24” once it’s together, this 25 piece puzzle is made from sturdy and durable thick foam pieces that are easy for young kids to handle.

And once this puzzle is put together, it stays together until your little one is ready to take it apart and do it all over again.

Kids love watching Marshall, Chase, Rubble, Skye and the rest of the PAW Patrol characters come to life right before their eyes.

When your child is working on this PAW Patrol puzzle, they’ll be developing their fine motor and problem solving skills

Plus it’s a great way to help your toddler improve their concentration and memory skills.

This charming puzzle is also a wonderful way to help your toddler with color recognition and counting skills.

While some parents feel that this puzzle is not quite large enough to truly be a floor puzzle, the size seems to be perfect for toddlers who are more comfortable playing on the floor than at a big table.

Children as young as 2 can work this puzzle with some assistance, while kids who are 3 or 4 years can easily work this puzzle on their own.

If you have a PAW Patrol fan in your family, this puzzle is sure to excite and delight them!

Why We Recommend This PAW Patrol ‘All Paws On Deck’ Foam Floor Puzzle

  • PAW Patrol loving toddlers find this puzzle lost of fun to put together!
  • This puzzle has many of the PAW Patrol characters that kids know and love
  • Pieces are the ideal size for small hands to work with
  • Thick foam pieces are very durable, so your child can put the puzzle together again and again
  • This puzzle helps your child develop their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and dexterity
  • Wonderful way for your child to improve their problem solving skills, concentration, and memory
  • Encourages toddlers to use their imagination to make up stories about the characters in the puzzle
  • Parents can use this puzzle to help a young child with their color recognition as well as counting skills
  • Parents like that it’s easy to clean, as the pieces can simply be wiped off with a damp cloth

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