Best Farm & Farmyard Toys for Kids

Having grown up on a small farm, playing in the hayshed and barns, getting to know the animals, giving them pet names and so much more, we totally understand the fascination kids have with all things farm related.

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Farm toys are fantastic for helping kids to create their own magical imaginative world during pretend play, so we’ve picked the best toy farms for kids to have fun playing with.

Top 3 Farm Toys

Our top pick: Schleich Farm World Playset with Horses (48 pieces) – This realistic and high quality set has everything for a kid who loves horses and farms!

Second place:  Melissa & Doug Fold and Go Wooden Barn Set

Third place: Battat Big Red Barn – for the youngest toddlers.

A Word from a Psychologist

Written By: Psychologist Natasha Tanic

  • Farm toys can teach your child responsibility and empathy
  • Toy farms can spark your child’s love for nature

Toy farms for kids are great open-ended toys that provide endless opportunities for hands-on learning.

Such toys can spark your child’s imagination and creativity, boost literacy and language development, and encourage emotional expression.

Toy Farms Teach Kids about the World Around Them

Farm toys can satisfy your preschooler’s curiosity about the world around them, teaching them about animals, farms, and nature.

Playing with farm toys can also teach your child critical social skills such as responsibility and empathy.

Also, while sorting toys, talk to your child about sizes, colors, and body parts on animal figurines. This will introduce your preschooler to early science concepts and math.

Kids are naturally interested in animals and nature

For many kids, farmyard toys and figurines are a great opportunity to engage in pretend play, develop imagination, and learn about animals and life on farms.

Best Farm Toys For Kids

Schleich Farm World Stable With Horses And Accessories Playset

If you’re horse loving 3 year old would love to have their very own horse farm with stable, then check out the Schleich Farm World Stable With Horses And Accessories Playset which is a dream toy farm!

There is so much to do with this stable with horses playset, that your child will be entertained and having fun for hours on end!

Your toddler will get 1 large stable, 1 mustang mare, 1 mustang foal, 1 rider figure, 1 saddle and bridle, 1 horse blanket, 12 paddocks, 1 pitchfork, 1 bale of hay, 1 bale of straw, 1 feed for the horses (carrots and apples), 2 planters with flowers, and stickers!

There is so much detail in this horse barn that your child will be super excited and not know what to play with first!

The roof of the stable is detachable and your child can use it in combination with the paddocks so that they create an area for their horses to practice showjumping, just like the real thing.

There are a number of skylights on the roof and your little one will be thrilled when they see that they can open and close them as they please!

The paddocks can be connected directly to the barn or set up independently, whatever your little one prefers.

There is so much to do inside the horse bar, with stalls for the horses, a place to put the saddle and bridle, places to put the bales of hay and straw, and so much more!

This is a fantastic farm toy to encourage any three year old to expand and grow their imagination, creating their own stories and adventures, limited only by what they come up with!

Why We Recommend The Schleich Farm World Stable With Horses And Accessories Playset

  • Kids have great fun playing with this awesome horse stable and are in awe of all the accessories and details!
  • Tons of accessories for your child to play with, making play more realistic
  • Your child can add other farm toy figures and play pieces to this set to expand their playtime fun
  • Decent size with fantastic interior detail, stalls for the horses and so much more
  • Can be used to teach your child all about farms and what you find on them
  • Lots of movable parts to keep your child interested for long periods
  • While your child can play with it on their own, it’s even more fun if they play with friends as it’s large enough for that
  • Very well made and quite sturdy and durable
  • Pieces snap together easily

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Melissa & Doug Fold and Go Wooden Barn With Animal Play Figures

If you’re looking for a wonderful starter toy farm for your 3 year old toddlers, then have a look at this beautiful Melissa & Doug Fold and Go Wooden Barn With 7 Animal Play Figures as it could be the perfect gift idea!

Your child will get a beautiful wooden red barn that is very portable and opens up for your little one to play with.

When your toddler opens up this wooden toy farm, they will see the stalls for the animals.

Included is a ladder so that they can have their toy action figures climb up to the loft area of the barn where there are more stall for more animals.

They will get seven farm animals that include a goat, a cow, a horse, a turkey, a sheep, a pig and of course, a farm dog.

There is a foldable wooden corral that they can set up and have their farm dog round up their animals into the corral.

If they already have some toy farm animals, then they can add them to this set for even more fun, creating their own imaginary farm stories and adventures!

The wooden handle allows your child to take this toy with them and they can play with it indoors or outdoors.

Several parents shared that they love the quality of this toy farm set, that it is quite sturdy, and that their kids love playing with it for hours on end.

Why We Recommend The Melissa & Doug Fold and Go Wooden Barn With 7 Animal Play Figures

  • Kids have great fun opening and closing the toy barn, rounding up the animals and putting them in their stalls!
  • Comes with seven popular farm animals to get your child started
  • Your child also gets a wooden ladder for reaching the loft area and a corral that folds up
  • Wonderful toy for encouraging your child to really get into imaginative play and make up their own stories and adventures
  • Great starter toy farm for any 3 year old to enjoy and they can continually add to it over time
  • Has a handy carry handle so your child can take it with them
  • Made from solid wood construction and quite durable
  • Aids in your child’s development through improving their motor skills
  • Perfect for independent play but also ideal if your child wants to play with a toddler friend or sibling
  • Excellent introduction to farm animals and buildings making it quite educational

Melissa & Doug Folding Wooden Horse Stable Dollhouse With Fence

If you’re looking for a top quality wooden horse stable for your horse loving 3 year old child, then look no further than the magnificent Melissa & Doug Folding Wooden Horse Stable Dollhouse With Fence!

This beautiful horse stable opens out to reveal 3 gorgeous horse stalls, complete with moving doors which your toddler will love!

It also has a hay loft and a corral, making it a very realistic toy for your child.

While it doesn’t come with any horse figures, you can use classic sized horse figurines as these will fit, such as the Barbie horses and the Breyer traditional horses.

Your little one will love the fact that this beautiful playset has seven working doors as we all know how toddlers just love anything that opens and closes as they are fascinated by that!

Parents love the fact that it comes fully assembled as it is a large stable, and they also love that it’s made from solid wood and folds up when play is done.

Many parents shared that they love the design and that their kids play with this for hours, making up their own stories and adventures!

Why We Recommend The Melissa & Doug Folding Wooden Horse Stable Dollhouse With Fence

  • Kids have terrific fun playing with this beautiful stable, putting the horses in the stalls and so much more!
  • Huge stable with stalls for 3 traditionally sized horse figures
  • Comes with a folding fence so your little one can set up their own corral for rounding up their horses
  • Opens up to showcase a large stable and can be folded up when play is over
  • Have seven working doors that open and close which your toddler will enjoy
  • Fires up your child’s imagination, getting them involved in pretend play and story creation
  • Can be played with on their own or can play with toddler friends or siblings for more fun
  • Comes fully assembled which parents love!
  • Solid wood construction with a beautiful design – we wouldn’t expect anything less from Melissa & Doug!
  • Wonderful gift idea for any horse loving toddler!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Best Farm Toys for Imaginative Play?

Plastic and wooden farm and farmyard toys can be excellent tools for dramatic play and creativity boost young children.

Choose age-appropriate, durable, and colorful toys to encourage exploration and engagement with the world around them.

Can Farm Toys Promote Independence and Responsibility?

Farm and farmyard toys can be amazingly useful in promoting social skills such as independence and accountability.

In addition, toys that children love, can encourage your child to play on their own.

While pretend-playing with their farm toys and sets, toddlers develop essential skills such as language, self-control, self-confidence, and self-reliance.

Also, farm and farmyard toys encourage kids to follow their interests and express themselves freely. 

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