Best LEGO Sets for 3 Year Olds & 4 Year Olds

Toddlers love to build stuff and sometimes take it apart and start all over. Which is why giving your child one of the best LEGO sets for 3 or 4 year olds is a really neat idea!

You can be sure that each set we recommend will provide them with hours of fun, creative and imaginative play!

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A Word from a Psychologist

Written By: Psychologist Natasha Tanic

  • LEGO building sets help kids to develop skills like color and number identification
  • LEGO sets for preschoolers polish fine motor skills

What Makes LEGO So Popular?

Playing with LEGO sets can benefit your child’s development on many levels.

Firstly, independent play with LEGO construction sets encourages self-regulation, perseverance, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills, improving the child’s pincer grasp. 

Furthermore, LEGO sets for three year old kids help your child develop future math skills – sorting, number identification, and counting. 

Top 5 LEGO Sets – Our Picks

1: LEGO DUPLO Town Barn Set – best first LEGO set for both boys and girls.

It offers something for everyone – tractor, barn, farm animals and figurines.

2 LEGO Friends Heartlake City Supermarket Kit – for 4 year olds who love to play going shopping.

3: LEGO Wildlife Rescue Off-Roader. And yes, this set includes a lion.

4: LEGO Classic Medium Creative Brick Box – excellent open-ended LEGO set for 4 year olds and older kids.

5: LEGO “Build Me Emotions” set.

Top LEGO Sets For 3 Year Old Toddlers

LEGO DUPLO Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Mickey and Minnie Parade

What 3 year old doesn’t like Mickey and Minnie Mouse?

So what could be better than combining Mickey and Minnie characters with DUPLO building blocks!

This 24 piece LEGO DUPLO Disney Mickey & Minnie Set features such special pieces as Mickey and Minnie figures, birthday cake, candle, numbered blocks , 3 gift blocks and 3 wheeled pieces that your child can make into a train.

Your child can build the birthday train in different formats, which will allow them to improve their building and creative skills.

While this small LEGO set is great for children just learning to build things, you may want to add a larger set so your child can build even more bigger and better projects.

Three DUPLO blocks with wheels give your child something to actually play with after they finish building.

This building set will also help your child develop their skills in sorting, color identification, number identification (up to five) and counting.

This Mickey and Minnie Parade building set is a great toy for any child who loves trains and of course, Mickey and Minnie.

Why We Recommend The LEGO Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Mickey And Minnie Parade DUPLO Set

A number of parents shared that their three year old loved this LEGO disney set and that it’s definitely suitable for both boys and girls.

One thing they particularly liked was the fact that their kids could make something that they could actually then play with.

LEGO DUPLO Town Truck & Tracked Excavator

The LEGO DUPLO Town Truck and Tracked Excavator Building Set is a great starter building set or a wonderful add on to other DUPLO Town building sets your 3 year old may have.

This 26-piece Truck and Excavator set allows your toddler to build a dump truck and a tracked excavator with a rotating cabin and large shovels.

The set also comes with two little workmen.

There are extra blocks to scoop up with the shovel on the excavator and place into the bed of the dump truck where it can be dumped out in a new location.

This set combines well with other DUPLO Town construction sets and makes a great little standalone set.

If your child enjoys playing with construction vehicles, they will have a great time building and playing with this LEGO Truck and Tracked Excavator.

Why We Recommend The LEGO DUPLO Town Truck and Tracked Excavator Set

  • Any child who likes to build and then actually play with their own construction toy will have great fun with this building set!
  • Has just enough pieces for beginning builders to build and still be able to be a little creative
  • Construction equipment once assembled is perfect for imaginative play
  • Blocks in this set is are the perfect size for small hands
  • Great LEGO for sharpening your three year old’s problem solving skills – read more about LEGO benefits on

Give your child additional DUPLO blocks and they will have hours of fun loading up the blocks, transporting them to the building site, and building a garage, house or even hotel!

This LEGO DUPLO Town Truck and Tracked Excavator building set is perfect for any child who loves construction equipment, making building them more fun.

Best Portable LEGO Set For 4 Year Olds

LEGO Juniors Fire Suitcase

The LEGO Juniors Fire Suitcase is a 113 piece emergency fire building set that comes in a bright red suitcase style holder that is divided into sections.

Is this the best LEGO set for 4 year olds? Not really, but it’s one of the best ones to take with you whereever they go.

This set allows your 4 year old to build a fire helicopter, a motor bike and the base station.

It also features a water hose, map, barrier and small fires and lights and comes with two people figures.

As always, there are pictorial instructions to help your child build everything, which will keep them busy for better part of the hour or more.

This set is compatible with other LEGO sets so you can add to it so it grows with your child giving you better value for money.

The only one negative about this building set is that the suitcase will not hold it once your three year old has put it together, so your child has to rebuild the set every time they put it away and want to play with it again.

However, the suitcase container does make it easy for your child to take this LEGO set along with them when traveling, giving them something entertaining to do while away.

Why We Recommend The Juniors Fire Suitcase

  • Fun LEGO set for kids who love rescue vehicles and are fascinated with fire trucks!
  • Encourages your child to get creative using their imagination to build other things
  • Easy for younger children to build
  • Lots of pieces to keep your toddler entertained and engaged
  • Kids get a great sense of achievement when they complete the set, increasing their confidence and self-esteem
  • Suitcase container makes this a great toy for your child to take along when traveling
  • Perfect LEGO gift set for teaching sharing – especially for twins or siblings as there are two vehices in the set

If you are looking for a set that will help your child to transition from DUPLO blocks to regular LEGO, then this Lego Juniors Fire Suitcase will fit the bill.

Parents of twins shared with us that they love the fact there are two vehicles in the set.

That allowed their twins to engage in shared play while having great fun together!

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What Else Is Available

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Frequently Asked Questions About LEGOs

How Can a Child Benefit from LEGO Sets?

LEGO sets can have a great educational value.

Playing with LEGO sets can help your toddler learn and develop a lot of necessary skills. See 4 Lego  play ideas on

For example, LEGO sets can promote cooperative play and help children master their social skills. While playing with LEGO, they learn how to communicate, cooperate, take turns, and practice teamwork.

Also, LEGO creations promote imagination and creativity, allowing a child to explore and use their imagination to create and express themselves.

LEGO can also improve your child’s perseverance and help them cope with frustration and stress.

What are the Best LEGO Sets for Toddlers?

The best LEGO sets for toddlers ad young children are LEGO DUPLO sets (browse on with figures.

LEGO DUPLO bricks are double the length, width, and height than classic LEGO bricks, making them less likely to be swallowed.

Also, their size is more appropriate for little hands that are just starting to develop their fine motor skills.

Are Lego Toys Safe for Kids?

Yes, Lego toys have been tested by independent laboratories around the world to check if they meet child safety laws.

In all of these, Lego toys were found to either meet or exceed safety regulations. No worries!

My child is so impatient. Can they still play Lego?

Yes, Lego sets will deliver some very good patience results!

Lego play involves building different designs patiently, making mistakes and still getting back up and trying again.

This will not only build your little one’s patience but also their self-confidence.


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