Best Farm Animal Toys for Toddlers

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John Deere Fun On The Farm Playset

This cute little John Deere Fun On The Farm Playset comes with 20 pieces including a combine, tractor, front end loader, a couple of farmers, a fence, sheep, a horse, a cow and a chicken.

Made of sturdy plastic, this farm set is recommended for children age 18 months and up, but several parents shared that they found that this play set works well for children as young as one.

Children like that all of the vehicles have movable parts.

Parents like that this farm play set really gets their child’s creative juices flowing as they often use it in conjunction with building sets, such as Lincoln logs to build a barn, corrals and other buildings to house the animals or machinery.

This is a great farm set for your child to use on their own or to invite a friend to play with, since there are several vehicles and 2 farmers, so sharing is easy.

Although the animals that come with this set aren’t very realistic, your child will easily be able to recognize each individual animal.

This John Deere Farm Play Set makes a great birthday or Christmas gift and is sure to provide hours of fun for your toddler or preschooler.

Why We Recommend The John Deere Fun On The Farm Playset

  • More vehicles, more farmers, and a whole lot more fun for your little one!
  • The toys in this farming set are well made and sturdy and sure to hold up to hours of play
  • There are enough toys in this farm set so that your child can play with other children, which is a good way to encourage sharing
  • Although simple, this set of farm toys is sure to encourage your child to engage in hours of imaginative play
  • The various trailers attach easily to the different types of farm vehicles
  • Parents like that this play set offers a nice variety of farm vehicles for their child to play with
  • Although this farm play set is simple, it is loaded with appeal for children who are interested in vehicles or farming
  • Perfect for independent play and cooperative play for your child
  • Great gift idea for any child that loves farm toys

Melissa & Doug Farm Chunky Wooden Puzzle

The Melissa & Doug Farm Wooden Chunky Puzzle is like providing your child with 2 toys in one.

This 8 piece puzzle measures 11″ X 8.2″ and comes with a barn plus 7 animals, including a sheep, pig, goat, and more. When removed, each puzzle piece stands up on its own so your child can play with the animals themselves without actually doing the puzzle.

There are full color pictures of each piece printed on the puzzle bed allowing your child to match the puzzle piece with the shape it fits in.

The puzzle pieces fit little hands and since they are made of wood they are quite durable and able to stand up for both play and for working the puzzle.

Designed for children ages 2 years and up, you could use this puzzle to help your toddler learn the names of common farm animals, as well as the sounds they make.

This Melissa and Doug Farm Puzzle makes a wonderful gift for your child and is a great way to introduce them to puzzles.

Why We Recommend The Melissa & Doug Farm Wooden Chunky Puzzle

  • It’s fun to put together!
  • Offers your child two ways to play; as a puzzle and as individual pieces
  • Helps develop your toddler’s fine motor and problem solving skills
  • Pieces are nicely detailed
  • Gives your child a sense of accomplishment every time they place a puzzle piece correctly
  • Allows your toddler to engage in imaginative and pretend play about the farm
  • Perfect size for small hands
  • Pieces are chunky and made to last

Melissa & Doug Fold & Go Barn With 7 Animal Play Figures

This Melissa and Doug Fold and Go Barn is a great little farm barn playset that is portable enough for your child to take anywhere.

The barn comes with 7 different animals, a horse, cow, pig, goat, turkey, sheep and dog.

It also comes with sliding doors and carrying handles and is constructed of wood while the animals are made from durable plastic.

One of the nice things about this barn is that your child can add other farm animals to the barn as long as they are under 3 inches high.

Not only does the barn door open, but each of the interior stalls open as well, so your child can get the feeling of what a real barn may be like.

The barn can also serve as a learning toy since children can learn the names of the animals and the sounds that they make.

This Melissa & Doug Fold ‘N Go Barn set would make a great Christmas gift, or can be used as a gift for a farm themed birthday.

It’s ideal for children ages 3 to 5, but several parents shared that their children as young as 2 love this barn and the accompanying animals.

Why We Recommend The Melissa And Doug Fold And Go Barn

  • Offers children hours of good old fashion fun
  • Made of excellent quality materials and will hold up for years of use
  • Parents like the animals in this play set look more real than many plastic farm animals do
  • Great farm playset for both girls and boys so siblings and friends can play together regardless of gender
  • Perfect for encouraging your child to engage in imaginative play as they tole play being a farmer and caring for their animals
  • All of the animals in this set is perfect for small hands to grasp and hold
  • Can grow with your child as they can add other farm animals and farm toys to this barn playset
  • Handling the animal figures, opening and closing the barn door and stalls, helps to improve your child’s dexterity and fine motor skills

Large Farm Animals (12 Pieces)

If you’re looking for a great gift that will add tons of fun to your child’s collection of farm animals, this 12 piece set of Large Farm Animals definitely fits the bill!

The set includes 2 horses, 2 cows, a sheep, a goat, a duck, a hen, a rooster, 2 turkeys, and a pig.

Each animal is approximately 3 to 5 inches in size and quite realistic looking.

They’re ideal for imaginative play, and your toddler will love finding all kinds of creative ways to use these farm animals.

Whether they’re walking them around the farm yard, herding them into corrals, or putting them to bed in their pretend barn, the possibilities are endless!

Although they’re recommended for kids 3+ years old, many parents find that these animals are suitable for younger children also, as their large size ensures they’re not a choking hazard.

These Large Farm Animals by GiftExpress are a great addition to any farm set and they’re sure to add to your child’s enjoyment and pretend farm play fun.

Why We Recommend These Large Farm Animals

  • Toddlers think they’re lots of fun to play with!
  • Nice variety of animals
  • Encourages pretend play
  • Ideal size for small hands to hold and play with
  • Enough animals for your child to play alone or with family and friends
  • Grows with your child, allowing them to continue to play with them for several years
  • Great travel toys
  • Durable

Big Bucket Of Farm Animals

This Big Bucket Of Farm Animals will make a wonderful addition to your child’s farm toy collection!

One of the things young kids love most about playing farm is having lots and lots of animals to play with. This set contains 50+ pieces, including animals and other items that will add lots of fun to your child’s farm play.

Along with animals such as cows, horses, chickens and pigs, this Big Bucket also comes with fences, troughs, hay, fencing and lots more. There’s everything your child needs to build a huge farm and have tons of pretend play fun.

The animals are in this set are just the right size for small hands. The smaller animals stand about 2 to 3 inches high, while the larger ones are about 4 or 5 inches tall.

All the pieces are very sturdy, BPA free, and come in a handy bucket that makes clean up and storage really easy.

Although this set is recommended for kids 4+, many parents state that it’s suitable for children as young as 2 years old. All you have to do is remove the smaller pieces that may pose a choking hazard.

With this Big Bucket, your child will have a great time putting the cattle out pasture, building a horse corral, and scattering the chickens around the barn yard.

Why We Recommend The Big Bucket Of Farm Animals

    • Kids love all the different animals in this set
    • Other pieces such as fencing and trees allow your child to set up a realistic looking farm yard
    • Ideal size for small hands
    • Great addition to any collection of farm toys
    • Enough pieces to make a really big farm
    • BPA free
    • Sturdy and good quality so will last for years
    • Bucket makes clean up and storage easy convenient

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