Dragon Toys For Boys And Girls

Watch your child’s imagination kick into high gear with these cool dragon toys for boys and girls of all ages!

From dragon toy figures to LEGO dragon building kits and soft cuddly dragon plush toys, we’ve got the perfect gift for your child.

Children are fascinated with dragons and love engaging in fantasty play and storytelling adventures. Getting them one of these amazing dragon toys is a great way to nurture and encourage them. Hope you find one your child will really love!

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Cool Dragon Toys For Kids

LEGO Ninjago 70593 The Green NRG Dragon Building Kit (567 Piece)

Ninjago is one of the most popular LEGO themes, and this set is one of the best and most engaging ones in the series.

The LEGO Ninjago 70593 The Green NRG Dragon Building Kit (567 Piece) is a fun building set, featuring Green Ninja Lloyd.

The Masters of Spinjitzu has never had it so good. Green Ninja Lloyd has an awesome Green NRG dragon that is a huge help in attacking the sky pirates’ lookout tower.

The Green NRG Dragon is an awesome addition to the Ninjago story. It measures 5 inches high with a magnificent 22-inch-wide wingspan. The wings are foldable printed textile with spike details and a split tail. The wings also serve as a weapon featuring 2 stud shooters.

The set has 5 mini-figures for your child to play with: Lloyd in a Skybound outfit, Ghost Cole, Lloyd’s helper, in a Skybound outfit, and sky pirates Bucko, Cyren, and Battle Doubloon.

All sky pirates are armed with a sky pirate sword, spear, and the Djinn Blade. The set also includes a mobile catapult which includes 3 turning wheels and 4 round 2 x 2 LEGO bricks which are used for ammunition.

To add to the fun, the lookout tower of the sky pirates has a flag and a hidden barrel with 2 golden coins. There is also a campfire with translucent flame.

Cole uses a golden sword and he also has a lantern accessory. Your child will have a grand time recreating the epic scenes from NINJAGO with this 567-piece building set.

This is recommended for children ages 8 to 14 years. If your child loves both NINJAGO and dragons, this set will surely be a huge delight, providing hours of fun and excitement.

Why We Recommend The LEGO Ninjago 70593 The Green NRG Dragon Building Kit (567 Piece)

  • The elaborate pieces of this set provide multiple opportunities for articulation and role-playing, developing your child’s storytelling skills and language use
  • The building set has great aesthetic appeal, the Lloyd figure and the Green NRG Dragon are designed very well.
  • The building blocks develop fine-motor skills
  • Despite the elaborately phenomenal look of the dragon, it is deceptively simple to build. Your child will find it easy to follow its building directions
  • Fantasy play develops creativity and imagination
  • The sets are not complicated to build and can be built independently without much help from mom and dad
  • All the LEGO parts are durable and non-toxic
  • The set encourages children to experiment and take risks
  • It makes learning fun and enjoyable!
  • It is a great bonding activity with Mom and Dad!

Fisher Price Imaginext Eagle Talon Castle Dragon

Let your child’s imagination soar with Fisher Price Imaginext Eagle Talon Castle Dragon! With an attractive, orange-red and yellow color with gray accents, this dragon features various cool sound effects: a defiant roaring sound, varied screeches, and a chewing noise guaranteed to give your child a great time.

Children also enjoy its fascinating light-up features like glowing eyes and an illuminated stomach. There is a handle conveniently located on the Castle Dragon’s back that allows your child to control the action.

When the dragon is lifted by the handle, the wings spread out, getting ready for flight. The wings retract again when it is placed on a flat surface.

With a quick squeeze of the handle, the dragon lets out a big roar! When squeezed again, the dragon quickly lunges forward and grabs dinner with its mouth with a quick chomping action.

Give it one last squeeze and the dragon “spits” out the remains of its food. Another cool thing about this toy is that it has rotating rear legs and a tail that can be moved up and down.

This toy is marketed as a perfect addition to the Imaginext Eagle Talon Castle. It has Action-Tech technology, an interactive feature that allows the dragon to communicate with the castle.

The castle detects the incoming dragon with different sounds and words, and with a quick squeeze of the handle, it sends a warning signal to the castle of its approach.

However, you don’t need to purchase the castle for your child to have a great time. This dragon toy can stand on its own and will provide hours of imaginative and creative play for boys and girls alike.

This toy is recommended for children 3 to 8 years old.

Why We Recommend The Fisher Price Imaginext Eagle Talon Castle Dragon

  • It has a fantastic character design that is destined to be a classic childhood favorite
  • It develops imaginative play through make-believe and fantasy
  • It stimulates creative thinking, allowing children to create various made-up characters and stories depicting good and bad characters, the use of power, or taking care of pets
  • Children practice social and verbal skills through creative self-expression and conflict resolution
  • Increases muscle dexterity and hand-eye-coordination as the dragon is manipulated in various ways
  • This Eagle Talon Castle Dragon is built to last. It is sturdy and durable
  • It is a fun and awesome toy for the whole family to enjoy

LEGO Castle Dragon Mountain 70403

This truly engaging building set allows your child to travel to the magnificent Dragon Mountain and battle the fire-breathing creature within.

The LEGO Castle Dragon Mountain 70403 provides endless hours of fun and imagination for kids and adults alike. This will engage the whole family!

This set has so many engaging elements, awakening and further enhancing your child’s imagination. First off, it has a large catapult, which is very engaging to use because its wheels help it move around.

It also has a working catapult function. It also features a spiral staircase, a tower with dungeon, and a dragon nest with secret gold compartment and potion room.

Inside the dragon’s nest, you can go inside the potion room by pulling down the spider web. This is such a clever and fun way to get inside the secret room of the wizard!

The set also includes a slew of weapons to battle the dragon such as two swords, a spear, and a staff. Your child can also use two shields and the treasure chest in creating the scene at Castle Dragon Mountain.

The main goal of the scene is to rescue the princess from the dungeon. You do this by defeating the wizard from the tower, slaying the fire-breathing dragon, destroying the tower with the catapult, and finding the hidden stash of gold.

The red dragon is a fearsome creature, measuring 4 inches high with a wingspan of 13 inches wide. There are five mini-figures included in this set: 2 King’s Knights, a princess, the Dragon Wizard, and a Dragon soldier.

This set has 376 pieces, recommended for children from the ages of 6 to 12 years old. Your little dragon adventurer will really love this building set!

Why We Recommend The LEGO Castle Dragon Mountain 70403

  • Your child will have a great time deciding which weapon to choose in battling the fire-breathing dragon. This teaches tactical skills, planning, and logical reasoning. These are higher-order thinking skills that are useful for learning
  • The intricate parts that your child will build practice spatial awareness and eye-hand coordination
  • The building blocks develop fine-motor skills
  • Deciding which accessories to use and planning the battle scenario develops storytelling skills – a sense of beginning, middle, and end. The child will be able to understand character traits and plot points
  • Fantasy play develops creativity and imagination
  • Your child will have endless ways to expand the story, deviating from the main storyline and exploring various twists and turns
  • Playing this with your child can be engaging and a great bonding activity for the whole family

Aurora Plush 14” Blue Dragon with Sound

This adorable plush toy is ideal for children from the age of 3, guaranteeing hours of fun. Your little knight, dragon-tamer or princess, will simply love this!

The Aurora Plush 14” Blue Dragon is manufactured by Aurora, an American company that is known the world over for their high-quality plush toys.

Just looking at this cute bean-filled plush toy will bring a smile to your face. It is a dragon with charming green and black eyes and a quirky, endearing expression.

It is styled realistically but does not look intimidating. Hear this blue and purple dragon roar, which lasts for about 5 seconds, when your child squeezes its body.

It is also adorned with soft metallic silver back scales, which runs from its back down to its tail. The backside of its flappable wings is also made of the same silver material, along with the softest purple plush material.

It is just the right size, measuring 14” long, which is perfect for hugging and squeezing. The sound and volume of the roar is muted, which is suitable for children, and would not startle or frighten them. Its surface is washable.

If your child is fascinated with dragons, they will surely love this Aurora plush dragon. Expect this toy to be a household favorite, as it has been for many little boys and girls.

It is so soft and perfect for those nightly snuggles that children will probably take this as a bedtime companion.

Why We Recommend The Aurora Plush 14” Blue Dragon With Sound

  • It is a well-constructed and durable plush toy. It is so sturdy that it will stand up to wear and tear
  • It encourages the development of the child’s imagination through make-believe and fantasy play
  • It is safe to play for young children because there are no plastic pieces that could easily be unfastened. Its eyes are embroidered, making it safe and durable for children
  • It is an endearing and lovable plush toy that your children can bring everywhere they go, becoming their comfort and security in unfamiliar situations
  • It could be a beloved stuffed companion that they can interact with and act out scenarios where they can explore different emotions
  • Children can practice language skills through imaginary conversations with this stuffed dragon
  • All materials are guaranteed child-safe, exceeding both United States (CPSIA) and European (EN71) safety standards
  • Because of its washable surface, it is easy to clean

Safari Ltd. Guardian Dragon

This Safari Ltd. Guardian Dragon is so richly detailed and awe-inspiring that it will surely develop your child’s imagination.

The 5-inch tall Safari Guardian dragon with a wingspan of about 6.5 inches is created with such vibrant detail. Its body is varying hues of lavender and purple, and its scales, horns, and talons are metallic gold.

Perhaps the best thing about this Guardian Dragon and guaranteed to be everyone’s favorite feature is its armor. The Guardian Dragon actually wears a chest plate and face armor.

Manufactured by American toy company Safari Ltd, it is part of their extensive range of dragon toys, which includes about 40 different kinds.

Each of these dragons has a story to tell. The Guardian Dragon is loyal, and its main duty is to keep a watchful eye on kings or brave knights.

The dragon was specifically bred to be tame enough to be trained but will be a formidable foe for invaders. The Dragon Warrior is a combination of the cloud dragon, the happy dragon, and the meek forest dragon, expertly formulated by the Wizard.

It is never kept as a pet. It is actually considered part of the royal guard. Part of its lore it is also a rare, mild-mannered but imposing breed.

The Guardian Dragon is tested thoroughly and it is phthalate-free, so your child can play with it safely. This toy is recommended for children 4 years old and above.

Why We Recommend The Safari Ltd. Guardian Dragon

  • It has an intricately detailed design that is not only a good toy but also a collector’s item
  • It develops imaginative play through make-believe and fantasy
  • It stimulates creative thinking, allowing children to create various made-up characters and stories depicting Guardian Dragons
  • Children are made to realize that dragons, just like people, can also be good and bad and create various scenarios in which Guardian Dragons do their duty
  • Children begin to attribute good characteristics of the Guardian Dragon such as calmness, restraint, and loyalty and symbolize it in their play
  • It is a sturdy and high-quality toy, built to be enjoyed for years
  • The background story of the Guardian Dragon is very engaging and gets the imagination rolling
  • It develops innate curiosity in children
  • The product is safe and non-toxic, passing worldwide regulations and safety standards
  • Fantasy play is a fertile ground where your child’s ideas are nurtured and develops into representation thinking

Safari Ltd. Twilight Dragon

This Safari Ltd Twilight Dragon can easily be part of your child’s dragon toy collection. If your child is into dragons, there is simply no other dragon that looks more like a dragon than this imposing figure.

Your child’s imagination will soar with this intricately detailed figurine, which is hand-painted. One of its claws is ready to pounce at another creature that crosses its path.

Safari Ltd does it again with the fearsome, highly-detailed design of the Twilight Dragon figurine. The wonderful hand-painted dragon stands at 5.2 inches high and 6.3 inches long.

It stands mightily among the other dragons in the collection: Cloud Dragon, Forest Dragon, Mountain Dragon, and much more. The diversity of this collection is really remarkable.

The Twilight Dragon is wonderfully designed. Although it is purely black with red talons and eyes, there are varying textures in the material that makes it look realistic.

Its sharp claw is raised and its toothy mouth is turned. This dragon is full of mischief, lurking in the dark, and appearing only in the shadows of the night.

The back story of the Twilight Dragon is awe-inspiring for any child or even adult. It takes to the skies and comes out of its lair only at night, when the sun sets.

Its red eyes can see in the far distance, and it is larger than other dragons.

Why We Recommend The Safari Ltd. Twilight Dragon

  • The design of the Twilight Dragon is intricate, and it is individually hand-painted to bring out all the realistic details
  • Your child can play safely because all the materials used in the creation of the Twilight Dragon are very safe – phthalate-free and lead-free
  • Quality is very good, and it is sturdy and durable. This toy could last for years
  • Fantasy play is a fertile ground where your child’s ideas are nurtured and develops into representation thinking
  • Symbolic play is nurtured, especially the symbolism of danger and mischief, which could benefit children’s socio-emotional development
  • Children’s fertile imaginations will go crazy with the Twilight Dragon’s awe-inspiring design
  • Children’s storytelling and make-believe worlds will go into overdrive, which benefits their conceptual skills
  • The Twilight Dragon is suited for a variety of interests: teaching, collecting, decorating, and much more
  • The back story of the Twilight Dragon inspires fantasy play, which research says is the precursor to every other kind of learning in a classroom

Safari Ltd. Sea Dragon

Picture the Safari Ltd. Sea Dragon majestically flying over water, or slowly rising over the water’s surface. This is the stuff that legends are made of, and will keep your child’s mind engaged and active.

This hand-drawn Sea Dragon is so intricately detailed and realistic that it will surely advance your child’s imagination.

The vibrant colors and the action-packed stance of this dragon bring fantasy and adventure to life. Its color is truly gorgeous, a stunning blend of seawater greens and blues, to match its habitat.

But it looks at you with fierce red eyes. The Sea Dragon measures 7 inches in length and 4.75 inches in height.

This big dragon has reptile-like features and has prominent razor-sharp teeth and claws and a long tail that makes it easy to propel itself on the water.

And just like all other figurines made by Safari Ltd, it is guaranteed phthalate and BPA free, passing all safety standards in Europe and America.

Created by industry-leading figurine and toy-maker Safari Ltd, it is part of the Dragon Toy Collection, with a wide array of dragons, each with a story to tell.

The Sea Dragon has an interesting, mythological background based on Ancient Greek mythology. It has the ability to control wind and water, and usually takes a ship’s cargo.

The Guardian Dragon is tested thoroughly and it is phthalate-free, so your child can play with it safely. This toy is recommended for children 4 years old and above.

Why We Recommend The Safari Ltd. Sea Dragon

  • It is designed to engage and enthral children and collectors alike
  • It can be used in a variety of ways – for playing with, as decoration or cake topper, as part of a costume, or to add to a collection of dragons
  • Your child will enjoy hours of imaginative play with the Sea Dragon
  • Because of the Sea Dragon’s back story, your child will learn about Greek mythology and become more interested in more mythical creatures
  • It develops imaginative play through make-believe and fantasy
  • It develops problem-solving and critical-thinking skills
  • It stimulates creative thinking, allowing children to create various made-up characters and stories depicting Sea Dragons
  • It is a sturdy and high-quality toy, very well made. It is built to be enjoyed for years
  • The Sea Dragon figurine is safe and non-toxic
  • It will only increase in value over the years because it is a highly-priced collectible item

LEGO Creator Red Creatures

If your child loves dragons and other awesome creatures, then your little one will surely get excited with this new toy from the LEGO Creator series.

Let LEGO Creator Red Creatures create an avenue for your child to develop creativity and logical reasoning.

This LEGO set is exciting to build because it features the 3-in-1 model that LEGO is known for. This particular Creator model rebuilds into three awesome creatures: a dragon, a snake, and a scorpion.

It is suitable for children from 7 to 12 years old, although younger children of about 5 to 6 will also enjoy it with guidance from parents.

The fearsome, fully-articulated red dragon will truly amaze children. The instructions are very clear and easy to follow.

With 221 pieces, some of its best features are its large movable wings, long scaly tail, fiery breath, fearsome horns, long talons, and bright green eyes.

The scorpion is fabulous, too. It has two huge claws, a long tail, pincers, and menacing yellow eyes. The snake, when fully built, shows off two long fangs and scales.

This awesome building toy is cleverly designed with the perfect parts. When fully built, the Dragon measures around 1 inch high, 11 inches long, and 9 inches wide.

The scorpion measures 4 inches high, 11 inches long, and 8 inches wide. The snake is 1 inch high, 14 inches long, and 1 inch wide.

The fire-breathing dragon has the classic red, black, and tan color scheme which makes it perfect for stomping through forests and soaring over high mountains.

Your child will surely build and take apart this engaging set again and again. A lot of parents enjoy it too!

Why We Recommend The LEGO Creator Red Creatures

  • It is made of high-quality materials and would withstand a lot of building and re-building through the years
  • Children’s creativity and imagination will be benefited while they create various adventures and scenarios in their minds
  • This LEGO kit is so much fun because it can be built into three different creatures!
  • Children’s creativity thrives as they manipulate the pieces into other animals. Beyond the snake, dragon and scorpion, there are endless creatures that your child can build
  • Spatial acuity is developed as children build various creatures
  • It builds a solid foundation for basic engineering skills
  • LEGO building blocks develop fine-motor skills
  • It is a perfect bonding activity with your child. Both of you will enjoy this set!
  • The range of things that your child can create with this toy will astound you!

LEGO Elves Fire Dragon’s Lava Cave 41175

This engaging set lets your child enjoy a campfire at the Lava Cave with a fiery but friendly dragon and two mini-doll figures.

The LEGO Elves Fire Dragon’s Lava Cave guarantees hours of fun for your child and the whole family!

The Fire Dragon’s Lava Cave has 441 pieces, which allows children to build 4 separate pieces. The pieces include the campfire, the Lava Cave, Zonya the fire dragon, and the Shadow Fountain.

It also includes Emily Jones and Azari Firedancer mini-doll figures. The Lava Cave has a lava fall function, the Shadow Fountain.

According to the story, the Shadow Fountain can turn the water from cursed to cleansed. Your child will be given the power to transform the water with a sliding function from green poisoned water to blue clean water.

If Zonya the dragon drinks the poisoned water, she becomes evil. Once this happens, your child can change the jewel on the dragon’s head to show that this happened.

Once the water is cleansed, Zonya can drink from it again. Your child can also do other fun things such as setting up camp, building a fire, and roasting a marshmallow.

Accessories include a map, cherries, campfire, evil mask, and marshmallow on a stick.

Emily and Azari can fly off on Zonya’s back for more adventure. Zonya the fire dragon measures 5 inches tall and 11 inches long. It has an impressive wingspan of about 12 inches wide.

Cleverly designed for 8-12-year olds, this LEGO set is part of the Elves series. This popular and much sought-after theme has a total of 24 sets.

The theme is more favored by girls, but many boys also love it. It is so much fun and engaging that once you begin to get one, your child would want to collect as many sets as possible.

Why We Recommend The LEGO Elves Fire Dragon’s Lava Cave

  • It is made of high-quality and durable materials and would withstand a lot of building and re-building through the years
  • The set builds creativity and imagination, letting children invent numerous stories and ideas for the Elves to save the dragon and make it good again
  • Azari and Emily Jones are great role models for girls, a great way to wean them off slowly from their princess obsession. Both Azari and Emily are strong, brave, and adventurous girls
  • All the moving parts actually work!
  • It is such a great toy – fun and engaging for boys and girls. Adults love it, too!

LEGO Elves The Water Dragon Adventure 41172

LEGO Elves The Water Dragon Adventure 41172 is another fun and interesting set for your little ones. Part of the popular and highly-rated Elves series, this set is sure to be a hit with the whole family.

Your child will create endless adventures in the magical LEGO world of Elvendale with a beautiful water dragon and a sparkling crystal waterfall.

Naida Riverheart is the mini-doll figure. She is an Elf that thrives in water. Her costume has a beautiful blue water-themed design. Merina the water dragon is also blue, and she measures 3 inches tall and 8 inches long.

Merina has a wingspan of about 9 inches wide. There are countless adventures with both Naida and Merina. Let Naida ride on Merina’s back as they fly around, explore and have lots of quests together.

When Naida is in flight, she can be attached securely on Merina’s back so that she doesn’t fall off. Your child can fix Naida’s hair, spray perfume on her, or look at a map to plan their next adventure.

The set also has a fun crystal waterfall with a catapult function and a hiding space for hidden treasure. The catapult function can be used to toss food to Merina.

The accessories included in this set are a brush, perfume bottles, binoculars, a map, and water lily.

The set has 212 pieces, suitable for boys and girls between the ages of 7 to 12 years old. However, a younger child can build it, too with a little help from Mom and Dad.

Why We Recommend The LEGO Elves The Water Dragon Adventure 41172

  • Merina the dragon is beautiful, highly articulated and so much fun and simple to build
  • All the parts of the set are sturdily built and ball joints are used to connect the legs, so that they have a great range of motion
  • The catapult and the hiding place for the hidden treasure are fun additions to this very engaging set, allowing children endless hours of role-playing and fantasy play
  • It is surprisingly affordable, with three pieces for the price of one
  • Children’s fertile imagination thrive as they think of scenes and stories for the Water Dragon and the mini-doll figure
  • The design of the entire set, including the island and the look of the dragon is well-thought of and interesting
  • Working with LEGO building blocks develop fine-motor skills
  • LEGO building blocks help your child improve and practice eye-hand coordination
  • The building blocks included in this set are compatible with other LEGO construction sets, expanding your child’s creativity and imagination
  • This is an ideal bonding activity with your child

LEGO Elves 41179 Queen Dragon’s Rescue Building Kit (833 Piece)

The magnificent Queen Dragon is being held captive! In the LEGO Elves 41179 Queen Dragon’s Rescue Building Kit (833 Piece), your child can go on an epic adventure with mini-doll figures Emily Jones and Azari as they attempt to sneak into the castle and free the beloved queen.

This set features a 2-story castle tower, a lava moat with moving stepping stone function, an opening dungeon door, chain and shackles, and a ballista that shoots poison.

Emily Jones and Azari, the two mini-doll figures, are also part of the set. They are able to snugly fit onto the back of Elandra the Queen dragon, once Elandra is freed and takes flight.

Other figures are Dusti the evil fox and a mouse, all tools to develop your child’s fertile imagination.

The Queen Dragon’s design is unique and beautiful, the stuff that legends are made of. She has beautiful colors of blue, white, and gold. Elandra measures 3 inches high, with a wingspan of 15 inches.

The castle tower has a bedroom and cave and chain and shackles that are used to bind Elandra. The hidden green crystal moves the stepping stones so that the rescuer can pass across the lava.

Once your child pushes the lever, the dungeon door opens and finds the captured mouse from the Crystal Mine. The evil fox’s bedroom has a hidden key that could free the Queen from her shackles.

This set has numerous accessories such as the Book of Dragons, capes for Emily, a hood for Azari, hourglass, fish, sack, crystal heart, potion, cheese, key, and brick.

Your child will surely have hours of fun playing with this great set!

This is a big set with 833 pieces in all. Because of many intricate pieces and figures that require an intermediate skill level, Queen Dragon set is recommended for children from 9 to 12 years of age.

However, with Mom and Dad’s help, younger children will enjoy this, too!

Why We Recommend The LEGO Elves 41179 Queen Dragon’s Rescue Building Kit (833 Piece)

  • Children’s imaginations will soar as they create different ways to rescue the Queen Dragon
  • Various attempts to rescue the Queen Dragon will develop problem solving, tactical, and logical reasoning skills
  • This building kit helps improve fine motor skills and spatial understanding
  • Building various parts of the kit create building blocks for architectural design and structural engineering skills
  • LEGO building blocks are always made of high-quality, non-toxic, and safe materials
  • Symbolic representations of good and evil help your child process morality and the roles of heroes and villains in stories
  • Acting as the hero during pretend play develops your child’s self-esteem and confidence

12 Piece Assorted Realistic Looking Dragon Toy Figures

This 12-piece Assorted Realistic Looking Dragon Toy Figures is a box of dragon toys that will fascinate boys and girls for hours of fun and imaginative play. Castle wars and kingdom-themed pretend play will never be the same again!

The box contains 12 dragons with various designs. Kids who are into dragons, or even those who are not interested in it, will be very engaged with all the creative details.

All dragons have different realistic designs and come in various colors and color blends. Your child will be captivated with well-detailed scales, horns, and tails.

The 4-inch dragons are made from ABS plastic with non-toxic paint. The paint will not rub off or chip. ABS is a kind of opaque plastic that is known to be resistant to chemicals, heat, and impact.

Children will be in awe when they receive this as a gift since the dragon set comes in a 3D box. In fact, with a little imagination, the box itself can be transformed into a hideout or base for the dragons.

It is also ideal as a give-away when you throw a dragon-themed party. It will surely excite kids when they get this dragon as a party favor.

Teachers can even use this in the classroom for a themed sensory table or pretend play area.

The small size of the dragons is just right for toddler’s hands, and they are interesting enough even for bigger children, but does not scare away little ones.

Since there are 12 pieces, the price of this box of dragon toy figures is a steal and you will definitely get your money’s worth.

Why We Recommend The 12 Piece Assorted Realistic Looking Dragon Toy Figures

  • Plastic is durable and of good quality, can withstand hours of play
  • Being made from non-toxic materials, the dragon toy figures are safe to play with
  • Children’s imaginations will be developed as they create different scenarios and stories with the dragon figures
  • Fantasy play with these dragon figures will help children process ideas and nurture abstract and representational thinking
  • Social skills will be nurtured as children experiment with various roles
  • Children learn to share, as they quickly realize that these toys are not fun to play with alone
  • Creativity will be stimulated as children discover different designs and colors of dragons
  • Children will learn to sort, count, and group the dragon toy figures
  • These small dragon toys develop fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination

Webkinz Stormy Dragon Plush

The Webkinz Stormy Dragon Plush lets your kids play in both the virtual world and in real life, allowing them to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Many current customers have pointed out that Stormy Dragon’s deep purple-bluish color in the marketing picture is a bit different from the actual plush toy that they received. But the grayish-purple hue did not make the least bit of difference to kids who love it at first sight.

It is also fun for kids to discover the different rainbow colors of its belly, horns, and the tip of the tail, depending on how the shiny material reflects the light.

Another cool thing that your kids will definitely adore its little design details such as its horns that are shaped like lightning bolts.

It is approximately 7 inches tall. It has an adorably fat body and little legs, which is very cute.

Webkinz, a line of stuffed animals brought to us by Ganz, a Canadian toy company, is known to have a special feature.

Each Webkinz toy you purchase, including the Stormy Dragon, has a tag with a unique secret code. This secret code allows your child to play on the Webkinz World website.

The virtual version of Stormy Dragon is found in Webkinz World, and your child can play with the virtual pet online. On Webkinz World, your child adopts their very own Stormy Dragon pet. Your child can feed and dress their online Stormy Dragon.

On Webkinz World, Stormy Dragon is a pet that lives in a place called Lightning Lagoon and loves to relax in the rain. Stormy Dragon takes delight in drinking its special beverage, Shimmering Soda.

Why We Recommend The Webkinz Stormy Dragon Plush

  • It is made of high-quality material and would withstand a lot of hugs and kisses from the little ones
  • It is very soft and cuddly, perfect for a bed companion
  • Webkinz World, where your child can play with the virtual Stormy Dragon, is a safe and fun online world Parents have access to their child’s account and can have full control of the account with the Parental Controls feature
  • The educational games in Webkinz World help children grasp basic math and language concepts
  • Creativity and imagination flourish as children engage in imaginative play with Stormy Dragon
  • Storytelling skills are developed as your kids create various adventures starring Stormy Dragon
  • Children can practice their social skills which benefit relationships with siblings, parents, and new friends
  • Kids will learn to be responsible as they take care of Stormy Dragon as a virtual pet on Webkinz World

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