Best LEGO and LEGO DUPLO Sets for 4 Year Olds

Are you looking for the best LEGO sets for 4 year olds?

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LEGO DUPLO Town My First Train Set

This LEGO DUPLO Town My First Train Set is a colorful battery operated building train set that is sure to provide your 4 year old with hours of fun.

The set comes with 62 pieces and features a buildable train and station.

Special pieces for this set include; a train engineer and child figure, train track, a suitcase, a flower, a goat and a clock block, as well as a fuel pump and a train signal.

The train also has several sound effects and can be configured in different ways, but the track can only be built in a circle unless you buy additional track pieces, which many people do.

One of the things that actually makes this a great LEGO toy for 3 years olds is that they can build their own train and then actually play with it, making it almost like two toys in one.

There are several DUPLOTown building sets that you can add to this train set so your child can build their own little town with buildings and vehicles for even more imaginative and creative fun!

This LEGO DUPLO Town My First Train Set is a fun building set for young children who love trains and want to conduct their own railroad.

Several parents shared that the LEGO set was easy for their three year old to assemble, is a great introduction to STEM toys, and a wonderful toy for creative minds and little hands.

Why We Recommend The LEGO DUPLO Town My First Train Set

  • Battery powered LEGO train set provides a great deal of fun for young children!
  • Blocks in this set are a good size for small children’s hands
  • Great for encouraging imaginative play, role playing and storytelling
  • Helps your child develop their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination
  • Train set and station will enable your child to develop problem solving skills while building
  • Children really love the sound effects that this train gives off when it is running
  • You can add other Duplo Town building sets to this train set to provide your child with more building fun
  • Wonderful starter STEM toy for your child
  • Helps your child to expand their mind creatively which aids in their development
  • Parents love that kids have a toy they can play with once it’s built, giving great value for money

LEGO Juniors Fire Suitcase

The LEGO Juniors Fire Suitcase is a 113 piece emergency fire building set that comes in a bright red suitcase style holder that is divided into sections.

This set allows your 3 year old to build a fire helicopter, a motor bike and the base station.

It also features a water hose, map, barrier and small fires and lights and comes with two people figures.

There are pictorial instructions to help your child build the base station.

This set is compatible with other LEGO junior sets as well as regular LeGO sets so you can add to it so it grows with your child giving you better value for money.

The LEGO Fire Suitcase Building Set will help your toddler improve their sorting and counting skills, and also help them to develop their creative and problem solving skills.

The only one negative about this building set is that the suitcase will not hold it once your three year old has put it together, so your child has to rebuild the set every time they put it away and want to play with it again.

However, the suitcase container does make it easy for your child to take this LEGO set along with them when traveling, giving them something entertaining to do while away.

If you are looking for building blocks that will help your child to transition from Duplo blocks to regular LEGO, then this Lego Juniors Fire Suitcase will fit the bill.

A number of parents shared that their love the fact it has picture instructions for their kids as it’s a great way to introduce a toddler to following directions.

Parents of twins shared that they love the fact there are two vehicles in the set because it allowed their twins to engage in shared play while having great fun together!

Why We Recommend The Juniors Fire Suitcase

  • Fun LEGO set for kids who love rescue vehicles and are fascinated with fire trucks!
  • Lots of pieces to keep your toddler entertained and engaged
  • Parents like the picture instructions to help encourage their toddler to build
  • Putting these blocks together will help your child develop their fine motor skills
  • Encourages your child to get creative using their imagination to build other things
  • Easy for younger children to build
  • Kids get a great sense of achievement when they complete the set, increasing their confidence and self-esteem
  • As children learns to fix the mistakes when building, their problem solving skills will improve
  • Suitcase container makes this a great toy for your child to take along when traveling
  • Perfect LEGO gift set for 3 year old twins as there are two vehices in the set

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