Best Musical Toys For 2 Year & 3 Year Olds

If your toddler is already showing signs of being interested in music, swaying to the beat when a song they like comes on the radio, then it might be time to consider getting them one of the best musical toys for 2 or 3 year olds to encourage and support them.

Music can be very soothing for toddlers.

It can also help them to express themselves in ways that aids their development.

Giving your toddler music toys to play way can encourage them to explore different types of sounds and beats while expending excess energy levels in a fun and creative way.

We know how difficult it can be sometimes to find the good quality musical toys for young toddlers that actually help them to embrace music and sound like real instruments.

So we’ve done the hard work and researched the best musical toys for 2 and 3 year old toddlers to engage and have fun with while free expressing themselves.

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A Word from a Psychologist

Written By: Psychologist Natasha Tanic

  • Introducing music early on can accelerate brain development
  • Musical toys help promote emotional expression
  • Early musical experiences help develop language

Benefits of Music in Child Development

Toddlers love musical instruments. Music helps them express themselves, calm down when upset, develop auditory, visual, and tactile senses, and much more. 

Research shows that exposing children to music boosts brain development, especially brain centers responsible for language acquisition and reading skills. 

In addition, playing with musical instruments can advance your child’s cognitive and social-emotional skills, while dancing to music promotes physical development. 

Top Three Musical Toy Picks

Our top pick: VTech Pull and Sing Puppy – This musical dog promotes fine motor skills, teaches colors, numbers and parts of the body, and the child can even take it for a walk!

Second place: WOSTOO Electric Keyboard Piano for Kids – Kids will never forget their first piano. They will be able to actually learn how to play and develop musical skills early on.

Third place: Joyshare 3 in 1 Pounding Bench Xylophone and Shape Toys – This colorful educational toy encourages hands, eyes and brain coordination while playing music.

Best Musical Toys For 2 Year Old Kids

Hape Mighty Mini Band Wooden Percussion Instrument

Toddlers love experimenting with different sounds and if your 2 year old is like that, then they are going to love experimenting musically with the wonderful Hape Mighty Mini Band Wooden Percussion Instrument as it has loads to offer!

Your child will get a colorful wooden stand that contains a drum, a cymbal, a xylophone and a guiro, as well as two drumsticks and a clapper.

Each of the musical instruments produces a totally different sound which will help your toddler learn about musical sounds when played individually and when combined.

They will have great fun beating the drum with the drumsticks and playing their favorite tune on the xylophone!

As well as learning about different musical sounds, your little one will also learn about rhythm and melody while freely expressing themselves creatively!

The art on the wooden stand has been screen printed which makes it easier to keep clean as all your need to do is wipe it down with a damp cloth or baby wipe.

While your two year old can play with this musical toy on their own, because were are a number of instruments, they can play with a toddler friend or sibling for even more fun and giggles.

Parents love Hape toys because the finish is non-toxic which makes it safe for your child.

A number of parents shared that this is a really cute musical toy and it’s not nearly as noisy as they thought it would be.

They shared that their kids just love it and they enjoy watching them create their own musical masterpieces!

Why We Recommend The Hape Mighty Mini Band Wooden Percussion Instrument

  1. Kids have an absolute blast playing with this percussion toy and trying out the various instruments!
  2. Has a number of instruments on the main stand for your toddler to explore
  3. Fantastic toy for teaching your child about different musical sounds and rhythm
  4. Comes with a set of drumsticks as well as a clapper for your child to use
  5. Encourages your child to really experiment with their creative and musical side
  6. Your child can play with this music toy independently or with friends and siblings
  7. Finish is non-toxic which parents really like
  8. Artwork is screen printed making cleaning super easy
  9. Wonderful toy for introducing your child to music!

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VTech Zoo Jamz Guitar

If there’s one musical instrument most 2 year olds love over all others, it’s the guitar, so gifting your toddler the VTech Zoo Jamz Guitar will score you some major brownie points!

Your child will love this brightly colored toy guitar that’s in the cute shape of a beautiful giraffe.

It has eight light up buttons, some of which make cool animal sounds which your child will enjoy.

Your little one can also strum the strings on the guitar and create their own tunes or jam along to the music that’s included.

They can sing and play along to eight child friendly tunes and can turn the dial to get different guitar sounds, such as acoustic, electric or distorted.

If they use the giraffe’s tail, it will play some really cool guitar effects which they will have great fun with!

You’ll need 2 AA batteries as the ones that come with it are for demo purposes and won’t last that long.

A number of parents shared that their kids just love it as it has lots of little buttons for tiny hands to explore.

They also shared that it comes with a strap which is quite handy as it makes it easier for young toddlers to hold the guitar for longer periods of time.

Why We Recommend The VTech Zoo Jamz Guitar

  1. Toddlers have fantastic fun playing this cool colorful toy guitar and love that it’s shaped like a giraffe!
  2. Comes with lots of buttons that light up and make cool sounds which your little one will love
  3. Has a strap which makes it easier for your child to hold it while playing it
  4. There are eight tunes for your child to sing and play along…  …or they can make up their own!
  5. Giraffe’s tail can be used to make some cool guitar sound effects
  6. Has three guitar sound options; acoustic, electric and distorted
  7. Introduces your child to different types of guitar sounds
  8. Encourages your child to engage in pretend play as they rock out like a music star!
  9. Allows your child to be creative while having fun
  10. Great music toy for building your child’s confidence
  11. Can be used to teach your child the different animal and guitar sounds
  12. Nicely made and should last well

Top Musical Toys For 3 Year Old Kids

24 Keys Piano Keyboard Play Mat

My 3 year old niece loves music, so when she got this large 24 Keys Piano Keyboard Play Mat as a gift, her face lit up and it was a joy to see!

This super piano mat is 71 inches long and comes with a record option, a playback option, a demo option and adjustable volume which parents really like!

Made from strong vinyl, your child will have a choice of eight instrument sounds to pick from, including piano, guitar, saxophone, banjo, violin, trumpet, xylophone and clarinet.

This introduces your child to different instrument sounds so that they become familiar with them and they’re sure to have their own favorites after a while.

Because of the sheer size and quality of this piano mat, you can actually play on it with your child for some memorable bonding time, enjoyment and laughter.

Your three year old can also have great fun playing on the keyboard mat with their toddler friends or siblings.

This is a wonderful musical toy for encouraging your child to explore different musical sounds, create their very own masterpieces and basically have a blast with music!

Requiring four AA batteries (not included), it can be folded up and taken when you when travelling to keep your child entertained and engaged at your destination, be it on holidays, camp or more.

Several parents shared with us that they love the fact that it can withstand heavy use and abuse from young toddlers, the endless options that are available and the fact that the sound quality is quite good.

Why We Recommend The 24 Keys Piano Keyboard Play Mat

  1. Kids have an absolute blast trying out all the different musical sounds on this large piano keyboard mat!
  2. Comes with eight different musical sounds to keep your child engaged and entertained
  3. Has an adjustable volume switch which parents love
  4. Auto power off system when not in use which is another feature parents like
  5. Folds up easily as a great travel toy
  6. Introduces your toddler to music, encouraging them to be creative
  7. Allows your child to let their own imaginations flow as they experiment with different sounds and make up their own tunes
  8. Has a hand record and playback feature so your child have hear what their playing sounds like
  9. Made from durable vinyl and can withstand a lot of abuse
  10. Solid enough for parents to play on with their children for great bonding time
  11. Excellent musical toy for helping your child to improve their motor skills, coordination and balance
  12. Great toy for helping your child to improve their memory skills as they learn how to play various tunes

Remo Rhythm Club 10 Inch Floor Tom Drum

If there’s one music toy that 3 year olds love, it’s a drum of any kind that they can beat on and this gorgeous Remo Rhythm Club 10 Inch Floor Tom Drum is no exception!

Featuring a beautiful graphic that’s displayed around the drum of kids from all different backgrounds, races and creeds, it comes with red tipped drumsticks but your child can use wooden mallets if they prefer.

The drum itself is 10″x5″ so the perfect size for your young toddler, especially if they are a beginner drummer.

With a pre-tuned suede drumhead, it’s ideal for any child that’s part of a drum circle or how is learning drumming at preschool or privately.

The acoustic sound is amazing and it’s a wonderful musical toy for introducing your child to drumming and the various sounds that drums can make.

Several parents shared that they were blown away by the sound quality as it was much better than they expected.

They also mentioned that it is the one music toy that their toddler consistently plays with and their kids love marching in parades playing this drum.

Why We Recommend The Remo Rhythm Club 10 Inch Floor Tom Drum

  1. Kids have a wonderful time playing this drum, learning to make various sounds and learning how to use the drumsticks!
  2. Children love the graphics on the drum as it really catches their eye and engages them
  3. Comes with two drumsticks to get your child started easily
  4. Perfect size for a toddler who’s starting drumming as it’s easy for them to carry in parades and drum circles
  5. Drumhead is already tunes and is made from suede
  6. Parents love the acoustic sounds that the drum makes and find the quality way better than they imagined
  7. Encourages your child to explore music and drumming and various sounds, notes and keys
  8. Let’s your child express themselves in a very creative way without judgement
  9. Allow your child to create their own musical masterpieces to show off to you!
  10. Quality drum that is extremely well made and quite durable
  11. Great for your child to play with on their own as they explore different ways of playing it
  12. Aids your toddler’s development through improving their motor skills, engagement and confidence

VTech Record and Learn KidiStudio

There’s some magical about getting your first music keyboard when you’re a toddler and this VTech Record and Learn KidiStudio certainly doesn’t disappoint and makes a wonderful gift for any music-lovin’ 3 year old!

This gorgeous orange keyboard allows your child to record their own music and play it back so they can listen to it! How cool is that!

Your toddler’s eyes will light up when they see it comes with a real microphone and voice changer for them to experiment and have fun with.

One really cool feature is that it comes pre-loaded with over 40 songs that your child can sing and play along to as well as some really cool sound effects.

It introduces your child to a number of different music genres like jazz, rock n’ roll, techno and more!

The keyboard lights up which holds your child’s attention and it helps teach your little one about melody, tempo and rhythm.

Requiring 3 AA batteries (included for demo use only), this VTech KidiStudio introduces your child to various musical sounds like drums, violin, piano and more!

There is also a scratch disc so your toddler can pretend to be a DJ at a party which is great for encouraging pretend play.

A number of parents shared that their kids love it and it’s quite amusing listening to the playback of their kid’s singing away to their little heart’s content!

Why We Recommend The VTech Record and Learn KidiStudio

  1. Toddlers have a blast playing this KidiStudio keyboard, making up their own songs and tunes and so much more!
  2. Comes with a record and playback feature which kids just love!
  3. Has a real microphone and voice changer to add to your child’s fun and entertainment
  4. Your child will be able to try out different instrument sounds like piano, drums, violin and more
  5. Introduces your child to different music genres like hip hop, rock, jazz and more
  6. Has a scratch disc which your child can use to feel like a real DJ and musician
  7. Encourages your child to engage in pretend play while learning more about music
  8. Allows your toddler to express themselves in a very creative and engaging way which helps their development
  9. Keeps your child entertained and engaged for hours on end!
  10. Helps to instill confidence in your child as they play their musical creations for you, family and friends

Wooden Xylophone for Kids

If you’re looking for a solid fun musical toy for your child, then this colorful Wooden Xylophone for Kids might be the perfect choice!

Most of us remember the fun we had as kids playing our first xylophone and you can now give that gift to your child to enjoy.

It comes with eight metal keys, two wooden mallets and a free eagle whistle which your child will love!

The wonderful thing about this xylophone is that it is tuned accurately so when your child tap a key with one of the mallets, they are hearing the correct sound for that note.

With beautiful clear sounds, your child will be encouraged to learn basic tunes like the classic Twinkle Twinkle Little Star which all toddlers love.

There is a music sheet included to help them learn how to play it and can you just picture the joy on their face when they are able to play it for you after some practice.

One great thing about this wooden xylophone is that it is BPA, Lead and Phtalate FREE, making it a safe music toy.

A number of parents shared that it is well built with great sounds and a fun instrument for their kid to play with and they were really pleased they purchased it.

Why We Recommend The Wooden Xylophone for Kids

  1. Kids have a blast learning how to play classic tunes on this wonderful wooden xylophone!
  2. Colorful keys attract and hold your child’s attention
  3. Accurately tunes so the notes sound great when tapped with the wooden mallets
  4. Comes with two wooden mallets, sheet music and a free gift – a beautiful eagle whistle!
  5. Encourages your child to explore their interest in music and learn different musical sounds
  6. Allows your child to express themselves creatively
  7. Great music toy for instilling confidence in your toddler as they learn how to play tunes like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and more!
  8. Extremely well made from solid wood and is toxic and chemical free>
  9. Playing tunes with the mallets helps to develop and improve your child’s motor skills and hand-eye coordination
  10. Colorful keys can be used to teach your child colors as well as the notes on the keys through color association
  11. Helps to develop and improve your child’s memory skills as they memorize the notes and what color reflects what note
  12. Perfect musical toy for independent play
  13. Great travel toy to keep your child engaged and entertained on long journeys and more!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Music Toys

How Playing with Musical Toys Benefits 2 and 3 Year Olds?

Toddlers enjoy sounds and music.

By shaking toys or pushing buttons to make sounds, 2 and 3 year olds are learning about cause and effect, developing hand-eye coordination, and practicing their senses.

In addition, musical instruments can be a great tool to boost your child’s spatial intelligence, problem-solving skills, and pattern recognition.

What Are Good Musical Toys for 2 Year and 3 Year Olds?

Like with any other toy, musical toys should be age-appropriate and follow the child’s interests, so your child benefits from them most.

For example, percussion instruments, drums, guitar, or piano toys are excellent choices for toddlers.

Such musical toys can help your child express their feelings, boost language acquisition, improve self-regulation, and much more.


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