Best Kites For Kids

You just can’t beat the laughs and giggles you hear from your kids when they’re flying a kite!

So why not check out our list of the best kites for kids and find one that your child will love to fly?

Kite flying is a really fun way for your kids to pass the time and it’s a great opportunity for family bonding.

Whether you’re at the beach, the park, or an open field, the day will zip by as you bask in the warm sunshine and feel the breeze on your face.

Flying a kite not only helps your child improve their motor skills and coordination, it also helps them learn how the wind works and figure out how to use the wind to their advantage.

It’s great exercise and it’s something that kids of all ages can quickly learn to do.

And because kids love how kites look when they’re flying high in the sky, we’ve covered all kinds of great looking kites. We even threw a cool looking alien jellyfish kite in there – just for fun.

So have a look at our top kite choices; we’re confident you’ll find an awesome, fun kite that your child will be thrilled to fly!

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A Word from a Psychologist

Written By: Psychologist Natasha Tanic

  • Kites are excellent for improving kids’ coordination and gross motor 

There is Much More to Kite Flying than Just Fun

Children should engage in outdoor play for a few hours every day.

Outdoor play such as kite flying encourages kids to use their large muscles and practice coordination between visual perception and body movements. 

Kites encourage coordination between the large muscles and visual perception, which helps kids perform other movements (kicking, catching, or throwing).

Gaining control of their gross motor skills, coordination, and balance is key to your child’s sense of independence and confidence. 

In addition, flying kites with family and friends can promote relaxation and mindfulness, be a great physical exercise, and strengthen the bonds while providing a lot of fun for everyone. 

Top 3 Kite Picks

Our top pick: Hengda Kite 3-Pack

Second place: WindNSun 3D Dragon Kite

Third place: Mint’s Butterfly Kite

Cool Kites For Kids

Hengda Soft Octopus Kites (3 Pack)

These awesome Hengda Soft Octopus Kites come in a pack of 3 and are ideal for any kite flying family!

You get one red, one blue, and one green kite in this pack and each of them has a long colorful tail.

Each kite measures about 6″ X 6″ (not including the tail) and each one comes with its own line and winder.

Although younger kids might need help launching these cute octopus kites, once in the air they’re very easy for kids as young as 5 or 6 to fly.

These kites are perfect for flying in low wind conditions and they’re great for families with more than one child to play together flying kites.

This package of 3 soft octopus kites is sure to provide plenty of fun for the entire family!

Why We Recommend The Hengda Soft Octopus Kites 3-Pack

  1. These kites are extremely kid friendly, even for younger children
  2. With 3 kites in this package, it’s great for families with more than one child
  3. Kids think these octopus kites are really cute and look great when they’re in the air
  4. These kites are extremely easy to launch and don’t require much wind
  5. They’re very easy to fly and control
  6. Parents think this 3-pack of kites gives you great value for your money

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Large Delta Rainbow Kite

If you’re looking for a kite that is easy and fun for both kids and adults to fly, this Large Delta Rainbow Kite may well fit the bill!

Made from weather resistant ripstop nylon, it’s reinforced in specific areas which strengthens the kite overall. Plus it has fiberglass rods to help the kite keep its shape.

Measuring 43″ wide and 80″ long, with the tail comprising 31″ of the total length, it flies best in winds ranging from 5-16 mph and comes with 200 feet of line plus a handy kite bag.

This awesome Delta kite is a breeze to assemble and disassemble, and it folds up easily for convenient carrying so that you’re ready for the next kite flying adventure

Although it’s recommended for kids 5 and up, some parents find that younger kids can handle this kite too, especially once it’s in the air.

One helpful thing a number of parents said is that you might want a stronger line just to make sure the line doesn’t break when you’re flying this rainbow kite.

Why We Recommend The Large Delta Rainbow Kite

  1. Kids (and adults) think it’s tons of fun to fly
  2. Kids love how colorful this Delta kite is because it attracts a lot of attention when they’re flying it high in the sky
  3. This kite is made of strong material and is able to withstand a couple of dives into the ground, and even hitting a tree or two
  4. The large size of this rainbow kite will make it easy to see even when a couple of hundred feet in the air
  5. It’s easy to assemble and disassemble, which makes it ideal for repeated use
  6. Comes with a convenient carrying bag
  7. 200 feet of line is included with this kite
  8. Users say that it’s easy to get in the air and flies easily once it is airborne

In the Breeze Rainbow 62 Inch Sport Kite

This In the Breeze Rainbow 62 Inch Sports Kite is a fun kite for intermediate kite enthusiasts who want to try their hand at kite flying tricks.

It comes in two colorful styles: rainbow or tie dye.

You get 80 feet of 50 pound weight braided polyester line and a convenient carry bag along with the kite itself.

Most people purchase a longer line so they can fly the kite much higher than 80 feet.

Made from rip-stop polyester, kids love that not only can they do stunts with this kite, but also that it looks like a huge parachute when it’s up in the air.

Measuring 62″ long and 27″ wide, it’s easy to assemble, completely frameless and flies well in 6-25 mph winds.

This Rainbow sports kite does have an extremely strong pull and therefore isn’t recommended for kids under the age of 12.

If you’d like to see what kind of awesome tricks you can do with this kite, check out this brief YouTube video:

Why We Recommend The In the Breeze Rainbow 62 Inch Sports Kite

  1. This dual string sports kite flies great and is ideal for performing all different types of tricks
  2. This kite is incredibly durable and sure to hold up for many flights
  3. Kids love that once it’s in the air, it looks like a big, colorful parachute
  4. It’s lightweight to carry, although once in the air it has a very strong pull
  5. With a little practice, your child will be doing all kinds of cool tricks with this kite
  6. It comes with a handy bag for easy storage and transport

In The Breeze Rainbow Sparkler Kite

This In The Breeze Rainbow Sparkler Kite is a great beginner kite that both kids and adults enjoy flying.

In addition to rainbow, this single line kite comes in several other color patterns, including patriotic, sunset, and tie die.

It measures 46″ wide and is 82″ long with a 60″ streamer on each side of the kite.

The two long streamers help keep the kite stable once it’s in the air.

Made from durable and strong rip-stop fabric, this colorful kite comes with 130 feet of twisted polyester line and a bag.

The bag makes carrying, storing, and traveling with this kite very easy and convenient.

Recommended for kids 5 and up, it flies best in 6-20 mph winds and is easy to get and keep in the air.

Most people find this kite is easy to assemble and disassemble. But they suggest you get a longer, more durable kite string before flying this In The Breeze kite.

A fun kite for those windy days in open areas or at the beach, both kids and adults enjoy flying this flashy kite and taking it to new heights.

Why We Recommend The In The Breeze Rainbow Sparkler Kite

  1. It’s well made with durable materials making it perfect for multiple kite flying adventures
  2. This kite flies with just a steady breeze and doesn’t require a great deal of wind to launch
  3. This large colorful kite looks great in the sky floating above the beach, or an open field
  4. Kids and adults too tend to fly this kite for long periods of time, so it’s good exercise for them
  5. It’s easy to put together and take apart
  6. Most kids ages 5 and up can launch this kite by themselves

Parafoil Giant Blue Dolphin Kite

This gorgeous Parafoil Giant Blue Dolphin Kite is a great kite for any child who wants a 3D kite.

It comes in blue, black, red, and orange and is made from tear-proof cloth that’s reinforced in specific areas to add strength and durability to this kite.

It also comes with an easy to grasp kite spool, a colorful tail that’s almost 11 feet long, over 400 feet of kite line, and a bag for easy storage and carrying.

Because this is a parafoil kite, it has no rigid frame or rods, so it works much like a wind sock, requiring a decent wind to fill it and keep it airborne.

Although this dolphin kite is recommended for kids 6 and up, many parents state that it feels quite heavy when it’s full of air flying in the sky.

For that reason, the pull may make it too difficult for younger or smaller kids to fly on their own.

The other thing many parents suggested is that you buy a stronger and longer string because this awesome kite can fly over 800 feet (!!!) high.

This parafoil kite is sure to be a huge hit with kids and adults alike!

Why We Recommend The Parafoil Giant Blue Dolphin Kite

  1. Kids love the large size of this dolphin kite, along with its colorful tail
  2. It doesn’t take much wind to get it into the air
  3. Colorful kite will capture your child’s attention
  4. It’s a parafoil kite, so it doesn’t have any rigid frame or rods, making it easy to fold up
  5. Kids think it’s so cool that when they’re flying it, this 3D kite looks like an actual dolphin is swimming in the air
  6. Made from durable tear-proof cloth
  7. Comes with over 400 feet of kite line

Hengda Large Power Snake Sport Kite

The Hengda Large Power Snake Sports Kite is a real show stopper and is sure to catch everyone’s eye when it’s flying high in the sky!

Flying easily in 3-6 mph winds, it comes with about 100 feet of line and its own bag for convenient storage and carrying.

This snake sports kite is made from strong nylon material and it’s about 40 feet long, so you need to have quite a bit of space to fly it.

Designed to perform fun stunts, the cool face and extra long tail on this Hengda kite makes it look like a menacing snake winding across the sky.

Although this kite looks really nifty and is fun to fly, users said that the line that comes with it isn’t the best quality and not long enough.

So many people suggest you buy a longer, more sturdy line if you intend to fly this kite a lot.

Due to the length of this kite, younger kids may need help getting it into the air. But once it’s launched and flying, most kids 6 and above should be able to fly it.

This Hengda Power Snake Sports Kite is a great stunt kite that’s tons of fun to fly!

Why We Recommend The Hengda Large Power Snake Sports Kite

  1. This stunt kite is really fun to fly!
  2. It’s easy to put together and take apart
  3. Once this kite is airborne, it’s easy to fly
  4. It’s made from strong nylon material
  5. Despite its size, this Hengda kite is extremely lightweight
  6. It doesn’t pull very much when it’s in the air
  7. People love the vibrant colors of this snake kite

Prism Jazz Dual-Line Stunt Kite

This awesome Prism Jazz Dual-Line Stunt Kite is ideal for older kids and is a fun kite for both beginners and experienced kite flyers.

Available in three stunning and colorful patterns, it folds down small, making it easy to transport to the beach or open field.

Measuring 62: wide and 28″ tall, it’s well made with a durable frame and it’s sturdy in the air.

It comes with 85 feet of 55 pound line and a winder, wrist straps and winders, and its own storage bag. You also get easy to follow instructions that will have you doing cool tricks with this stunt kite in no time flat.

This dual-line kite is more for tweens and teens, as opposed to younger kids because it takes a good amount of arm strength to guide this kite and perform stunts with it.

You do need a fairly strong wind to launch this kite and keep it airborne.

Once in the air, you’ll have a blast experimenting with all the things you can do with this kite.

You’ll probably want to invest in better quality and longer line so that you can fly this kite as high as you want and perform various tricks with it.

Why We Recommend The Prism Jazz Dual-Line Stunt Kite

  1. The bright colors and large size of this kite makes it fun to fly!
  2. This is one of the easier stunt kites to launch and fly, making it ideal beginner stunt kite flyers
  3. It’s easy to see, even when its hundreds of feet in the air.
  4. Comes with its own carry bag for easy storage and transport
  5. Folds down very small so fits easily into a backpack or suitcase
  6. Kids think it’s an awesome stunt kite

In The Breeze 30 Inch Diamond Kite

This In The Breeze 30 Inch Diamond Kite is a perfect kite for younger kids and beginners to enjoy.

Lightweight and durable, this single line kite comes in a wide variety of fun colors and is made from strong rip-stop polyester. It’s stain, UV, and mildew resistant.

When assembled, measures 30 inches by 30 inches.

Along with the kite itself, you also get three 12 foot long tails, a line winder, 130 feet of line, and a carry bag.

This kite flies best in 6 to 20 mph winds and the smaller size makes it an ideal kite for beginners and smaller kids.

It’s easy to launch and easy to fly, and with all the colors to choose from, there’s sure to be one your child will love.

Parents like that this diamond kite looks like the traditional kites they grew up with and kids of all ages say it’s lots of fun to fly!

Why We Recommend The In The Breeze 30 Inch Diamond Kite

  1. Kids think it’s really fun to fly!
  2. This is a good kite for beginners since it’s easy to launch and fly
  3. The ease with which this kite flies makes it great for kids of all ages
  4. It’s well constructed and made from rip-stop polyester, so it holds up well even if it hits the ground repeatedly
  5. This kite is easy to put together and take apart
  6. It comes with a carry bag for convenient storage and transport

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Frequently Asked Questions About Kites

Is kite flying safe for kids?

Flying kites is a safe activity for children. It enhances their hand-eye coordination as well as their gross and fine motor skills.

It also offers kids an opportunity to learn simple concepts in physics (such as the lifting force) and weather patterns.

At what age can I introduce my child to Kite flying?

You could introduce kites to children as early as 2 years, but it would be advisable to wait till their 5th birthday to let them actually fly the kite.

At 5, the children are super-excited about making and flying a kite and can understand the concept more clearly.

Why should kids learn how to fly kites?

Kids should learn kite flying because it improves their eye-foot as well as hand-eye coordination.

Learning how to fly a kite also improves their balance, creativity and problem-solving skills.

Oh, don’t forget the family bonds created when flying kites!

What factors should I consider when buying a kite?

When shopping for a kite for your kid(s), always consider the quality of materials that make the kite.

Most high quality kites are made of ripstop nylon, which is less absorbent and more resistant to tears and rips.

Also consider the availability of replacement parts, the durability and the price-quality match.

Finally, assess the ease of assembling the kite as well as the ease of flying it.


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