Best Co-Operative Board Games For Children

Are you looking for the best co-operative board games for kids?

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HABA My Very First Games Little Garden – Cooperative Board Game

The HABA My Very First Games Little Garden – Cooperative Board Game is a fun game for 2 year olds to play.

The object of this game is for players to help Gabriel the gardener plant, water, and grow his garden before the pesky mole digs them up.

This game can be played by 1 to 3 players and takes 10 to 20 minutes depending on how fast the game play goes.

The board game allows your two year old to learn briefly about the planting and growing of plants, color recognition and more.

This game includes the game board, patch cards, Molly mole, 3 mole hill cards, color die, watering can, wheelbarrow, bucket of carrots and strawberries and a bouquet of tulips.

It’s a cooperative game where children all win or lose together!

Why We Recommend The Little Garden Cooperative Board Game

  • Brilliant fun board game for your child to play on their own or with friends and family
  • Helps your child develop language and communication skills
  • Encourages your two year old to engage in team work and cooperative play
  • Teaches your child to be patient and wait their turn
  • Helps develop your child’s fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination
  • Helps improve your child’s concentration
  • Encourages good sportsmanship in your child
  • Helps children with color recognition

Count Your Chickens Board Game

Count Your Chickens is another delightful cooperative board game by Peaceable Kingdom that’s lots of fun to play for 4 year olds!

All the baby chicks have flown the coop and the object of the game is for players to work together to try to get all the baby chicks back into the coop before mama hen gets home.

This farmyard inspired game comes with a colorful game board, a mama hen, forty baby chick tokens, a spinner (with cute pictures of a cow, a sheep, a pig, a dog, a fox, and a tractor on it), and instructions.

To start the game, you scatter all the baby chick tokens on the board around the farmyard.

Players then take turns spinning the spinner and moving mama hen to the corresponding spot on the board.

How many chicks you can put back into the coop each turn is determined by how many spots you move on that turn.

If you spin the spinner and it lands on the fox, you have to take one baby chick out of the coop and put it back in the farmyard.

The game ends when mama hen reaches the last spot on the board. If all forty baby chicks are back in the coop by then, everyone wins.

This award-winning board game is made from eco-friendly materials and designed for two to four players. It takes only about fifteen minutes to play, so it’s ideal for younger kids.

Why We Recommend Count Your Chickens

  • Kids love all the farm animals associated with this game!
  • Can help children understand the concept of working together towards a common goal
  • Fun way to allow your child to practice counting and animal recognition
  • Can help kids develop problem solving skills
  • Children improve their communication and listening skills
  • Cooperative games are an excellent way to foster kindness and compassion in kids
  • Wonderful way for kids to develop their fine motor skills
  • It’s made from eco-friendly materials
  • Children learn to be patient and wait their turn
  • Allows kids to practice following rules

Noah’s Animal Rescue Board Game

Noah’s Animal Rescue is a wonderful cooperative board that’s lots of fun for kids 4 and up.

The object of the game is simple: To rescue all the animals before the great flood.

To do that, all the players have to work together to round up all the animals and get them onto Noah’s ark before the flood waters rise too high.

If you get all the animals onto the ark before the flood starts, everyone wins the game.

This eco-friendly game comes with a colorful game board, five cute animal tokens, one rain token, thirty-six terrain cards, thirteen rain cards, and instructions.

Before you begin the game, you decide what level you’re going to play at: beginner, intermediate, or advanced.

Once you’ve decided that, you place the rain token on the first raindrop space at the top of the board.

If you’re playing the beginner level, you put 3 animal tokens on the designated spots at the bottom of the board.

If you’re playing the intermediate level, you put 4 animal tokens on the board, and if you’re playing the advanced level, you start with all five animal tokens on the board.

Each player is then dealt three terrain cards and the youngest player gets to go first.

You have two options when it’s your turn. If you have a rain card, you must move the rain token one space.

If you don’t have a rain card, you can play any one of your terrain cards and move any animal token to the closest corresponding terrain space on the board.

The rain card or terrain card is then discarded and you pick up another terrain card off the deck to ensure you have three cards in your hand at all times.

But here’s the trick to this game: If there’s already an animal token on the closest terrain spot that matches your terrain card, you get to advance that animal token to the next open corresponding terrain card.

That means that the animal token gets moved further faster. So players must communicate and work together to try and occupy the same spaces so that all the animal tokens get advanced faster.

And that’s the beauty of a cooperative game!

The game is over when all five animal tokens are safely on the ark.

If all the animals are on the ark before the rain token gets to its final space, everyone wins.

But if the rain token gets to its final space first, all the animals are swept away and you have to try again.

But this game is quick to play so it’s no big deal to have to play again.

In fact, kids love this game so much that even if they win, they want to play again and again! With that in mind, it’s not surprising that we’ve included it in our list of the best board games for 4 year olds.

Designed for two to four players, this delightful cooperative game is a great way for your child to practice their matching skills and hand-eye coordination.

It’s also a wonderful way for them to learn about problem solving, sportsmanship, teamwork, and kindness.

Why We Recommend Noah’s Animal Rescue

  • Kids really enjoy working with others to try to win the game!
  • Wonderful way to encourage teamwork, sportsmanship, and kindness
  • Working together with others can help your child improve their communication and socialization skills
  • Allows your child to practice their matching skills
  • All the material used in this game is eco-friendly
  • Fun way to improve your child’s hand-eye coordination and problem solving skills
  • Having to take turns can help children develop patience
  • 3 different levels to play at so this game can grow with your child
  • Great way for your child to learn about basic game strategy
  • Allows kids to practice following rules

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