Best Board Games For 1 Year Olds

Make family game night super fun with the best board games for 1 year olds so the whole family can enjoy the excitement, joy and laughter of playing games together!

Since board games have rules that govern play, the toys under this heading are not board games in the traditional sense of the word.

However, these board activities are fun for your one year old child and will teach them some basic concepts of board games.

Since they require the developing skills later needed for playing games, you should look at these activities as a type of pre-board game for younger kids.

Our handpicked selection of top quality board games will allow your 1 year old to be part of all the fun that goes along with family games night!

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Fun Board Games For 1 Year Olds

Manhattan Toy Tree Top Adventure Activity Center Board Game

The Manhattan Toy Tree Top Adventure Activity Center Board Game is the perfect toy to prepare 1 year olds for moving pieces around a board which they will do once they are old enough to play regular board games.

The activity center board game has lots of activities for your child to have fun with!

There are spring flaps, dials to spin, bead runs to work the beads up and down, and shape recognition.

With so many activities for your one year old to explore, this toy will keep them entertained and busy for hours on end.

This activity center is colorful and large, measuring 22.5 inches tall and eighteen inches wide.

Made entirely of wood and painted with a water based non-toxic paint, this activity center board game is safe for children.

Why We Recommend The Manhattan Toy Tree Top Adventure Activity Center Board Game

  • Fantastic fun with lots of activities to keep toddlers engaged and entertained!
  • This Activity center helps your child develop their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination
  • Your child will be able to use their imagination as they explore this toy tree
  • Great for your child to play with by themselves or with other siblings and friends
  • Will grow with your child as your 1 year old will have so many activities to figure out

Melissa & Doug First Shapes Jumbo Knob Wooden Puzzle Board Game

This simple Melissa & Doug First Shapes Jumbo Knob Wooden Puzzle Board Game is perfect for 1 year olds who love to figure stuff out!

The puzzle board game is made out of thick wood and is a cottage with five distinct shapes; an oval, square, rectangle, circle and triangle.

Each shape has a knob attached to make it easier for your one year old to place the pieces in the puzzle and to remove them.

Children can use the removable pieces to learn colors, counting and identify shapes.

Why We Recommend The Melissa and Doug First Shapes Jumbo Knob Puzzle Board Game

  • Great fun puzzle board game for your child to enjoy!
  • This puzzle will help your one year old develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination
  • With your help, your young child can use the pieces of this puzzle for shape and color recognition
  • Helps your child develop early problem solving skills
  • Can help your child start to learn counting
  • Completing the puzzle board game will boost your toddler’s confidence
  • The knobs on each piece make it easy for small hands to play with

WOOD CITY Wooden Sorting & Stacking Toys Board Game

This Wood City Wooden Sorting and Stacking Toy Board Game is a great toy that provides 1 year olds with a variety of different activities that keep them interested and having fun.

The peg board has four sections, with four colors and four different shapes, and the blocks that come with this toy can be used with or without the board.

This stacking toy is made from 100% Non-toxic wood, food grade paint, and is eco friendly.

The board game helps your one year old to develop their fine motor skills, learn color recognition, sorting and counting.

Blocks can also be used by your child to use their creativity to build various things.

These blocks are sized well for small toddler hands.

Why We Recommend The Wood City Wooden Sorting And Stacking Toys Board Game

  • Fun, engaging and lovely toy board game for 1 year olds
  • Helps your child develop their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination
  • Children can use this toy board game to learn their colors, shapes and counting
  • These blocks can be used for imaginative play
  • Children can sort these blocks by colors or shapes
  • Grows with your child so you get value for money
  • Durable and can withstand your child’s rough and tumble play

Revanak Wooden Geometric Board Game Blocks Stack Sort

The Revanek Wooden Shape Color Geometric Board Game Blocks Stack and Sort for 1 year olds is a lot like Wood City Sorting and Stacking Toy board game we reviewed above.

However, where the Wood City board is square, this Revanek board is long, narrow and rectangular.

The board has pegs and come in five colors and shapes.

Colors are red, yellow, orange, blue and green and the shapes are round, rectangle, triangle, square, and octagon.

This stacking toy board game is made of wood and colored with non-toxic paint and is BPA, ead, and Phthalate free.

There are twenty blocks in this board game set for your 1 year old child to enjoy.

Why We Recommend The Revanek Wooden Shape Color Geometric Board Game Blocks Stack and Sort

  • Fun, active, engaging toy board game for your one year old to have hours of play with
  • This block set is perfect for your child to learn to sort
  • Also great for teaching your child color recognition and counting
  • Helps your child develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination
  • Stacking board is sturdy, durable and should last a long time
  • Your child can use these blocks for imaginative play
  • This toy will grow with your child giving you value for money

Coogam Wooden Lacing Apple Threading Toys Wood Block Puzzle Board Game

This large bright Coogam Wooden Lacing Apple Threading Toys Wood Block Puzzle Board Game with 13 holes is sure to capture your young 1 year old child’s attention!

They will also love the caterpillar with the attached string that comes with the red apple, and will enjoy threading the string through the holes by moving the caterpillar in and out of the apple.

This threading activity board game makes a great accompaniment to the ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ story and your child will love having the caterpillar try to eat his way through the apple.

While this apple is just plain fun for your one year old, they will developing hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, as well as taking the first steps in learning to ‘sew’ without effort.

Why We Recommend The Coogam Lacing Apple Threading Toys Wood Block Puzzle Board Game

  • This threading toy board game will help your child develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination
  • When combined with the book ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar;, your child will use their imagination to act out the caterpillars activities in the book
  • This is a simple quiet toy that will hold your child’s interest and attention
  • Durable and fun, your one year old will play with this board game toy over and over again!
  • Can be used as an educational toy to teach your child counting and colors
  • Made of top quality wood with non toxic paint
  • Wonderful lacing board game that will keep your child focused

HONGKIT Magnetic Drawing Board Game

Very young children love drawing and coloring even before they can actually draw or color, which make this HongKit Magnetic Drawing Board Game a fun and entertaining toy for 1 year olds.

The board game is the perfect size for toddlers hands to hold and manipulate.

There is a slide at the bottom that runs the magnetic brush to remove the drawings, so your child can reuse the board.

The drawing stylus (pen) is attached to the board and a couple of stamps that fit into spots in the board.

The board is divided into four different colored sections which allow the colors to come through when your one year old draws on the board.

This board also has legs so children can sit on the floor and draw or write.

Made from high quality non-toxic ABS material, it comes with a money back guarantee.

Why We Recommend The HongKit Magnetic Drawing Board Game

  • This drawing board game will help your child develop their fine motor skills
  • Encourages your child to allow their creativity to shine through
  • Helps develop your child’s hand-eye coordination
  • Board is easy for your child to clean so they can start over
  • Children love to scribble or draw on this board and watch the colors come through
  • The stamps are fun to use and will captivate your child’s interest
  • Perfect board game for 1 year olds that love to scribble and draw!

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