Best LEGO Airplane & Airport Sets for All Ages

Do you know a small aviation fan who dreams of becoming a pilot more then anything?

Here are some of the best LEGO airport & airplane sets

We’ll start with sets for toddlers and add new sets over the summer.

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LEGO DUPLO Town Airport (10871)

The LEGO DUPLO Town Airport is a fun building set that will give your toddler hours of awesome interactive fun!

This 29 piece set includes enough bricks to build an airport control tower, a side building with a luggage slide, a boarding gate, and an airplane.

Toddlers love that they can spin the control tower around and the plane has wheels that they can actually roll!

The set also comes with a suitcase, a gift box brick, a pilot figure, a dad figure, and a child figure.

The plane is large and fun to play with, plus your toddler can put small items inside the plane.

Once everything is built, your child can play with each piece separately or they can play with the entire airport all together.

The bricks snap together easily and they’re the ideal size for small toddler hands.

Designed for children ages 2 to 5, this kit can be used on its own or combined with other DUPLO sets for even more building fun.

A great way to develop your toddler’s fine motor skills, dexterity, and hand-eye coordination, this set also allows your child to get creative and use their imagination.

Whether they’re learning about the parts of an airport or preparing for their first airplane ride, your toddler will have a blast coming up with all kinds of pretend play scenarios!

Why We Recommend The LEGO DUPLO Town Airport

  • Toddlers have tons of fun building all the parts of the airport!
  • Kids love that once everything is built, they can play with this set
  • Comes with enough pieces to build a revolving airport control tower, a side building with a luggage slide, a boarding gate, and an airplane
  • Your child will have fun rolling the plane around after it’s built
  • Also comes with a pilot figure, a dad figure, a child figure, a suitcase, and a gift box brick
  • Great way for your toddler to develop their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and dexterity
  • This airport building set comes with lots of fun features that young kids will enjoy
  • Encourages your child to use their imagination and creativity
  • Can help young kids gain simple problem solving skills
  • Great way to prepare your little one for their first airplane ride
  • Building out this set is a fun way for your child build their self-esteem and confidence
  • Can be used with other DUPLO sets for even more pretend play fun
  • Well made and designed to last

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